Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 935

Chapter 935: Legend Of The Great Ape King

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"This..." Zhao Yuande looked at Zhong Wu in shock.

"Xiaoyou, you probably don't know what kind of existence the ancient Great Ape King was!" Emperor Barbaric Dragon took the lead and said, "In the ancient times, the innate **** came to the heavens and the world, and taught the natives of the world! Of course this This kind of enlightenment has gentle means and cruel means! Mean means selects the mountain gates and recruits disciples widely. If the means is cruel, it captures the heaven and earth indigenous peoples, makes them slaves and servants, let them kill each other!"

"For slaves and servants, killing each other is also an education?" Zhao Yuande felt a little confused.

"It is also a method to stimulate the potential in the body and select outstanding disciples through humiliation and killing. And now many sects are using this method, this method is the most rapid and effective, and can be used in just one or two years. Choose the elite! It takes longer to recruit the disciples..." The Dragon Emperor explained.

"Good! Genius is most likely to appear in a cruel environment!" Zhao Yuande nodded in agreement.

"But...the repression is too fierce, the rebound will be greater!" The barbaric dragon emperor Youyou sighed, "There is a monkey that rises in such a crazy killing, but waits until it is powerful enough to make many ancients When God had to look squarely at it, the monkey did something that many ancient gods did not expect..."

"What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande was extremely curious.

"It killed the ancient **** of its own strength, and then openly challenged all the ancient gods!" The dragon dragon emperor's face showed a look of incomparable admiration, "The challenge directly led to the heavens. The tremendous changes in the realm have given the heavens and the world a distinction between upper and lower bounds, and the heavens and the world have a situation where several major forces are now standing."

"There is still such a history!" Zhao Yuande was extremely curious in his heart. His previous life was a **** emperor, but he had never heard of such a thing.

"In the lower realm this is a legend spread on the **** emperor. Many people know this thing in the fairy realm, but they are not allowed to talk about it." The barbaric dragon emperor sighed, "The heavens of the world Everyone is afraid of this monkey, and even if it is dead, it can't be relieved!"

"Seniors don't want to sell the guts anymore, let's talk about what happened in the end?" Zhao Yuande felt like he was being scratched by a cat's paws.

"At that time, the monkey came out to challenge angrily because its tens of thousands of siblings ended up with only itself! It endured, grew up, and finally finally killed the culprit, the innate **** of that great force, Then came one by one to challenge the innate gods!" The barbaric dragon emperor looked leisurely, and his eyes were full of endless longing, "but after it killed three innate gods alive, finally let all the innate gods unite together. Attacked it!"

"That war was terrifying. I didn't know how many star fields were broken and how many big worlds were broken. Almost all the heavens and the whole world were in a state of collapse... Only after this battle did the fairy and demon worlds! In the end, it was still beheaded by many innate gods! The fierce battle let its flesh and bones be scattered in the heavens and the world. Later, my ancestor of the refining sect accidentally got a drop of essence blood!"

"How much did the innate **** die?" Zhao Yuande asked the key to the matter.

"Nine percent of the innate gods who participated in the war are dead..." Emperor Barbarian God said with respect in his face. "Even the innate gods who survived were mostly seriously injured. One of them was seriously injured and died in his own life within a few days. at home."

"If there is no congenital **** involved in the war, there should be the owner of the Eight View Palace, the Emperor Wa and the owner of the Pantheon?" Zhao Yuande thought of this question.

"No! The master of the Pantheon is the leader of the innate **** who participated in the war, and one of the few people who survived. As for the other two innate gods, they did not participate in the war!" Emperor Dragon God.

"It turns out that..." Zhao Yuande's mood gradually calmed down, but when he looked at the golden stick again, his eyes showed a different glory!

His heart was full of respect for the great ape king, and he felt that such a life was vigorous, and there was no regret in this life!

With a stroke of his finger, he gently cut his wrist, and suddenly blood was sprayed on the golden stick.

The golden stick was drowned in Zhao Yuande's blood, and suddenly seemed like a hungry child, and began to **** desperately!

"Don't stop! The more your blood is absorbed, the more this fairy treasure can communicate with your heart, and the more powerful you can use it!" Zhong Wu on the side saw Zhao Yuande seem to stop and immediately reminded.

The golden sticks seem to be a child who will never be able to eat enough. The blood on Zhao Yuande's wrist does not know how much has flowed out, and they are all absorbed by the golden sticks!

I don't know how long it took. Zhao Yuande only felt the groggy head, and even the blood in the blood was reduced by half. The golden stick seemed to stop the absorption with satisfaction.

"I rely on this! At least two days have been absorbed by this meal. How big is your blood sea, Xiaoyou?" The very shocked voice of Barbaric Dragon God Emperor sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear.

"..." Zhao Yuande felt that he was weak and speechless. He was a bit doubtful whether there was a huge space in this stick, and whether this space is now full of his own blood.

But at this moment, a vague consciousness was suddenly conveyed among the sticks, and an image appeared in front of him at once!

A white monkey standing on top of the earth, holding a golden stick, facing a powerful and unparalleled presence, a fierce swept...

Although this is just an image, Zhao Yuande still felt that horrible pressure swept through! If he is not determined, he will be instantly turned into a fool by a horrible pressure!

Zhao Yuande was pleasantly surprised to find that this turned out to be a fighting image. The white ape monkey in the image must be the legendary great ape king, and his own blood is the key to activate this fighting image!

He suddenly got the best treasure, sitting cross-legged and firmly imprinting this image in his sea of knowledge!

"Okay! You have a rest first!" Seeing that Yuan Yuande didn't answer, the Dragon Emperor sat down directly, knowing that he was consuming too much blood, and he only beckoned to Zhong Wu around him, and the two left Cave.

Zhao Yuande, at this time, was hungrily comprehending this battle image. The attack of the Great Ape King was powerful and overbearing, and the innate gods were mysterious and unparalleled between raising their hands...

But at this time, what Zhao Yuande didn't find was that the golden long stick seemed to have its own consciousness, like a dedicated guard, circling around him.

I don't know how long it has passed. Zhao Yuande only felt that his body was shocked, and his head fell to the ground and fell asleep.

He was really too tired. He first put a lot of essence blood, and then spent a lot of power of the soul to figure out the battle scene. It was personally tired.

Ten days later, Zhao Yuande finally woke up from a deep sleep, and an unstoppable feeling of hunger flooded his heart.