Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 929

Chapter 929: War

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"Xuan Ming Lihuo!" The young man suddenly saw shock in his golden sight.

Even Nangong Yu's face had a trace of incredible, she did not expect the other party to be able to control this terrible fire.

To know that Xuanming Lihuo is a rare flame even in the fairy world, it only takes a little to threaten a fairy, and if it encounters under the fairy, it will definitely die.

"No, this is Xuan Ming Lihuo, which has not yet evolved completely! Otherwise, the power is ten times greater than this!" Nangong Yu's complexion quickly calmed down again.

"Not bad! Not bad! If Xuan Ming is away from the fire, the two beasts might be instantly turned into fly ash." The young man nodded gently.

"No more shots, the two bears of the earth were also burnt to death, but this is my two labors, absolutely can't die!" Zhao Yuande can no longer ignore this time.

He put a phoenix mask on his face, and the whole person instantly turned into a white-armed ape.


Zhao Yuande imitated the voice of Tongbai white ape and roared.

The figure was as fast as lightning, and then came to Xu Tianming's back, slap and pressed towards Xu Tianming's heart.

In fact, Xu Tianming has always been somewhat guarded against the outside world. Although Zhao Yuande's palm is fast and lightning fast, he is still hiding in a flash.

But Zhao Yuande's attack was so easy to dodge. His fingertips flicked gently in the void, and an invisible force burst out.

It's not easy for Xu Tianming to escape this blow, but he didn't expect Zhao Yuande to conceal another killing opportunity.

He only felt a strong sense of crisis coming from his underarms, and had no time to gather the majestic spiritual power around him to his underarms, trying to block Zhao Yuande's blow.


It's just that the power of this blow has far exceeded Xu Tianming's imagination, directly breaking Xu Tianming's majestic spiritual power, and cutting it through his armpits, cutting his half of the shoulder together with an arm, and even The half of the skull is cut together.

Suffered such a terrible blow, Xu Tianming roared with pain, the chaos of the soul, and the flame dragon above his head couldn't support it and scattered into a golden flame at once, retracted into his body again.

When the two bears of the earth saw the appearance of the Tongbai white ape transformed by Zhao Yuande, they were puzzled, but then they were ecstatic.

The two bears of the earth are only half a step away and they are mythical beasts. Their fighting power is extremely powerful and their fighting experience is even richer. How can they not seize this opportunity.

"Roar! Roar!"

The two bears of the earth cooperated with each other in tacit agreement, and launched a terrifying attack on Xu Tianming one after another without any communication.

Zhao Yuande even kept hitting his hands, and his big claws flicked towards Xu Tianming's chest like a fan.

"Ah! Lao Tzu fights with you!" Xu Tianming was hit hard by Zhao Yuande and locked in by three terrible attacks. It was absolutely mortal, even if he didn't want to desperately.

"The source of fire burns me, Thunder Avenue suppresses me, and the power of the world imprisons me!"

Xu Tianming said that he was a strong middle-aged emperor. He actually took control of the source of the fire, and the whole world instantly became a sea of fire after drinking, and an inexorable golden flame appeared in his palm. The power of endless flames around him gathered frantically towards his palm.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt like he was being placed on a shelf and was being grilled by a lamb. A terrifying flame ran into his body along his pores, and began to destroy the meridians and blood vessels in his body, even the internal organs.

It was not over yet. At this moment, there was a sudden thunderstorm in the sky, and a thick bucket of thunder came down from the sky and bombarded everyone below.

An unspeakable Tianwei's mighty suppression in the void made everyone present feel that their actions were obstructed.

"Xu Tianming, you are crazy! Even we attacked together!" The young man was chopped by a thick thunder at this time, and the whole person suddenly became indifferent, his face became extremely ugly, and he was angry towards Xu Tianming. Drink out loud.

"Brother, shut up!" Nangong Yu glanced at the young man. "This is the moment of life and death, don't disturb him!"

The young man was scorned by Nangong Yu and immediately turned off the flame. Although there was still some sorrow on his face, he dared not say a word.

Just between the two people's dialogue, with Xu Tianming as the center, the power of terror spread again for hundreds of miles. The whole world seems to have him to dominate, as if his words and deeds are the embodiment of this world.

"I rely on it! What a powerful world power, his inner world is probably not smaller than mine. It is worthy of being a strong middle-aged emperor, not much stronger than the early stage of the emperor!" Zhao Yuande was shocked. Only then did I really feel the horror of the mid-level power of God Emperor.

Originally, he thought that he had reached the triple dominance of the world, and he should be able to easily fight with the mid-level power of the emperor, and even be able to kill him, but now it seems that if he really only rely on his own strength, it can't be realized.

"Fight! We can't kill him, he's going to kill us!" Zhao Yuande waved to the two bears of the earth.

The bears of the two earths have gone through hundreds of battles, knowing that the situation in front of them is urgent.


The two earth bears roared at the same time, their bodies did not swell, but began to shrink and shrink again. A terrifying blood power burned on them, and the terrifying and overbearing wildness of the terror burst out of them.


Zhao Yuande also roared loudly, with bright stars shining on his palms and his chest at the same time. The two bright lights suddenly found two entire skies. A terrifying force erupted from his body like a flood flooding.

The thick claws of the white-armed ape still kept photographing towards Xu Tianming, and nine rays of light twirled rapidly between the claws, but they were hidden.

The light on the bear of the earth was abruptly condensed, and I didnt know when a huge light wheel appeared behind their heads. There was a virtual shadow above the light wheel. These virtual shadows were wearing yellow shackles and quiet Sitting in the wheel of light, their mouth seems to be gently reading the mysterious scripture.

A whisper of whisper as if from nine days suddenly sounded in the space, letting everyone present in the heart seemed to put down that kind of fighting in an instant, as if just taking one step forward is the pure land of bliss.

"It's Lei Yinzong's Heavenly Zen Singing! How can these earth bears have this ability!" The young man looked at the two earth bears in a daze at this time, even forgetting that he was fighting.


But then, his chest was torn off a large piece of flesh by his opponent's paw, and he could almost see the beating heart in his chest.