Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 944

Chapter 944: Hell Demon Order

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"You... a little guy in the later part of the world dare to whisper in front of me? Are you crazy or stupid?" Luo Shenyu was still a little surprised, but when she saw Zhao Yuande's age and behavior, There was a ridicule on his face.

"Luo Shenyu, what are you laughing at? The descendants who have been minions, what is it worth rampant?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, a ridiculous arc drawn from the corner of his mouth.

"You... who the **** are you?" Luo Shenyu couldn't help but change her face when she heard the other party's words. If other Luo family members really don't know what this means, but he is the next generation's owner , Some secrets of his family had long been heard from his ancestors.

He always thought it was the shame of the Luo family, and the Luo family had been silent for hundreds of thousands of years because of this matter, and had never dared to show up.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, someone suddenly raised this matter, is he intentional or unintentional?

"It doesn't matter who I am, the important thing is that the status of your slaves can't be changed. No matter how you practice and how strong you are, you're only a slave in the end! Someday someone will come to you, and you will know by then!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold, and he had no slight impression of Luo's family.

"Good! Good! Today I will capture you to see what secrets are in your head!" Luo Shenyu looked extremely ugly. He decided to behead his opponent and asked him something he wanted to know from his mouth.

"In this case, then I will kill you!" Although the other party is only a strong mid-level Emperor Emperor, Zhao Yuande did not dare to look down too much, and he put on the eternal fine gold armor on his body, and there are more in his hand. The killing stick.

"Boy, no matter what you wear, you can't escape my palm!" Luo Shenyu's big hand protruded out, turned into a big empty hand, and shot directly towards Zhao Yuande.

The power of the Heavenly Dao controlled by the Divine Emperor and the Strong circulated in the void, causing the surrounding space to instantly fall into a state of stagnation, making Zhao Yuande feel that the time flow rate seemed to slow down suddenly, and his reaction speed was suddenly reduced by half.

"Humph! Is that the power?"

Zhao Yuande smashed the **** stick in his hand and smashed it directly towards the big hand of the void. Although he did not have amazing power, he carried this terrible power, pure physical strength.

"Huh! How powerful is your flesh, can you contend with the principle of my **** emperor's midway? Really looking for death!" Luo Shenyu's face grinned.

But Luo Shenyu couldn't laugh at the next moment, he only felt his big hand shot out, as if hit by a horrible ancient mountain, no matter how hard he tried to resist, it couldn't resist!

Under this ancient mountain, he seemed to be a small mound, and was smashed!

"This... how is this possible!" Luo Shenyu only felt an irresistible force passing from the palm of his hand, directly rushed into his body, and the impact of his internal organs was scattered.

"Poof!" Luo Shenyu spouted a mouthful of blood, and he was seriously injured under this blow.

"Hey! You and your stand-in Luo Chengkun are the same kind of waste, and this kind of waste can only appear in your minion family like the Luo family!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, and the hands of the gods were suddenly slamming towards the sudden. Luo Shenyu smashed the head.

The power contained in this stick was twice as powerful as before. The terrible power instantly shattered the void, and the entire cave began to tremble violently.

"The two people who took your chaos in Tiangong Palace left the cave, and the people here gave them to me! Otherwise, you will not die in the other's hands for a while, and you will be crushed to death first!" Zhao Yuande passed the message to the two **** emperors in Chaos Tiangong Temple.

And Zhao Yuande's body shook, and two blue figures emerged from the top of his head, and suddenly turned into two identical avatars, one of which held the Eternal Tower, the other one with a mirror sword and the other hand. It is a chaotic skymark like a brick.

The two figures rushed into the battlefield in an instant, and the terrible fighting power erupted instantly, killing the Luo family with a strong man.

The two Divine Emperors were overjoyed, and their sleeves fluttered, but in two or three blinks, all the chaotic Tiangong disciples were included in their own inner world.

"This is... this is Sanqing together! You are a disciple of Bajing Palace!" Luo Shenyu was very knowledgeable and suddenly recognized Zhao Yuande's identity, "You are... you are Zhao Yuande! How can you appear? it's here?"

All of his faces are panicked, the shadow of the famous tree of man, Zhao Yuande can leapfrog the strong man in the early stage of the God Emperor by virtue of the cultivation in the later stage of the realm of the realm, this genius of evil spirits is now a triple cultivation of the world. In order to be against the sky, you will not be the opponent of the other party!

At this moment he thought of transferring away!

However, Zhao Yuande seems to have seen the other partys intentions for a long time. The horrifying god-killing club hit him one by one, and he was so tired of dealing with repeated spitting blood. Too.

"Zhao Yuande! Don't force me, I don't have a hole card in Luo Shenyu! It's a big deal. Everyone will die together!" Luo Shenyu was forced to a dead end, feeling that he could no longer support him in Zhao Yuande's hands. No matter, just take out a red token.

"Just like this, a small jade card is going to die with me?" Zhao Yuande wanted to see what the other party was going to play, simply didn't attack, just looked at the other party coldly.

"Huh! You really don't know the goods, this is a **** demon order! It is a treasure handed down from the ancients. As long as I crush it, there will be a powerful demon emperor to meet my wish. "Luo Shenyu squeezed the red jade card, ready to crush it."

Zhao Yuande looked at this scarlet token, and the identification technique was swept away.

The contract in this token is a death contract. After the barbarian's desire of the token holder, the demon emperor will eat the token holder together!

In fact, this kind of token is definitely a sought-after among the worlds. If some old guys who have reached the end of their lives are getting such a token, they will sacrifice themselves to bring great benefits to the family, or destroy the hostility. Power, or leave a huge amount of wealth!

"Why? Are you afraid?" Luo Shenyu keenly noticed the strangeness in Zhao Yuande's eyes, he sneered, "Zhao Yuande, as long as you let me go, everything is easy to say! If you want to die with me, I can only pinch Broken Hell Demon God has ordered! The big deal takes you to die together!"

Zhao Yuande's heart is teleporting, he is not a vulnerable person, but the uncertainty in the token in the other party's hands is too great, in case this demon emperor is not afraid of the universe, then he will die Undoubtedly, let him leave for the sake of the present, and then slowly figure it out!