Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 945

Chapter 945: Must Be Like This

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"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. Anyway, this person has been scared by himself. Even if he doesn't kill him, the road to cultivation in the future may be bumpy. I'm afraid it's hard to get in.

"And my people!" Luo Shenyu glanced at the many people who were embarrassed by Zhao Yuande's avatar, and his eyes showed deep shock and fear.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande's three avatars returned to the body and gave way to each other.

The strong men of the Luo family looked at Zhao Yuande, and their faces were all shocked and humiliated. They wished to immediately kill the guy who brought humiliation to the Luo family.

"Young Master, give it to me!" An old man with a dark complexion grimaced and rushed over to **** the token from Luo Shenyu.

This is a mid-level strong emperor of the Luo family. He looked at Zhao Yuande with a crazy expression on his face.

"Young Master, you go first, I summon the Demon Emperor and die with him!"

"Nine Uncle're crazy!" Luo Shenyu's face changed, but the black-faced old man had his left arm and right arm. He didn't want this person to die.

"Young Master, sacrificing me can let you leave safely, and can kill this first genius of the lower realm, it is worth it!" The black-faced old man was extremely determined.

"Really? It's a pity that you have too much nonsense!" Zhao Yuande couldn't calm down when he saw this situation.

Since you want to kill me, today I will kill you first.

In his hands, the killing of the **** stick widened, resulting in a sweep of the great ape king in the image. This ordinary sweep carried terror and boundless power, and there was a mood of unprecedented death.

Faced with this stick, the Luo family only felt that they were stuck in the quagmire, and a crisis of death enveloped everyone.

"Ah! Break me!" the black-faced old man shouted frantically, smashing the **** jade card in his hand.

But at the moment he crushed the jade card, Zhao Yuande's stick had already fallen.

"Puff! Puff!"

Dozens of Luo Jiaqiang's bodies shattered under Zhao Yuande's stick, blood and bones flew all over the sky. Luo Shenyu was almost scared by this stick.

More than a dozen Luo family members were standing in front of him, and they were beaten into a **** mist, which saved his life.

But even in this way, he was affected by the power of terror, one leg was smashed alive, a mouthful of blood was spouted, and his body flew out hundreds of feet into the dark stone wall.

The black-faced old man was now covered in blood, blocking Zhao Yuande's stick.

However, although the old man was fine, he saw that most of his people died under Zhao Yuande's stick, especially the young master was wounded and wounded. At this time, his life and death were uncertain, and his face suddenly showed an extremely painful look. .

Just when Zhao Yuande was planning to take the victory and pursue, he suddenly felt a breath of terrifying terror between the world and the world. At this time, even the seven **** emperors and powerful men fighting outside the Raksha star felt their whole body. Shivering, they stopped fighting instantly, their bodies slowly fell, and stood motionless.

They have a feeling that as long as they move a little, they will be killed mercilessly.

The faces of the seven emperors were extremely intense and dignified, and they did not know what happened.

"I know! Got it! This is the **** demon order, my young master summoned... young master... how can you be so stupid!" The fire **** emperor's extremely excited face suddenly seemed to be slapped by someone Then he remembered that the price of summoning the Devil Emperor was his life!

"Hell Demon Order!" The four **** emperors of Chaotian Temple heard the name, and their faces suddenly showed a terrifying look.

A feeling of fear and powerlessness rose from their hearts, and they could not accept the fall from the height of the emperor to the lamb to be slaughtered.

"Jin Jie!"

An eerie laughter reverberates in the void, a trembling force is constantly rippling in the space, the void seems to be broken by the stones, the calm lake surface, and there are ripples, a dark fan The door was pushed open in the sky, and a huge head came out of it.

A row of uncommonly crooked corners on the head seemed to pierce the void, and two fangs flashing blue light were exposed in the mouth, especially a pair of scarlet eyes, full of desire for killing and greed.

At this moment, everyone's heart seemed to be bombarded with a sledgehammer, even a few emperor emperors began to tremble.

Especially the black-faced Divine Emperor, who was looking at the scarlet eyes at this time, his body was swinging wildly.

But now there is only one person, instead of showing the color of panic and fear, he saw this huge head but he was stunned, and then a strange arc appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Humble mortal, what is the reason you called this emperor?" The huge head stared at the black-faced **** emperor, a pair of fangs were extremely white, and an invisible coercion was like the actual suppression of the black-faced **** emperor. At the bottom of his heart, he almost collapsed at this moment. The huge head seemed to remember something, and he smiled to the black-faced **** emperor with a uglier smile than crying, "Oh! Forget, I seem to have to take advantage first. !Be patient first!"

The huge head opened the big mouth of the blood basin and sucked it toward the black-faced old man. At this time, everyone could see one red, one black and two breaths, flew out of the black-faced old man's mouth, and directly entered the big mouth of the blood basin!

The black-faced old man, like a pierced balloon, quickly shrivelled, his face was like dry bark, his original black hair became silver-white, and a muscular body turned into a sudden An old man with a broken heart.

"Come! You can tell your purpose!" The huge head burped lightly, nodded with satisfaction, and regained its momentum towards the black-faced old man.

"I want you... to kill that person!" The black-faced old man pointed at Zhao Yuande with trembling fingers, but he quickly added, "...and... killed all the people in Chaotian Temple!"

"It's over! You have only one chance to wish, and now I will fulfill your wish! Kill..." The huge head slowly looked in the direction of the black-faced old man's finger.

The faces of everyone in the Luo family were showing joyful colors at this time, especially Luo Shenyu looked at Zhao Yuandes proud colors at the moment, he couldnt hide it. He wanted to see what this first genius in the lower realm would be like now. What kind of expression.

But when his eyes touched Zhao Yuande's expression, he couldn't help but stunned. What expression was this?

Disdainful, sneer, watch a good show, Chengzhu in the chest?

He must be crazy! Frightened by the demon emperor of the demon world!

It must be so!