Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 936

Chapter 936: Restore

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"Broken! This feeling is coming again!" Zhao Yuande was shocked and quickly took out a large amount of elixir, and Lingdan stuffed it in his mouth.

Not knowing how much elixir he took, he gradually felt the hunger in his abdomen disappear, but the weak sense of blood loss still existed, making his head a little dizzy.

"The blood in my blood was almost half taken away by this golden stick. It seems that it will be impossible to recover for some time!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

The most important thing now is to recover quickly. Less than 50% of his combat power is still left. If he meets the strong man in the middle of the Divine Emperor, he is not an opponent at all!

"But now that I have taken this golden stick, it's an unexpected joy!" Zhao Yuande held the stick in his hand, but couldn't feel its weight. He could not help but frown, "It's too light..."

But before he finished his words, he only felt that the weight of the stick began to increase continuously, one hundred catties, one thousand catties, ten thousand catties... ten billion catties...

"Stop!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped. The weight he was holding was just right. A smile appeared on his face. "The weight now should be enough for a small planet to weigh on! It should be able to shoot the Divine Emperor directly!"

"I didn't expect this stick to be so miraculous, you can change the weight! Since it should change the size!" Zhao Yuande looked at the stick with some expectation, "give me a bigger...or smaller..."

But what disappointed Zhao Yuande was that no matter how he gave the order, the stick was unmoved, which made him slightly disappointed.

"Okay! Nothing can be perfect. If you can't change the size, you can't change it, anyway, it doesn't affect the combat effectiveness!" Zhao Yuande wanted to send the stick into his own space, but found that the stick didn't move at all!

"What's the matter? Can't earn space?" Zhao Yuande was a bit troubled. This long stick is more than two feet long. If it is held in the hand all day...

"Will you try the Wa Palace?" Zhao Yuande thought of the Wa Palace, but there was still no response after a try.

"Okay! I was defeated by you, even if I can't get into the space, I will always carry you." Zhao Yuande reluctantly mentioned the stick and left the cave.

But at the next moment, the stick suddenly entered his body, into his blood sea, and circling in the air continuously.

"This works too!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

When his heart moved, the stick appeared directly in his hand, which was more pleasant and quicker than taking it out of the storage space!

"Since a drop of essential blood from the Great Ape King gives you spiritual wisdom, and the Great Ape King kills the gods and destroys the immortals, I will call you the killing god!" Zhao Yuande looked at the stick in his hand and couldn't help revealing it. Smile.

Just when Zhao Yuande said the name of the killing god, the two simple characters of the killing **** appeared on the top of the stick!

"Okay! Killing God Stick!" Zhao Yuande was no stranger to the magic of this long stick. He was glad that the Killing Stick was like his brother, giving him a very intimate feeling.

He pushed open the door and strode out of the cave at the top of the mountain.

"Xiaoyou, you are finally here!" The Dragon Emperor seemed to wait here for a long time, and saw a smile on Zhao Yuande's face.

"Senior, did anything happen?" Zhao Yuande looked at the Dragon Emperor and saw a trace of sadness on his face.

"Hey! The encirclement and suppression of the Xu family stopped, and an immortal emperor from the Immortal Emperor Palace in Xianjie was reconciled from it. We can only give up!" Emperor Barbaric Dragon sighed, "This time let the tiger return to the mountain, we will refinish it in the future Zong Ke has no good life!"

"The people of Xiandi Palace came out." Zhao Yuande thought of Nangongyu and the young man and the head of the Xu family accompanied them in the secret realm. There is obviously a certain relationship between them. It is not surprising that the people of Xiandi Palace come out. .

"I also got a message! Two disciples of Immortal Emperor Palace were killed in the lower realm. Immortal Emperor Nangong, the third palace of Immortal Emperor Palace, was furious and sent the two strongest disciples in the lower realm to find the murderer to avenge his disciples. "The Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande's expression meaningfully, and his face was dignified. "It is said that these two disciples are called Pang Tiande and one is Si Tian. They are both strong in the peak of Divine Emperor, even in Xifeng The continents are all amazing characters, and their fighting power should be able to compete with the late Emperor of the Divine Emperor!"

"Able to contend with the late Emperor of the Divine Emperor!" Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart, he is now weak, I am afraid that he can't compete with these two people at all, if he fully recovers, with the help of the eternal fine gold armor , Maybe you can fight them!

"Yes! So you have to recover your body quickly!" Emperor Dragon God said.

"It doesn't matter to me!" Zhao Yuande shrugged and smiled, "I didn't kill it!"

He didnt believe in the Dragon Emperor, but the immortal emperor of the fairy world was too supernatural. Even here, these immortal emperors might have the ability to monitor them. In case he really admitted that the two people died on their own In my hands, I am afraid that the trouble will not stop at this point.

The crime of killing the waiter of the fairy world is not a small one. The strong palace of the immortal emperor will send a large group of strong players of the fairy world to hang themselves.

"Yes, I'm going to rest here for a while!" Zhao Yuande thought for a while. "Will seniors help me go to the Wantong Chamber of Commerce to buy a batch of elixir and blood of the fierce beast, it may not be convenient for me to go out now."

"No problem! Give me a list, I will let you prepare the following, but you will be out of Lingyu!" The barbaric dragon emperor said half-jokingly.

"This is a matter of course, take it!" Zhao Yuande threw out a storage ring.

The barbarian dragon emperor turned out to be a storage ring, and the soul entered into it. Even if he was an ancestor of a super power, he was stunned by the spirit jade in this storage ring of Zhao Yuande!

Among this storage ring, at least there are trillions of top-grade spirit jade.

"Are these all used to buy elixir?" The Dragon Emperor felt like a poor man in front of this kid.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande said concisely.

Zhao Yuande was re-sent into the cave mansion of Zhong Liuli by the barbaric dragon emperor, and he went to Wantong Chamber of Commerce to help Zhao Yuande collect these elixir.

Soon the barbarian dragon emperor came back, and brought back a large number of elixir and fierce beast blood.

As soon as the old guy saw the prices of the elixir in the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, he compared the elixir in his Zongmen warehouse, and immediately took out the elixir with a large amount of refining sect, and sold it to Zhao Yuande, anyway. Anyone who buys is buying, and the fertile water does not flow out to outsiders.

Zhao Yuande started to retreat for a long time, recovering his lost blood through food.

In this way, half a month later, Zhao Yuande felt that his body's blood had recovered to 60%.

He walked out of the cave house and stretched his lazy waist. He was always closed and couldn't do it. He always came out to breathe in fresh air!