Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 937

Chapter 937: Spatial Transformation

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"Huh?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a little weird.

Someone would have been waiting for him outside the cave house, listening to his orders at any time, but now this person has disappeared.

There were birds on the red thorn trees that were around for a while to peck at the red fruits, but now there is none.

And at this time, there is a slight cold wind blowing in the air, which is completely unconventional. But here is away from the volcano, the fire is burning in the belly of the mountain, and the wind should be dry and hot. How can there be cold wind?

Could it be that Zhao Yuande's face suddenly changed!

He put on the Eternal Adamantite Battlegear for the first time.

"Hey! It's late!"

An obscure voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear.

Zhao Yuande only felt that the sky and earth were dark, and then he found that he had appeared in a dark starry sky.

"Void shift!"

Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed, and the other party's means were beyond his imagination, it seems to be worse this time.


The six strong men in black do not know when they have appeared around him. The faces of these strong men in black are obscured by eccentric masks. The eyes that are exposed are staring at him now.

"Zhao Yuande! Your death is here!" The voice you just echoed in his ear just now, "No one can shelter you here!"

"Who are you?" Zhao Yuande frowned as he watched the six masked men in black.

"The black messenger of the Raksha League, the peak of the **** emperor, the body of the shadow..."

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique glanced one by one, the information of the six people was exactly the same, they were all bodies of shadows!

Although these six people are only the pinnacle of the Divine Emperor, they have a special physique. In the dark starry sky, they have occupied the right place and time, and the six people are obviously from an organization Raksha League, and they may have practiced the art of combined strike!

If the six people work together to deal with themselves, they are really a bit passive.

He is no more than 60% of his blood at the peak, and the fighting endurance is far different than before, so he can only preempt.

"Who am I? You don't need to know! You know you are going to die now!" The man's voice was erratic, and far and near, even Zhao Yuande's soul could not lock the other's voice.

This shows one thing, that is, the strength of the opponent's soul must be higher than that of the late Emperor Shen, and now he is even more unsure of this powerful Zhao Yuande.

"Since that is the case, then I can only beat you to death!" The God of Slaughter quietly fell into his hands.

The killing stick was in his hand, and suddenly the image appeared in his mind. A long stick of the great ape king swept through many ancient gods in his hand!

"Give me, kill him!" The voice gave orders coldly and relentlessly.

Hearing the order, the six black-faced masked men at the peak of the Divine Emperor suddenly launched an attack on Zhao Yuande.

The six black masked men all used short swords, and the sharp swords flashed the cold cold light. Six cold lights came from six directions, sealing all the escape routes of Zhao Yuande, so that he could not hide at all. If there is nothing to hide, you can only fight hard.

"Humph! Push me right!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, his hands turned into a golden light and smashed fiercely towards the black masked man who rushed across, and for six black masks He turned a blind eye to human attacks, and he didn't mean any defense at all.

"Hey! Zhao Yuande, you're done!" That voice flickered in the sky, but the pride in it couldn't be concealed. "I have known for a long time that you have an undead body and resilience, but you don't know , The short swords in their hands are coated with the venom of Broken Star Toad, one of the three most toxic substances in the world. As soon as the venom enters your body, you are done!"

"Broken Star Toad!" Hearing this name, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but change his face at this time. Now he feels lucky that he is wearing the eternal fine gold armor.

"Ding Ding..." After a series of sounds of metal clashes, the killing stick in Zhao Yuande's hands instantly smashed the black masked man across from him into a ball of meat.

The six daggers were stabbed in different parts of Zhao Yuande's body, but they were all blocked by the armor, and even a little trace of the armor did not stay!

The remaining five masked men in black suddenly felt awkward and wanted to retreat, but felt a strong wind roaring and sweeping them.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Zhao Yuande killed a masked man in black with a stick. Without hesitation, he immediately swept the stick of killing gods. Three of the masked men in black were unable to dodge and were directly killed by Zhao Yuande.

The first black-masked man was instantly swept into a mass of flesh by a stick, the second black-masked man was directly swept into two halves by the unending slaying stick, and the third black-masked The faceted man was swept away directly, hit a slow-flying meteorite and was directly smashed into mud.

The remaining two masked men in black all changed their faces, and their bodies retreated, and they never dreamed of performing assassinations for countless times. Why did this happen suddenly?

"You... what kind of armor are you wearing?" The voice was full of anger and disbelief.

"Do you think I will tell you? Let me die!"

Zhao Yuande's figure was like electricity and wind, and then he approached the face of a black masked man, and he swept again.


A flying meteor passed by Zhao Yuande's attack area, and was swept by a stick into powder, and the speed of the killing stick was not reduced, and he was still sweeping straight towards the black masked man.

"Boy, you stop me!" The voice roared, and a terrifying coercion came only from the void, locking Zhao Yuande firmly.

A huge crisis came in an instant, and Zhao Yuande even felt that if he didn't stop, he would be attacked by terrible forces in the next moment.

However, Zhao Yuande now wears the armor made of eternal gold, and other powers than the physical power can not be transmitted to him. He simply swept the black masked man with a stick regardless of the nature. .

Zhao Yuande's combat effectiveness is comparable to that of the middle of the Divine Emperor, and the cultivation of this black masked man is nothing but the peak of the Divine Emperor.


There was another loud noise, and the masked man in black should be transformed into a blood mist.


When Zhao Yuande killed the black masked man with a stick, a terrible force directly bombarded Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt an incomparable and terrible force directly acting on his head, as if he had turned into a meteor flying away into the distance.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Zhao Yuande didn't know how many miles he flew out by this blow. He burst into a belt of broken stars, and he didn't know how many pieces of meteorite fragments gradually stopped.