Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 930

Chapter 930: Idiot

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"Damn!" The young man was stimulated by the huge pain and suddenly fell into rage again.

"This is the Octagonal God Wheel! The Tianzen Singing is only from the Octagonal God Wheel. The ancestors of these bears of the earth are probably the important figures of the Lei Yinzong in the fairy world!" Nangong Yu's face became very dignified.

Leiyin Zong is a very mysterious sect in the fairyland, located in the fairyland in the middle of the fairyland.

This sect has never been exposed to the mountains, and no one knows how powerful they are.

Only in a battle with Demon Realm, a Demon Emperor of the Demon Realm used a demented magic sound to control the 100,000 Immortal Realm Power, but it was cracked by an old monk of Lei Yinzong!

At that time, the scream not only rescued 100,000 immortal powerhouses, but also spit blood from the demon emperor powerhouse, and a powerful post-devil powerhouse was scared to escape!

"If these bears of the earth are really related to Lei Yinzong, I am afraid that this matter will not be solved easily!" Nangong Yu's eyes showed a reflection.

"Sister, this place is isolated from the outside world, no one knows what is happening here, we just need to kill all the bears of the earth, no matter what!" Although the young man's complexion also changed, but in the end it was gruesome Took out a drop of golden blood, "As long as I serve the drop of blood from the demon **** given by the master, the power will immediately rise to the peak of the **** emperor. Although there is only ten breaths, it is enough to crush everything!"

Nangong Yu nodded softly and said, "Once taken, you will fall into a period of weakness after thirty breaths, and you need to rest for three months! Please wait a moment and see the form!"

At this time, Xu Tianming in the field was disturbed by the sound of the eight-tone **** wheel, and the power of the world outside the body suddenly lags.

In between this stagnation, Zhao Yuande's claws had been slapped **** Xu Tianming's chest.


Xu Tianming's chest suddenly collapsed, and the internal organs in the chest cavity were shattered by the shock of Zhao Yuande.

At the same time, the nine rotating rays of light in Zhao Yuande's palm suddenly turned into a huge world, which struck Xu Tianming's body world fiercely.


The virtual big world collided with the inner world, and a sound of explosion exploded in Xu Tianming's body.

Under the horror power of Zhao Yuande's palm, Xu Tianming's inner world instantly suffered many damages, countless creatures living in his inner world were shocked to death, and the lava of mountains and mountains collapsed. The time in his body instantly became chaotic.


Xu Tianming's mouth spouted a sticky plasma, which was filled with shattered internal organs, which made people shocked.


Having reached the strong state of God Emperor Realm, his soul can already survive independently, even if his body is completely broken, he still has this powerful means of combat.

"The inner world explodes!"

Xu Tianming already knew that his body was over. He blew his teeth and blew out his own body world. He wanted to directly blow the three enemies in front of him.

The two bears of the earth felt a terrible death crisis. Even if the flesh was as strong as they were, they could not withstand the explosion of the inner world of a powerful God Realm. !

Their eyes showed a very desperate color!

However, at the moment when the world exploded in his body, the white-armed ape made by Zhao Yuande had already come to the two bears of the earth. His claws swept gently in the void, and a huge space crack appeared in front of him.

The eyes of the bears of the two earths instantly lit up and followed Zhao Yuande into the space crack.


Just when they entered the crack in the space, a violent explosion came instantly.

At this time, the space crack had not yet healed, and the terrible explosion immediately affected it.


The screams of the two bears of the earth immediately came out of it, and it seemed that they were not hurt under the explosion.

The whole space seemed to be rippled by the wind and wrinkled lake water. The next moment the space was broken like a mirror, and a huge black hole appeared in the space.

The endless power of sucking appeared, sucking everything around him into the black hole.

A black shadow instantly left the area immediately before the black hole was generated, and appeared dozens of miles away.

This is exactly the same person as Xu Tianming. This is Xu Tianming's soul. He actually cultivated to the realm of the soul, and it looks like a real person.

"Broken! A black hole was blown out here, which has broken the blockade of this mysterious realm. It can be sensed here by the fairy world!" Nangong Yu looked at the black hole with a ugly face. "It seems that there will be a lot of fairy circles soon. Great forces sent messengers!"

"Sister, this mysterious realm is not so important! You have to know that there are several entrances to the remains of the true dragon. Those big forces will not pay such attention!" The young man disagreed.

"What do you know! Who can control an entrance to the remains of the true dragon is equivalent to one more chance to enter the remains of the true dragon!" Nangong Yu said coldly, "You must know that there are even powerful and powerful emperors in the remains of the true dragon. The coveted secrets, although countless previous explorations ended in disappointment, but this time is different. According to a masters estimate, the real dragon ruins will undergo a drastic change. Among them, the real dragons secret It will be born, and there will even be information on how to make thousands of chaos abroad!"

"Chaotic overseas? Do you really have a vast world outside?" The young man's eyes were also yearning.


As soon as the young man was distracted, he was hit hard by the bear of the earth, and his mouth spouted blood.

"I... slaughtered you!" The young man suddenly felt hot in his face. In front of his favorite sister and sister, he was ugly many times. He almost swallowed the drop of the demon's blood and killed the Quartet.

"Stupid!" Nangong Yu scowled, and then looked solemnly, "Fight as hard as possible, and kill the enemy as soon as possible. We can't delay here for too long. The Xu family hurried to kill these two bears!"

But Xu Tianming didn't do it at this time, because he felt a huge crisis was coming, he didn't dare to move at all.


The void around Xu Tianming was cut away at once, and a large, furry paw came out, and he slapped it fiercely towards his head.


At the same time, two huge figures suddenly rushed out of the void, one to the other and the other to kill Xu Tianming.

Although these two figures were somewhat broken and bloody, they were only some skin trauma, which did not affect their powerful fighting ability at all.

Although Xu Tianming had felt a powerful crisis for a long time, he did not expect that he would be attacked on three sides in an instant. Even if he was at his peak, he might not be able to retreat all over the body, and now only the soul of the gods is even more impossible.