Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 942

Chapter 942: Luo Shenyu

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"Okay! Let's surrender!" The Divine Emperor strongman knows that he is not his opponent at all, it is better to spend time with the other party and wait for the four elders to return.

"Then let go of the big ship formation, I can't damage my spoils!" The tall figure said lightly.

The **** emperor strong man had to bow his head under the eaves and could only do as the other party said.

An avatar of Zhao Yuande quietly took advantage of this time to fly off the big ship and hide in the void.

And at this time, this huge voice reached out towards the starry sky ship and grabbed it. His big hand covered the sky and covered the sun, directly grabbing the entire ship in his hand, and his body shape turned into a huge round of fireball in a moment. Flying away in the far direction.

The three hundred youngsters were shocked when they watched this scene. They had never seen such a scene.

At this time, only a little surprise appeared on the big man's face on the entire ship. He looked at the **** emperor as if he saw Lingyu beckoning to himself, and he could finally take advantage of this opportunity to rise.

The speed and speed of the God Emperor are almost hundreds of thousands of miles.

After a dozen breaths, they appeared on a dark, icy planet.

"Come out! It's the place!" The God Emperor's strongman shook the starry ship, and everyone in the ship came out and fell on the hard ground like steel.

The ground is extremely cold, as if it were a huge piece of ice. Some teenagers who were weakened were only touched on the ground with a layer of hoarfrost.

And not far from them, there was a huge black abyss, the blood-red magma in the abyss rolled, and a scorching breath swept out of the abyss, which only slightly increased the temperature in the air.

The Emperor of the Divine Emperor nodded with satisfaction, the starship in his hand had disappeared.

"Who the **** are you? Why do you want to catch us?" A **** emperor and strong man in Chaotian Temple felt that things seemed a bit bad.

"Hey! Who am I, you will soon know! Now you give me in!" The might of the Divine Emperor immediately swept thousands of people directly into the abyss.


Almost all the teenagers shouted in horror, the terrible heat wave almost roasted their bodies, and a despair was about to die in their hearts.


"I'm dying!"


"Ghost Bureau...Ghost Bureau...Ghost Bureau!" Only the big man yelled these words in horror. His eyes were full of fear and remorse. He felt cheated!

Just when everyone thought they were going to die, a gust of wind swept over and instantly brought them into a huge cave on the wall of the abyss.

There is a large group of cold cultivators in the cave. They looked at the group of people in the chaotic Tiangong coldly, and a grin smile appeared in the corners of their mouths.

"Luo Fengyu! You... you... are the Luo family!" One of the Divine Emperor strong men saw a familiar face among the group of practitioners.

"Now I know it's too late!" The **** emperor and strongman behind them also entered the cave. His figure became the same as ordinary people, but a pair of eyes seemed to be burning in flames.

"Fire God... How do you want to deal with us?" The two Divine Emperors back to back, they knew that they could not be good at this time since they knew each other was the Luo family, and they will die here today.

"Hey! Do you two cubs want to rebel? Believe me or not, I will put your soul on the fire and burn it for ten thousand years! Let you mourn forever and ever!" The voice of the fiery emperor is cold and merciless, but his eyes are It was the three hundred talented young men who looked at it with interest.

"Ghost Bureau! Ghost Bureau! I am my own, my own! It's me who tells you that you can catch the people in the chaotic Tiangong!" The big man can't help this time, facing the opposite. The group of practitioners shouted loudly.

"Oh? Are you an accomplice with the thin man?" Suddenly, the Luo family spoke across the face, and the expression on his face was still cold.

"Yes! Yes!" Dahan nodded excitedly.

"Damn dog thing! You're going to die!" The **** emperor of Chaotian Temple was splitting his eyes. He didn't expect it to be sold by an ordinary crew. When he reached such a point, he turned towards him. The big man took it.

Dahan felt an irresistible force coming from his back, and immediately looked for help from the opposite Luo family. He felt that the other party would not let himself die here. In this way, he has meritors!

But the rescue he expected did not come, and the terrible power instantly shot him directly into a blood mist.

"This kind of betrayal is no longer necessary to survive, even if I give you a meeting gift! As a powerful divine emperor, you should know that it is not easy to practice. If you two are willing to submit to me, How about I give you the position of Luo Family Foreign Affairs Elder?" At this time, the Luo family backed away and gave way to a young man in white slowly walking out of the crowd.

He first smiled slightly at the two Divine Emperors and then turned his curiosity to those talented young men.

"Who are you?" God Emperor Chaotian Temple looked at the young man with doubts in his eyes.

"Luo Jialuo Shenyu!" The young man stood proudly. After saying the name, his whole person looked different. A powerful momentum burst out of him. This young man turned out to be a **** emperor. .

"Luojia Luoshenyu! Luojia's most powerful genius since ten thousand years, has been cultivated to the realm of divine emperor at the age of thirty-five!" The emperor of Chaotian Temple's face is extremely dignified, this person is too unnatural. Under the momentum of the other party, even as a divine emperor, he felt some trembling.

At this time, a voice came from the sea of knowledge of the two **** emperor realm strongmen in Chaotian Temple.

"You have to deal with them in a vain manner, and the four **** emperors and strong men in your chaotic Tiangong should arrive soon!"

This voice was naturally issued by Zhao Yuande. He had already felt the message from his avatar, and had already waited for the four powerful emperors.

In this hand, the four powerful emperors appeared in the place where the starship disappeared. None of them looked very good. They had injuries of all sizes, but they were not even injured because of the fear of these disciples. Recovery quickly rushed back.

"They won't be in trouble..."

The faces of the four people were pale, and these young geniuses were the hope of Zongmen. If they had something wrong, how would the four of them go back and explain to the palace master!