Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 943

Chapter 943: The Power Erupted In Despair

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"I know where they are now." Zhao Yuande's avatar had been waiting here long ago. Seeing the return of the four **** emperors, he immediately showed his true body.

"Who are you?" The big man who looked like a great man in the late Emperor of God, saw Zhao Yuande appearing out of nowhere, and suddenly a pair of eyes glanced over, and the powerful momentum suddenly rolled towards Zhao Yuande.

"If you go on like this, my avatar is broken, and you are waiting to collect the corpses for your genius disciples!" Zhao Yuande's avatar sneered, "Or, if you go on, I might lose your help Reason!"

"Oh! Please forgive me for your friends! We are really a startled bird!" Dahan just reacted naturally. Hearing Zhao Yuande's words now, he was shocked.

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the four people and found that they weren't hurt lightly. They couldn't help but remind him, "You are not hurt lightly, or just take some medicine to cure the injury! Otherwise, you can't save someone but risk it. Go in!"

"Xiaoyou knows who did this?" Dahan looked at Zhao Yuande.

"It's the Luo family. I don't know their purpose, but I'm afraid you are running out of time, so don't talk nonsense!" Zhao Yuande's body had already received information, and he continued, "There is a **** on the other side. The strong emperor is called the fire emperor, there are two more emperor emperors lurking in the dark, and there are also several emperors and dozens of emperor emperors."

The faces of the four **** emperors changed slightly, and they quickly took out the elixir and took it.

After about a scent of incense, Zhao Yuande beckoned to them: "Let's go now, it will be too late at night!"

The four emperors immediately woke up from recovering from their injuries and followed Zhao Yuande toward the black stars.

"I don't know if Mr. Luo can leave these people's lives. They all refer to some crew members. Having followed our brother for many years is a certain feeling! As long as Mr. Luo agrees, our brother must play well for the Luo family!" Chaotian Temple Divine Emperor strong, with the color of prayer on his face.

"These people don't matter, but I have to stay and train them for the 300 geniuses!" Luo Shenyu looked at the two Divine Emperor strong men, with a cruel smile on his face, "I want to train them to become My Luo Family's Dark Demon Army!"

"What! Dark Demon Army!" The two Divine Emperor Powers were shocked. They knew that the Luo Family's Dark Demon Army were all cold and ruthless killing machines. Their gods and souls were controlled by people and they could only live in darkness all year round. The place is as good as death.

"What the Dark Demon Army needs is a young genius. The last time the Dark Demon Army supplemented it was three hundred years ago..." Luo Shenyu's eyes showed the look of expectation. "Three hundred years ago, the Dark Demon Army was hand-made by my father. Build, they are completely loyal to him, and I will immediately be the new owner of this generation, this time the Dark Demon Army is my team!"

"What... three hundred years ago... It turned out that the disappearance of the genius disciple three hundred years ago was also the Luo family!" Both the Divine Emperor and the Powerful had heard of this matter.

"Unfortunately, the old guys in your chaotic Tiangong, this time still not memorable, let me get 300 talented disciples without any effort!" Luo Shenyu's face became more proud.

"Son! Don't mess with them! Let me get rid of them all!" Emperor Fiery looked at the shock and disbelief on the faces of the two Divine Emperors and strong men, and suddenly a grin appeared in the corner of his mouth. I really can live!"

"You..." The God Emperor of Chaotian Temple looked dull, but then his face was ecstatic.

"You guys are happy, not right... there is a **** emperor strong!" The fire emperor suddenly changed his face, shouted loudly, his body disappeared into the cave in a flash, but his voice spread throughout the cave. , "Two brothers, come out quickly to meet the enemy!"

"Someone! Feeling hard to break into the Luosha star of my Luo family!"

Two white-haired old men slammed into the cave and appeared outside Raksha Star.

"Emperor Fire! Shuanghuang Moyun! How dare you dare to take away my disciples from the chaotic Tiangong, today we will break Raksha Star and give you a lesson!" At this time, rumbling has been heard outside. Long sounded like thunder.

Immediately afterwards was the sound of violent collisions, and even caves under hundreds of feet could not help starting to tremble violently, and it could not collapse here under the aftermath of the God Emperor.

"The big elders are here!" The faces of the two **** emperors and strong men suddenly showed happy smiles.

"Don't be too happy, you are still in my hands. I can always go out and take you as a hostage at any time!" Luo Shenyu's face changed a while, but in the end he showed a grim smile, and he waved, " Get me up and take them all down."

"Everyone guards, the elders will soon solve their opponents, we will be saved as long as we support it!"

The Divine Emperor strongman looked at the many strongmen behind him, although there were more people than the other, but the cultivation base was generally too low, and there were 300 young men with unstable heart!

However, with the encouragement of this Divine Emperor and the support of his desire for survival, everyone's eyes also showed a vigorous fighting intent. The arrival of the Four Divine Emperor and Strong, gave them more hope of survival. .

"Hey! Since you want to die in despair, then I will fulfill you all! Kill me, how much can you kill! Especially those little cubs who can't train them into dark demon army, then all kill, otherwise It will be our stumbling block to grow up after many years!" Luo Shenyu's eyes burst into flames. He didn't know which part of the problem was wrong. He even let the other's emperor strong follow.

"Protect those teenagers as much as possible! They will be the hope of my chaotic Tiangong in the future!" Divine Emperor strongman shouted the first and launched an attack towards the other party.

I dont know why, although the group of people in Chaotian Temple is relatively low, but in this case, a terrible potential broke out, and they even competed with each other for a period of time, especially some young people broke out a strong Talent can actually fight the Luo family in the world.

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder when he watched in the dark.

Luo Shenyu frowned slightly as he watched the battle.

"It seems that I can't do it myself!" Luo Shenyu looked at the battlefield, and now it is evenly matched. If he joins himself, he will definitely become an important weight to crush the other party.

"In my opinion, you still don't have to shoot!" At this moment, a lazy voice rang in Luo Shenyu's ear, and a young man who looked 18 or 9 years old came out slowly from the darkness , Watching his eyes full of ridicule.