Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 938

Chapter 938: Dead

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"Oh! It's so exciting!" Zhao Yuande moved his numb body that was hit, and he could not help blinking his eyes.

The attack of the man just now was at least in the late period of the Divine Emperor, and may even have reached the peak of the Divine Emperor, but the attacks just now were all spiritual attacks. Although the attack on Zhao Yuande had a very strong sense of shock, it was in him. Within the tolerance range.

However, after this attack, the attacked area has been deeply sunken into it. If there is another attack on the same point next time, I am afraid it can withstand up to three times! After three times the battle armor will shatter!

"The armor is too thin! If it can be three feet thick, the opponent can't break it with a hundred hits, but in that case, I can't fight!" Zhao Yuande secretly slandered, but instantly overthrew himself. Argument.

But even so, he is excited enough now, wearing this armor, he can temporarily confront the strong power of the late Divine Emperor. If he can seize the opportunity to kill the opponent, it will be perfect!

"What! You're okay! This is impossible! I just used the power of the late Emperor Shen, and it's impossible that you can't even beat the juniors of the world!" The incredible voice of the person passed into Zhao Yuande's ear, letting He couldn't help grinning.

But the next moment, he suddenly felt the sound seemed familiar! Where on earth have you heard this voice?

And what the person said just now is that the strength of the late Emperor God is used, which shows that the strength of the other party may have exceeded the God Emperor Realm. Who is he?

Is it the powerhouse of fairyland?

Not like! The strength just now seems to be... it seems that the purple energy of the Eight Kings Palace is coming!

"How brave you are, as a disciple of Bajing Palace, dare to attack me! Don't you know that I am a disciple of Zhang Ling, a close disciple of the owner of Bajing Palace?" Zhao Yuande didn't care if he felt right or wrong, With a blast, shake the world!

"" The voice was clearly panicked, but soon disguised, "You are talking nonsense, what is the Eight View Palace Zhangling, I don't know anything, I know you are going to die today!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a terror force that could not be resisted at all, and passed from the void, rolling toward Zhao Yuande in a mighty way, the entire universe starry sky was a tremor, all the meteorites in the broken star belt shattered At this moment the blocks are all turned into powder!

This power has far exceeded the realm of the world, and even beyond the realm of the fairy, so that Zhao Yuande could not have a little bit of resistance.

"His mother, you want my life. Believe me or you will die!" Zhao Yuande felt that he could not be hidden. If it was hidden, Xiaoming would have finished playing. He immediately withdrew his communication. Covered by the spectacles, he shouted, "Look at what your uncle is!"

"Huh! No matter what your identity is, you are dead today. Here, millions of miles are covered by my large formation. No one knows that you are in my hands! Even Zhang Ling will not work!" The voice was so vast that it seemed to suppress Tianwei.

"You... you are..." But at the next moment, the voice suddenly changed, becoming extremely shocked, terrified, and also with a strong bitter taste, "You are actually the reincarnation of the universe... I'm really out of luck!"

The sound gradually disappeared, and the monstrous pressure disappeared in an instant, as if I had never experienced everything I had just seen.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a little light on his body. He did not expect that the deterrent effect of this identity was so great that he would scare the other party away alive.

Only one man in black was staring at Zhao Yuande in the distance, not knowing what the man said.

"Hey! You have been abandoned, tell me your origins, otherwise I will kill you!"

Zhao Yuande pointed at the opponent with a stick, and now he definitely has the confidence to say such things.

But just when Zhao Yuande finished speaking, a huge finger appeared in the void, and he pressed the masked man fiercely towards the black.


Before the masked man in black waited to say the following words, he was pressed directly into a blood mist by that finger, and even the spirit was not left.

"This guy must be from the Eight Kings Palace. Who is it?" Zhao Yuande could not help frowning while standing in the void. "Is it the master's enemies? But the master wants to kill me? This is unlikely..."

Zhao Yuande thought for a long time without remembering who he was causing to the Bajing Palace, he could not help shaking his head and sighing.

"Forget it, don't even think about it!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, and then he looked at the dark starry sky. After seeing it for a long time, he had no idea. "Where is this, how can I go back?"

"It doesn't matter, there seems to be a flash of light in that direction, there should be a big world!" Zhao Yuande looked at a starry sky in the distance, where there was a little light, it looked extremely distant!

Although far away, it can only continue to fly in that direction.

Just as Zhao Yuande was flying towards that starry sky, a man in black in the void was extremely ugly.

"How could this kid be the reincarnation of Zhou! I shot at him, why is it okay?" The man in black showed a look of doubt on his face, "Is the mark just now false? No! Why am I so panicked, why should I What happened? Could it be..."

The man in black is extremely ugly. He looks around, always feeling that he is being stared at anytime, anywhere, as if...

"No..." At this moment, a finger appeared in the void, and he frowned at him.

He yelled frantically, trying to avoid it, but found that he seemed to be caught in the whirlpool of time, unable to move at all, only his open finger touched his own eyebrow.

"The person I selected, you dare to shoot, die!" The man in black felt a very cold year digging into his sea of knowledge, and then a finger zoomed in infinitely in his sea of knowledge, In the end, he directly broke his knowledge of the sea and crushed the soul in the knowledge of the sea directly into nothingness.

"Little fellow! My protection has been reduced by one layer. I still need to grow up in the future. I hope that one day you will come to me." A voice echoed gently in the void, full of anticipation.

What Zhao Yuande didnt know was that there was one less mark of reincarnation in his body. Originally, he could surpass two great realms, but now he has become able to surpass three great realms. Come and behead him, as the samsara, he is not protected!

The seal will not work unless there is now a strong man over God Realm to kill him.

There is no feeling of time passing in the void, only the coldness of loneliness can be felt. If ordinary people come here, I may be lonely going crazy in less time, but Zhao Yuans will is far more tenacious than ordinary people, especially the two generations, see There have been more worlds, so this is nothing to him.