Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Unlucky Spiritual Reality

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Two guys who didn't know how to fight in this wasteland wrestled, and the black bear who could still compete with Zhao Yuande was no longer an opponent at this time, and was ruined by Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! Okay! Grandpa Bear concedes defeat!" Black Bear kept his head begging for mercy, and Zhao Yuande stopped.

His face suddenly burst into joy, and he was pleasantly surprised: "Okay! We are out!"

But at the next moment, his brows frowned again. After the space collapsed, they reappeared in the sunset canyon. Coincidentally, the shock wave of the explosion rushed out of the distance, and even fell into the one explored here. Strong hands.

The real person of the Spiritual Dao is an elder in the Holy City. On that day, he saw a white light descend from the sky, and the goal was the sunset canyon.

He thought that it must have been a tremendous treasure that fell from the sky and set off towards the setting sun gorge the first time, but this treasure hunt was his unlucky starting point.

However, when he came to the sunset canyon, he was shocked by the scene here. In the past, only the strongmen who knew the retreat and impacted the realm, gathered together at this time and launched a net-like search here.

Among these strong men, the yin and yang united state is the weakest, and the domain state can be regarded as the strong man, and there are even a few world states who can spy on.

The real person of Lingdao is in the middle of the yin and yang unity, although it is not the bottom of the world, but after joining the search army, he found that the unlucky will be driven away no matter where he goes. The appearance of those strong people makes him feel here. Full of danger.

This search was conducted for three days and three nights, and they almost turned the entire sunset gorge upside down, but found no treasures.

Many people started to retreat and left in twos and threes. Most people may be a meteorite and happened to fall.

The real person of Lingdao never gave up. After searching for three days, he still found nothing. Except for that terrible forbidden land, he gradually lost patience after walking through every inch of land.

Just when he wanted to leave, there was a sudden explosion in the void, and huge pieces of the world fell down, submerging half of the setting sun.

"It is the small world hidden in the dimensional space that has collapsed!" The real person of Lingdao had heard of such a thing, and there was a surprise on his face. "It seems that the baby may have hit the hidden small world. Let the small world break apart all the time. It must have been that the small world could not bear the load just now, and it eventually collapsed!"

Many strong people have guessed this situation, so their glasses are as red as the real people!


A violent big explosion sounded in the void, the entire space suddenly shattered, and countless pieces of the world washed away by the shock wave flew around.

"Haha! This is the holy grass of the true spirit!" Someone saw a fiery elixir planted on a piece of the world, and excitedly rushed to pick it down.

"Dragon blood is really gold! It's as big as a fist..." Someone's eyes were sharp and saw a piece of metal flying at a distance beyond incredible speed.

"Sent out! This is a medicine garden..."

The strong men who have not left are excited to separate their loot, and the real people of Lingdao want to take one more from it several times, but each time they find that the other party is stronger than themselves!


A mass of black light flew towards Lingdao.

"Huh! It's a copper furnace!" Lingdao real person grabbed the flying thing and took it in his hand.

It was bad luck, he was seen as soon as he got the copper furnace.

"Spiritual Dao! Put down the things in your hands, otherwise you can't go today!" While the real face of Ling Dao's real man appeared, a figure appeared in front of him, blocking his way.

"Jin Kun, do you want to fight me to death?" The real person of Lingdao glanced at the person in front of him, and suddenly his muscles tremble in his face, and his heart murmured.

But how can he easily give away the benefits of his hand, he is a legendary person with great adventures, dont look at him at the moment, it is only in the middle of the yin and yang unity, and his real combat strength can be comparable to the later strong. .

Opposite this Jin Kun, also an elder of the God Ruins City, the realm is the same as him, but he is more arrogant on weekdays, there have been a few small frictions between the two, but because the city owner is not really on the scene, now the other is aggressive. He can only play against.

The battle between the two people was triggered at once, terrible energy fluctuations raged within a radius of hundreds of feet, and many strong people were watching from the periphery.

After fighting for half an hour, the real person of Lingdao was so powerful. He slapped him on the opponents chest with a palm. He was pierced by his sword with a sword. Jin Kun was wounded and fled, but in the end he was a real person. His face is a bit ugly.

"Spiritual Tao, don't be stunned, you can't keep that baby!"

At this time, surrounded by strong enemies, the news that he got the treasure spread throughout the sunset gorge, and many strong men instantly came under the terror of the terror like the suppression of Dayue.

"Forget it, whoever has the ability to take it away!" Lingdao real person gritted his teeth, took out an object from his arms, and threw it towards the powerful, all with reluctance and pain on his face.

This time, the real person of the Spiritual Dao was born this time. The nature he took out of his arms was not a copper furnace, but a simple bronze mirror. The mirror was on the mountains, rivers and rivers.

This is a baby'shinning sun mirror' that he acquired when he was young. It was through the opportunity of this mirror that he crossed the threshold of yin and yang. However, after decades of research, all of this mirror The effects were developed by him.

There is a space hidden in this mirror, which conceals a kind of exercise Shuoyang True Solution. In addition, the mirror can radiate the extreme sun light autonomously, and provide the master of the mirror to practice the "Shuoyang True Solution", but in this world, the sun is extremely abundant and does not need this function at all.

Perhaps only in the dim underground world, or in the dark sky of the universe, can this mirror play its magic.

The mirror does not greatly improve his combat effectiveness, he can only discard it in exchange for the copper furnace.

As soon as he threw out the'Shuoyang Mirror', the spirits of all the powerful men swept through the mirror at the same time, and they instantly discovered the magic of this mirror. Everyone's eyes were red at the same time, swarming towards the'Shuoyang' Mirror' washed away.

Lingdao real person took this opportunity to sweat out of the strong man's encirclement, and no one ignored him at all.

Listening to the shouts, the real people of Lingdao couldn't help but be thankful for their decision, otherwise now they have already become the souls of the people under the hands.

After leaving the sunset canyon, Lingdao lively found an unmanned cave and took out the copper furnace to observe carefully.