Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 946

Chapter 946: Wonderful Taste

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But at this time, he heard a roar of anxiety!

"Fuck! Fuck! Lao Tzu whoever provokes someone! Why do I meet this kid every time in the lower realm! Why..." The huge head roared up in the sky, looking very angry and holding back!

His roaring shocked the void, and a series of large cracks in the void appeared above his head, causing many cultivators to spray blood for the lower Luojia cultivators, and even some people directly exploded and died!

Throughout the roaring star, huge cracks appeared in the roar. The cracks spread like spider webs, but just a few breathing times spread across the entire Raksha star.

"Boom! Boom!"

Everyone only heard a burst of sound exploding from the center of Raksha Star. The boiling magma erupted like a fountain around Raksha Star, as if entering the end of the world at once.

Fortunately, because of the harsh weather on Raksha, no one lives on it, otherwise I don't know how many people will be buried in this horrible man-made disaster.

"I said... Cangshan Demon Emperor! Are you going to let this star explode and kill me directly?" At this moment, a lazy voice sounded in everyone's ears, and Zhao Yuande's face appeared Xiao Fei's expression looked at the huge head, "You know, even if I die like this, it is still you killed!"

Everyone was stunned by Zhao Yuande's words. Was this kid convulsed or frightened, so he would say such things, but the other party is a **** demon equivalent to the strongest fairy emperor!

Threatening a demon emperor! Does he want to die vigorously? Want to leave a good reputation?

But when everyone guessed, the huge head even showed a smile that was even uglier than crying.

"Little guy, why are you everywhere? The emperor finally put a few chess pieces in the worlds of the heavens, why do you always involve you, we are still really destined!"

"Hey! I also think that I have a good relationship with my predecessors, but you see that we are not in the old age, are you going to kill me? Or are you going to let me go?" Zhao Yuande embraced his chest with his hands, his face relaxed and comfortable The look of it has the slightest fear of death.

"Jin... Naughty! Little one, you are naughty!" The huge head burst out with a smile of laughter. "Well, the mark on you has changed. Who is so unlucky?"

A huge curious expression suddenly appeared on the huge head.

"Hey! From time to time, an elder who doesn't know the life and death of Bajing Palace..." Zhao Yuande was surprised when he heard the other party's words, but then he understood what the other party meant, and he suddenly thought of the person who moved himself to the void. The Eight King Palace Powerhouse.

"His... Elder Bajing Palace..." The huge head took a breath!

"Dear Lord Demon Emperor, you have absorbed my Shouyuan, and you should keep your promise and keep your eyes in sight..." The dry old face of the black-faced old man kept shaking, and his teeth leaked when he talked, he felt that he needed Remind the other party.

"Go to your mother! What **** promises, is it important to have the life of the emperor? Get me out!" The huge head opened a blast of air, directly blowing the soul of the black-faced old man directly.

"Master Demon Emperor... Isn't this your token? The above has the Oath of Heaven, if you don't..." Luo Shenyu knows the real **** of Hell Demon Order, if the demon emperor does not obey, he wants to Repelled by the oath of heaven.

"Hey, you kid, dare to threaten the emperor!" The huge head looked at Luo Shenyu very unexpectedly, with a grinning smile on the corner of his mouth, "I didn't expect you to know the inside story of the Hell Demon God Order, and it's also very courageous! Just Even the emperor admires you a little bit!"

A trace of joy appeared on Luo Shenyu's face. He heard the conversation between the demon emperor and Zhao Yuande and knew that they met each other. He was worried that the demon emperor would not abide by the oath in the **** demon order, so he spoke to death.

"But...Although the item admires you, but I still want to kill you!" The huge head looked at Luo Shenyu Road with a smile, "With the **** demon **** order, let me kill anyone! Even if it is killing me Son, kill my old man, I dont hesitate! Just kill this kid, I dont dare! If you dont kill him, the most will be bitten by Heaven, I will lose some life yuan, and kill him, only waiting for me is the end of soul flying ! How do you think I should choose? If you were, how would you choose?"

"!" Luo Shenyu's face changed after listening to the Demon Emperor's words. He couldn't imagine what terrible energy Zhao Yuande had in front of him, which scared a Hell Demon Emperor so much! If he had known for a long time, he would not let the black-faced old man make such a request, and just let the Devil God save the Luo family to leave here!

remorse! helpless! Fright... and a series of emotions rolled over in his heart, so that he could no longer restrain the injury in his body, and began to spit blood.

"Since I can't kill you, I have to lose a lot of Shouyuan, but I have to recover some costs! You guys come here for me!"

The huge head opened his mouth, and all the Luo family, including the three **** emperors in the sky, felt an irresistible force coming and pulled them into a dark space.

But in the blink of an eye, a huge pile of dry corpses fell in the sky.

"Ah! What a wonderful taste!" The huge head shook with satisfaction, showing a smile that was uglier than crying at Zhao Yuande, "Little boy, I will give you a face, these guys can't save it! I hope there will be One day after you grow up, let's meet again and don't be enemies!"

"Seniors let me go twice, although out of frustration, Zhao Yuande still remembers it in the future! If Zhao Yuande really becomes a character like the Devil Emperor, if the Devil Emperor has something to say, please say nothing!" Zhao Yuande pointed at the huge head arch Arched his hand, expressed his kindness.

"Hey! Good! Good! If you can get your promise, the Emperor will be worth even the most loss of Shouyuan! I hope we can meet again next time!" The huge head showed a happy face, and he slowly shrank. Back to the dark gate.

The space closed again, as if nothing had happened.

But at this time, the rumbling sound in the depths of Raksha Star became stronger and stronger, as if it was about to collapse!

"Thank you Master Zhao for your gratitude! I must bear in mind the chaotic Tiangong!" At this time, the four **** emperors and the two emperors of Chaotian all looked at Zhao Yuande with grateful faces. He continued, "The future will be useful to my chaotic Tiangong, and the chaotic Tiangong will die forever!"