Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 933

Chapter 933: Wrong Way Of Thinking

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"The World of Fire has seven strong men above the peak of the God Emperor...but these people are too far away from the destruction of the secret realm..."The middle-aged man kept glancing at all the strong men in the world of Fire, he Suddenly his eyes narrowed, he saw a familiar figure, he could not help but gritted his teeth, and said, "It's this kid, the reincarnation of Zhou! How can he appear here... Damn Yu'er will not be dead In his hands!"

"Damn! Damn! It's him... he has a breath of Yu'er... come here! Bring me Pang Tiande and Si Tian!" The middle-aged man suddenly became furious and slapped on the white jade table in front of him.


The whole palace collapsed.

"What happened to the younger brother?" An old man with red hair in red appeared in front of the middle-aged man out of nowhere, his face showing doubt.

"Brother, Yu'er was killed..."

While two powerful fairy emperors were discussing Zhao Yuande, Zhao Yuande had already arrived in a city tens of thousands of miles away.

After inquiring, he realized that this is Xiling City, but one of the largest cities in the West.

Zhao Yuande released Zhong Liuli and Ling Zheng from the inner world.

"Brother Zhao, thank you very much!" Zhong Liuli first saw Zhao Yuande bowing to him and thanked him deeply.

"This is Brother Zhao! Thank you Brother Zhao for saving my life and persuading Liuli!" Ling Zheng is a handsome young man, and he is very grateful to Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! It is the two of you who admire each other, otherwise I will say nothing!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "But Brother Ling, you should practice well, otherwise you may be sorry for Miss Zhong. If it were not for her, she would be willing to take risks for you. , I can't save you!"

Ling Zheng suddenly looked at Zhong Liuli with affection and said softly to her: "Liu Li, you are good to Ling Zheng, Ling Zheng will never forget, I will practice as soon as possible to become a divine emperor, come to your refining sect Courtship!"

"I'm waiting for you!" Zhong Liuli suddenly blushed when he heard each other's words, and gently held her...

"Hey! Stop it! Stop it! You two don't like Xiun's hobby in front of me!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two people's concubine, and the tenderness suddenly felt a bit sour. He interrupted the two kindly. people.

"Oh! Hehe! I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Ling Zheng did not look at a copy of the book, but it was very generous and generous, and did not feel embarrassed at all.

However, Zhong Liuli was a girl. When Zhao Yuande said this, she was a little embarrassed.

"I left the small world, and when I get here, I might as well take a break here for a while!" Zhao Yuande suggested, "and then where should you go, I will start to study Jiu'er's physique and wait for the weapon to be released!"

"Everything is arranged by Brother Zhao!" Ling Zheng nodded.

They quickly found a restaurant, and after having a meal, they rested separately.

Zhao Yuande sat alone in his room and quietly entered the inner world.

He took Zhong Jiuer to a quiet practice room, and then began to help her check the meridians in her body.

Zhong Jiu'er is a mysterious corpse of mysterious Yin, and after a certain period of time, a strange poison called bone erosion and disintoxication smoke will be produced in the body. The strong under the emperor smelled this poison smoke if it was not taken in time The measures will cause poisonous death in a short time.

It is one of the three most vicious physiques in the legend. If they are not cultivated, they are just ordinary people.

There is no special cultivation method, I am afraid that if you continue to practice, you will soon become a poisonous person, as long as people close to her will be poisoned by the poisonous gas on her!

In the end, even with her as the center, a thousand miles will turn into a sea of poison, and no one can access it.

"This is a yin to cold physique. If you want to resolve it, you need a strong sacred medicine from yang to gang...I think about the sun flower, the nine sun grass, the flame fruit, the Zhiyang true spirit root... The efficacy of these elixirs..." Zhao Yuande placed piles of elixir in front of him, sorting them out and selecting the spirits he thought were useful.

"First try this, with the flamingo fruit as the main material and the sunflower as the supplement, the flesh of the winged bird..." Zhao Yuande first selected a food and began to cook it slowly with gluttonous true spirit tripod.

After three hours, Zhong Jiuer began to drink a soup carefully.

There was no reaction at the beginning, but after a short period of incense sticks, Zhong Jiuer began to have abdominal pains, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat!

"No! No... I drank it myself!"



I tested it four or five times in succession, and every time Zhong Jiuer drank it, it was very painful.

Zhao Yuande was full of apologies, but Zhong Jiuer smiled warmly and said that he had become accustomed to let Zhao Yuande continue.

"Hey! Brother, your thoughts are wrong, the other party's irritability is too strong, if you have been attacking with fierce fire, I am afraid that she will not be able to withstand the explosion after many times, I will study with you, the idea is to Relax a little..." The old man with a white beard, who was observing in secret, couldn't help walking out at this time.


The two guys gathered together to study, and it turned out that **** was still old and spicy, and the old man with white beard was worthy of being a strong man from Xingchenhai. effect.

According to their expectations, a large amount of elixir is needed, and this elixir on Zhao Yuande is not enough!

Fortunately, Zhong Jiuer can only eat a little bit each time! And these foods are all a little yang, which has great benefits for cultivators, especially those who are lower cultivators!

Zhao Yuande gathered all his loved ones in the inner world and ate very much.

After a few days of rest in this Xiling City, Zhao Yuande and Zhong Liuli embarked on a teleportation back to Lihuo City.

However, Ling Zheng did not go back with Zhong Liuli. He wanted to go out to practice and strive for an early promotion!

They quickly returned to Lihuo City. Zhao Yuande found the barbaric dragon emperor for the first time, and said what happened along the way, and the Xu family's ambitions.

Of course, it did not miss the relationship between the Xu family and a major force in the fairy world.

The barbaric dragon emperor suddenly became furious and broke a palace on the spot, saying something that made Zhao Yuande startled.

"His mother's servant is muddy, and I want the Xu family to stay next! If someone in Xianjie dares to come forward and do more business, someone will let them die!"

Zhao Yuande heard a lot of confidence from his words, which shows that the Refining Sect may also have huge backers in the fairy world.

The Barbarian Dragon Emperor left in a hurry and discussed with the other ancestors of the family how to send troops to destroy the Xu family.

When they discussed the result, Zhao Yuande handed Qin Xingyu, Heifeng, and Yitian into the hands of the Dragon Emperor, and let them enter the battlefield to participate in the training.

There is a broken sky beside them, as long as they do not encounter the late strong emperor of the emperor, there should be no problem, and Qin Xingyu still has that picture in his hand. Layer guarantee.

Zhao Yuande's mission to them is to practice everywhere, and don't return until Shendi Realm.

The four were so excited that they had practiced in the trial space for nearly ten years, and it was also time to walk out.