Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 947

Chapter 947: Martial Arts

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"Several seniors! This is going to be destroyed soon, shall we leave here and talk again?" Zhao Yuande felt the rumbling noises beneath him, and the earth shook like a sea wave rolling, and his face could not help changing slightly.

"Go!" The four emperors glanced at each other, and the figure disappeared in place.

When they came to the starry sky, there was a loud bang immediately underneath them, and the original black paint Raksha Star instantly became a huge fireball after an explosion.

The scorching air wave swayed a few people who were too far away, especially the two divine emperor strongmen, who rolled over a dozen heads in a row to stabilize their feet.

However, Zhao Yuande was at ease at this time, without shaking at all.

"Small friendly and powerful cultivation practice!" The late Han emperor's big man looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but praise.

"Predecessors are ridiculous, in fact, I'm totally relying on it!" Zhao Yuande waved the killing stick in his hand. "The weight of this stick is too heavy, even a big wave can't be turned over."

"Oh! Can the old man try it?" The emperor strongman known as Lao Jiu was curious.

"Senior please!" Zhao Yuande was also polite, and directly threw the killing stick at the mid-level strong man of the **** emperor.

The old man looked at Zhao Yuande's lightness, but it was also easy to throw away, and he didn't even care.

But when his hand touched the killing stick, he suddenly changed his face, only to feel that an irresistible force took him straight back, he felt like he was being swattered by a fly swatter In general, if you want to rely on your own strength, you can't resist it.

It was in no way that he mobilized powerful spiritual power, and used his powerful cultivation to catch the killing stick.

"Little friend! A lot of power, this stick is probably hundreds of millions of pounds!" The old man's body was steady, and his face was very horrified.

"What! Hundreds of millions of kilograms? How is this possible?" The great man in the late Emperor of the Emperor had already practiced some physical exercises, and his strength was considered to be able to pick the stars and get the moon. He couldn't help but get a lot of interest.

"Or do you try?" The old man smiled at the corner of his mouth, and threw the killing stick to the big man directly.

"Hi!" Dahan set his driving, really wanted to be a mortal warrior, and took you to kill the **** stick.

But as soon as he took the killing stick, his face suddenly changed. His body was short, and he was directly crushed. If it were not in the void, the big man might have been lying on the ground.

"Lao Jiu, you aren't authentic! Do you sincerely want to see my joke, which is a few hundred million catties, a tens of billions of catties!" Dahan is not angry because he loses money, but returns the killing stick After Zhao Yuande, watching Zhao Yuande take it lightly, a pair of eyes almost glared out, "Little friend, your body is so powerful!"

"No way, only strength! You see my cultivation is nothing more than triple in the world." Zhao Yuande hehe, did not shy away from his weaknesses.

"Okay boss, Nine Nine, and Zhao Xiaoyou, let's leave here quickly! Soon Raksha will explode into fly ash, and I am afraid that even if we are to be affected!" Another late Emperor The strong, reminded.

"Unfortunately, the starship is gone, so let's fly back! The nearest planet here is called Moxing, which has a large starry sky transmission array. We can return to Chaotian Temple through the large array!"

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande followed several strong men in Chaotian Temple to Moxing!

The planet is covered by desert, but the desert has a very rare mineral, quicksand gold wood. This mineral is like gold, gold and wood. It is added to the fog to increase flexibility and add To the Elixir can enhance the qi of Yang.

And there is also a desert horn scorpion above the desert star. Although the toxin of this scorpion can be seen in the blood to seal the throat, it can also be made into a very powerful detoxification pill, which can almost eliminate all toxicity, but it is every alchemy sect A very scarce material.

Here, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but also raised a little interest. The quicksand gold wood can increase the qi of the sun, can it help Zhong Jiuer to treat it? Also, can the venom of the desert scorpion produce a detoxification pill that can relieve the poisonous gas in Zhong Jiu'er?

"Seniors, I won't leave first. I'm an alchemist. I want to collect some materials here!" Zhao Yuande declined the invitations of several strong men. Although the other party was very sincere, they also expressed that they would like to thank themselves. .

However, he is a cautious person. The forces in the Chaos Palace are divided into several major forces. If some of them have bad thoughts about themselves, it is not good.

So he finally decided to spend some time on this Moxing now, collecting some materials to help Zhong Jiu'er treat.

Several strong men saw Zhao Yuande's resolute attitude, and they naturally could not force it. The elders left Zhao Yuande with a token. As long as Zhao Yuande had something to do, he could use this token to mobilize the people in the chaotic Tiangong, even in this chaos. In Tianyu, this token has a huge deterrent, and no one dares to disrespect this token.

This kind of good thing Zhao Yuande will not refuse, he smiled and put it away.

At this time, many young geniuses in Chaotian Temple had already regarded Zhao Yuande as the big hero in their minds, and also regarded Zhao Yuande as their cultivation target.

This made Zhao Yuande the idol of worship in the minds of the new generation of Tianjiao in Chaotianyu in the next few hundred years, so that the prestige of Zhao Yuande really began to spread throughout the world!

Saying goodbye to several powerful emperors, he lived in Dongmocheng, Moxing's largest city.

In the East Desert City, the large shops of the heavens and the world have their own treasure buildings. Zhao Yuande saw the treasure houses of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce here, but he was disappointed to find that he did not have his own shop.

This is to know that although his Tianyi Chamber of Commerce is developing rapidly, it is still limited to the beginning.

But to his surprise, he saw a unique sign here, the sign of Hope Zong!

This place is in chaotic heaven, and the power of the hope sect appeared here. It seems that there will be shops of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce in the near future.

He found the disciples of Hope Zong through secret code words, but he naturally did not reveal his identity, but let Hope Zong pass his message back to the Refining Sect.

Reception Zhao Yuande is a young woman who seems to be around 20. This woman has just stepped into the yin and yang union. Although her appearance is ordinary, but she has a kind of heroic taste on her body, especially the woman with thick hands and feet, obviously It is based on martial arts.

Being able to enter the Dao with martial arts shows that this womans heart and talent are the best choices. If this woman grows up, she will definitely be a heroic character in the future.