Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 94

Chapter 94: I Bite Bite

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"This copper furnace is quaint and primitive, and there are still mottled rust marks on the furnace, and no spiritual power is revealed at all.

Is this just an ordinary copper furnace? "Leng Dao's face is not very pretty.

He used the soul to explore the copper furnace, wanting to see if there is a real spirit in the copper furnace?

It should be known that all the objects above the Lingbao have the existence of a spirit. A large part of the reason why a Lingbao is powerful is the strength of the spirit.

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande's soul had already discovered the other party's movements, and hurriedly used his powerful soul to form an environment, so that the other party could not perceive the true magical effect of the copper furnace.


The soul of the spirit, the real soul, turned around in the trap set by Zhao Yuande, and finally concluded that this was just an ordinary copper furnace.

"No way!"

Lingdao was really anxious. Although the Shuoyang Mirror he threw out was not of great use to him, but at least the high price of tens of thousands of top-grade Lingyu could be sold at auction, but now he found that this copper furnace was just an ordinary product. It's almost crazy.

"Did I really be out of luck recently?" Lingdao real person only felt a while, what the **** is this about?

Seven or eight days after coming out, not only did the fart gadget not get, but was stabbed with a sword, and now the chest is still bloody, and I have lost an ancient treasure worth tens of thousands of top-grade spirit jade. Am I really so unlucky?

"I'm going to fuck!" Lingdao slaps the copper furnace on the wall of the cave with a slap, and out of the cave angrily.

"Huh! This guy finally gave up!" Zhao Yuande let out a breath.

It would be bad if the copper furnace was taken back by the other party or never put in the storage space.

"Let's go out quickly, otherwise we won't be able to leave if the old guy comes back!" Zhao Yuande wrapped the three men directly out of the copper furnace, which then held the copper furnace in his hand.

"Hey, this is really a baby!" Black bear soybean-sized glasses gleamed with thief light. This kind of treasure with a small world has no blessings even the ancestors of the Huoyunzong. I didn't expect it to be placed in front of me like this. , It involuntarily seized the hand, and the Harazi in the corner of his mouth flowed into a stream.

"Xiong Blind Man has something to worry about even his brothers. Brother Zhao, we have worked together to make this Bear Blind Man. I want to eat bear's paw for a long time!" .

"Bald! I'll bite you first!" Black Bear saw Zhao Yuande looking at himself with unsightly eyes, and he couldn't help but tremble in his heart. He threw the copper furnace in his hand to Zhao Yuande and threw it towards the first ring.

"Brother Zhao, have the two of you always been like this?" Li Tian glanced at Zhao Yuande, who snickered at the corner of his mouth, and couldn't help but come over funny.

"They are a pair of foodies, and they will fight if there is no meat." Zhao Yuande put away the copper furnace and looked at the two guys wrestling together, and also showed a helpless smile.

"I bite bite!" The black bear went mad, his mouth wide open enough to tuck into a head, and he clicked toward the ring!

"Don't be proud of the black blind, I must stew you today!" Master Yiyi's monk's clothes were torn to pieces, exposing the strong tendon of his body.

When Master Yijie retreated to the cave, he suddenly felt his back hit a man. He turned his head and looked at it, and he was shocked. He turned out to be a real person.

"Hey! You... Senior!"

The Black Bear noticed the arrival of the real person of Lingdao one step earlier than one ring, and stepped back to Zhao Yuande's side one step earlier, watching the real person of Lingdao alertly.

The real people of Lingdao feel more and more wrong, and with their powerful power, the general spirit has long been photographed as slag, but the copper furnace can be embedded in the wall of the cave without any damage. !

He just flew a few miles away, and turned his head again and found that there was a voice in the cave just now.

He hurriedly turned around, and as soon as he walked through the entrance of the stone cave, he saw a bald monk being beaten backwards by a black bear.

But his attention was not here, but on the stone wall just now. The holes in the stone wall were clearly visible, and there was no copper furnace in it.

He turned his gaze to the three people present and a bear, frowning.

"Senior Taoist Dao is you!" Li Tian saw this old man, and he couldn't help showing a happy face, and hurried forward to salute him.

"His Royal Highness, why are you here?" The real person of Lingdao seems to be very familiar with Li Tian, and he suddenly smiled when he saw him.

"I and a few friends came out to experience, just to see a cave here, come in and have a rest!" Li Tian sighed inwardly, secretly, Lingdao real person can only sorry you today!

"Brother Zhao, Master Yijie, and Heifeng, this is the predecessor of Spiritual Dao, my esteemed friend!" Li Tian turned to Zhao Yuande's three people and gave each other a secret glance.

The three of them naturally have a lot of hearts, and they also like the Prince Li Tian a little more.

"See Senior Lingdao!" They hurried to visit, very respectful.

"Dare not dare!" Lingdao real person hurriedly waved his hand, "I am also regarded as a half disciple of Emperor Li, you and I are brothers of the division, you and your friends call me seniors and they will kill me!"

"Senior is a strong man with a combination of yin and yang, and we should be respectful!"


After they talked for a while, they were considered to have met, and the real people of Lingdao asked the question of the copper furnace.

"Copper furnace? We didn't find it, but when we first came, we did see a figure leave in a hurry!" Li Tian pointed in a direction. "The man seems to have suffered a lot of internal injuries and went beyond that direction!" "

He intends to lead the other party's ideas in that direction.

"This Jin Kun is really cunning! His Highness the Three Princes, let's get together again, I'll go chase the thief first!" Ling Dao's face appeared gruesome and chased in the direction of Li Tian's fingers.

"Thank you Brother Li!" Zhao Yuande thanked him very much. Although he has the ability to fight against the strong men in the early stage of Yin and Yang, he has no certainty. Li Tian has really helped him this time.

"Hey! Brother Zhao rescued me many times, what a little **** this is!" Li Tian hurriedly waved his hand, and he suddenly hated, "And this copper furnace was originally your thing, I am not helping others."

"Good! Brother Li's gratitude, I wrote down Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande said seriously, "I promise Brother Li I will never slack off. One day you will become the supreme ruler of the Dali dynasty!"

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Li Tian bowed to the end very respectfully.

"Hey, you two are really boring. It's better to have a big meal than to thank you! Grandpa Xiong, I'm so hungry!" The black bear touched his dry stomach boringly, and his expression was extremely painful.

"Be patient, let's go to Shenxu City, I promise you to have a big meal!" Zhao Yuande suddenly made a decision. Since the purpose of this stage is to enter the Shenxu, then go directly to Shenxu City and wait for the Shenxu to open. , Another chance.

"That's what you said!" The black bear gritted his teeth. "For grand dinner, Grandpa Bear will bear it for a while!"

I didn't say anything for a quit, just watched Zhao Yuande's eyes burst out with dazzling light!

Li Tian looked at the reaction of the two guys with some curiosity, and he began to look forward to Zhao Yuande's dinner!