Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 932

Chapter 932: The Mystery Shatters

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A blue shadow swooped out of the sea of knowledge and flew towards the young man.

"You can't escape!" Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers, and the void broke instantly.


But when that terrible power was placed on Nangong Yu, a small bronze clock emerged from Nangong Yu, and the bronze clock exuded a gleam of light that completely enveloped her in it.

"Hum! I am a fifth-grade Xianbao jasper clock, you can't break it for a day!" Nangong Yu's soul looked at Zhao Yuande bitterly and continued with a cold and quiet voice in his mouth, "Brother, give me them All captured, I will dismember them myself and take them back to feed my spirit beast!"

"Hey! Sister, you can rest assured! It's all under my control." When the young man saw Nangong Yu escape, he suddenly saw the murderous sentiment in his eyes. The other hand captured Zhao Yuande directly.

"Wu Pinxian Bao? You are too confident!" Zhao Yuande was really helpless, and he could only spread his palms at once, and a moonlight flashed in his hands.

At the next moment, a bright moon hung high above the sky, and a bright moonlight crossed the void, and cut directly from the jade clock of Nangong Yu.

"It doesn't work!" Nangong Yu sneered again and again, and was very confident in his jasper clock.

But at the next moment, she instantly felt something was wrong. He found that his soul was not cut in half, and the jade bell above his head suddenly turned into two pieces of scrap iron and fell to the ground.

"I...what's going" Nangong Yu's eyes were lost and confused!

It is hard for her to imagine that the proud daughter of the fairy emperor who owns the fairy body will die in a secret realm in the lower realm, and the death is unknown.

"Sister Sister!" The young man saw Nangong Yu being cut open at once, and his eyes suddenly showed an unbelievable look. He looked at the bright moon in the sky, like he had thought of it all at once, his eyes straight. Leng Leng looked at Zhao Yuande's palm.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande had closed his palm, and a sense of weakness in his body instantly rushed into his heart. Just now, in order to be able to shred the jasper clock directly, he directly injected his ordinary spiritual power, otherwise how could he easily cut one Wupin Xianbao.

"I'm going to kill you!" The young man didn't dare to do his best just now, fearing that the aftermath of the battle would spread to Nangong Yu, but now that Nangong Yu is dead, he has no worries.

Suddenly the entire space was blocked by terrible forces, even as strong as Zhao Yuande, at this time it was difficult to move.

"His mother's, let me open!" Zhao Yuan Demeng pressed the ground, his body rushed to the four earth bears not far away, and swept them all into the Wa Palace directly, and suddenly he had many hands There was a horn.

As soon as he took out the horn, the ground under him seemed to turn into a lake, and he felt like a fish.

Qingtian ox horns in hand, his body sinking toward the earth, instantly entered the depths of tens of thousands of feet of earth, the depth of the earth here turned out to be a vast underground lake.

Before Zhao Yuande entered the Great Lakes, he felt that the ground above his head suddenly collapsed. The next moment, the whole land seemed to be pressed down and turned into a thin piece.

Immediately, Zhao Yuande felt an unmatched force, and suddenly suppressed himself.

Fortunately, this power was not directed against him alone, but against the entire earth, so he only had a burst of blood in the body that was shocked by this blow, and a mouthful of blood spewed out.


The next moment, he felt a violent vibration in the whole secret area, and then there was a fearful burst.

The mysterious realm was blasted and shattered in the palm of the other party, and appeared from the void, and the large pieces of the world fell towards the land of the world from the fire.

Countless pieces of mysterious realm fell and smashed the earth out of a huge hole. Countless mysterious beasts of the realm were killed at this moment, and the wailing sound became a piece.

The vast water flowing from the broken secret realm, as if the Tianhe fell into the world of fire.

Simply here is a barren mountain range, but in a moment this mountain range becomes a large Ze, turbulent big water diverts around, forming a large and small river.

To know that a pinnacle of the emperor's powerful person has the power to destroy the big world, it is more than enough to destroy a secret realm.

But just as the young man gave this palm, the strength in his body faded like tide, and he felt a burst of weakness flooding his heart.

"No! I can't die here!" At this time, even he had some regrets. This palm shot didn't even leave his own way.

Although he feels that he has killed the other party, I am afraid that he will fall into the world of Lihuo like this, and it will not be easy for him to fall.

However, he was obviously worried, because when his body strength quickly faded, Zhao Yuande already felt it.

Zhao Yuande knew that the other party was taking some kind of medicine that broke out instantly. It is impossible for him to enter a period of weakness sooner or later.

Feeling the other's weakness, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

At this time, his body, along with the huge land plate is falling towards the world of fire, his body rushed out of the soil, and rushed towards the young man in the induction.

But in a blink of an eye, he saw the figure of the young man. At this time, the other person was weak and could no longer fly, waving his hands in a panic, as if he wanted to catch something to slow down his falling speed.

"Die!" Zhao Yuande flicked his finger, and an invisible force directly cut the young man into two sections.

The spirit of the young man rushed out of the body, and he was slapped by Zhao Yuande.

"This guy is so violent. If such a big secret realm can be integrated into my inner world, the power of my world will increase by 10%, and the combat power will naturally rise, but it will be completely destroyed." Zhao Yuande watched the void constantly The falling secret fragments shook their heads helplessly.

Recognizing the direction, he galloped north.

When the small world was broken, a middle-aged man's complexion suddenly changed in a magnificent palace in the imperial palace of Xianfeng Xifengzhou.

"What! Yuer died in the lower realm? How is this possible?" The middle-aged man's fingers swept the void, and a chaotic end-of-day scene appeared in front of him. The middle-aged man looked at the scene in disbelief. "Mystery Was it broken? Was the altar of teleportation taken away? This power... At least it should be the means of the God Emperor's Peak! What the **** is such a courage that even my disciples and daughter dare to cut? kill."

"This corpse was... turned into two halves directly by someone with some terrible power!"

"The eye of supervision opens!"

The middle-aged man opened his eyebrows and his eyes opened, and the whole world of Lihuo suddenly appeared in front of him.