Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 939

Chapter 939: Octopus

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I dont know how long it took to fly. Zhao Yuande finally saw the twinkling star, which turned out to be a huge starship!

This starship is at least tens of thousands of feet long. It seems to be a small planet flying in the starry sky. No wonder Zhao Yuande thinks this is a big world.

The lights on the starship flickered, and there were many teenagers standing on the deck. These teenagers seemed to be in the starry sky for the first time, looking excitedly at the magnificent starry sky not far away!

The talents of these young people are good, most of them are 14-year-old, and Xiu Wei has already reached the realm of the field, and even a few have even reached the peak of the realm of the field.

"You have reached this state at such a young age. This group of teenagers are peerless geniuses! Which world or power do they belong to? What power does this starship belong to? What is their destination?" There are many questions in Zhao Yuande's mind.

"I can't figure it out even if I want to break my head. It's better to go up and see it. I can't break my hiding with my current cultivation as the God Realm." Zhao Yuande took out the Tongyou Mirror and disappeared into the starry sky in an instant.

After concealing his whereabouts, he had enough time to fly an incense stick before flying to this huge starship.

He diligently explored this huge starry ship and discovered that there were four powerful **** emperors in the battleship, two of them in the middle and two in the late stage.

Although he couldn't provoke these four people, they couldn't find Zhao Yuande's existence. As long as he was on the battleship, he would be careful not to disturb the four strong men.

However, when he wanted to board the starship quietly, he found that there was a powerful protective formation outside the starship. If he wanted to enter the battleship, he would be discovered by the strong man who manipulated the big array.

"It's a headache!" Zhao Yuande suddenly realized that he had no good solution.

Does it suddenly appear that you are lost? Would that be regarded as a star island killing alive?

But when Zhao Yuande was at a loss, a strange voice suddenly sounded in the void.

This sound is like a cow cry, but it is a lot more mad and crazy.

"this is"

Zhao Yuande looked in the direction of the sound, and suddenly saw a huge octopus octopus swimming towards the starry sky ship in the distant void.

Correct! Just swim!

The octopus octopus was flying fast, as if it were cruising in the sea, but within a few breaths, it was close to the range of a starship 100,000 feet.

It was only after Zhao Yuande could see how big this huge octopus was. It looked like a star. Each tentacle had hundreds of thousands of feet in length, and the thick suction cups on the tentacles had a size of a thousand feet. It is a small planet that can be easily caught by tentacles.

At a distance of 100,000 feet, eight tentacles flew toward the starship.

"Ah! What a monster! What a horror!"

"It seems like a huge octopus. Isn't octopus living under the sea? Why is it appearing in the void?"

"This is an empty octopus, equivalent to the powerful existence of the late Emperor God, everyone enters the cabin, hurry!"


The starship was suddenly in chaos, many teenagers yelled in horror, and many young girls were horrified and shivered together.

But soon some powerful men appeared on the deck, sweeping with big sleeves, just like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves, all the boys and girls were swept into the cabin.

An old man in a yellow robe appeared immediately above the starry ship, and a large hand covering the sky caught the tentacles that rolled up.


The big hand was hit by tentacles.

The old man's body seemed to be bombarded by a big mountain, and he was smashed **** the protection of the starship.

The entire starry ship shook violently, and the boys and girls in the cabin issued a horrified cry!

"Huh? The protective array is broken!" Zhao Yuande felt the huge crack above the array, and suddenly he was overjoyed on the face, and his body flashed to the deck.

"This animal is so powerful that I can't resist it myself!"

The old man hit the big ship with a burst of blood, and the big hand that grasped the tentacles also broke in inches. I am afraid that the tentacles will be completely out of control in not much time.


Three figures appeared at the same time beside the old man. One of the tall men supported the old man and looked at the small planet-like void octopus 100,000 feet away.

This big guy was just a tentacle and severely wounded the ninth middle elder of the emperor. If they broke out with all their strength, I am afraid that the four of them will not be opponents.

Fortunately, this kind of Void Behemoth does not have high intelligence, and it can be led away to make the Starship away from this place.

"The third and seventh, you two resisted for a while, and I help the old nine recover from his injury." The big man output a huge life energy, and rushed into the old man's body, but it took two or three blinks. The old man's turbulent blood and broken internal organs were completely recovered.

"Old Nine, you go all out to urge the big ship and leave this place quickly! The three of us went to lead this beast!" Dahan saw the old man recover, nodded to him, and then his figure disappeared, and the next moment had appeared In the battlefield beyond 100,000 feet.

"Boss, don't worry, I will take the Starship Ship to a safe place, and I will definitely come back to help you cut this beast!" The old man looked at the big guy with his teeth, and then flew into the cabin.

"Give me every effort to urge the starry sky ship to march towards Sirius at full speed!" The voice of the old man passed into every corner of the starry sky ship.

Suddenly busy among the starships, countless powerful people madly input spiritual power into the formation of the starry ships, the speed of the starry ships has increased by more than ten times in an instant, and the huge figure seems to be like the light, and then it rushes It was tens of thousands of miles away, and at the next moment it had already disappeared.

The sound of horrible bursting in the void kept coming, and the three **** emperors and the great war against the void octopus, shattered the countless small star shocks around them, and a terrible force shot around the void, shooting the void to a thousand. Sore holes.

A terrible void storm didn't know where to start, all the fragments of stars were shattered everywhere, and the void in the tens of thousands of miles has become a disaster.

Zhao Yuande had entered the cabin quietly at this time. After listening to the whispers of many teenagers, he realized that this starry ship was the cruising ship of Chaotian Temple, the No. 1 force in Chaotian.

This chaotic heaven palace is the terrible force of the real overlord in the chaotic heaven domain. Any major forces are headed by the chaotic heaven palace.