Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 950

Chapter 950: Wrong Hand

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The cultivation of this three son is not weak, and turned out to be a master in the field.

His speed was very fast, and he came to Zhao Yuande in one step. He found Zhao Yuande and grabbed his shoulder directly.

"Hey!" Zhong Li, who had taken the upper hand in fighting with the guards, sighed for a while, and his face showed a bit of intolerance.

However, Zhong Li Tianfeng also saw Rulan's crisis at this time and wanted to rescue her in the past!

Rulan once again received a hard blow from the Black Lake Fa, and his body directly hit the strong force behind him, knocking the wall out of a big hole. The flush in his face was obviously a little bit of internal injury.

"Go to save the son, I don't care!" Ru Lan stubbornly gritted his teeth and rushed to the guard again. She knew that the other party would not kill herself, so she simply attacked desperately.

But at this time, the scene remembered the sound that made everyone surprised.


"Ah! You dare to beat me! San Gongzi fights with you today!"

Everyone turned their heads together and saw that San Gongzi was standing in front of Zhao Yuande with his face covered, an unbelievable look on his face.

The half face of the three sons was swollen like a pig's head, which made his voice slightly changed.

"I killed you!" The three sons drew out a cold, long sword, and cut it towards Zhao Yuande.

The dreaded silver light flashed, and a sword-mantle that stretched for dozens of feet exuded unmatched sharpness, almost cutting a long crack into the space.

"Young Master Hiding! This is a top-level spirit weapon, which can't be hard-wired!" Rufeng saw Zhao Yuande didn't hide or hide, as if he couldn't see the dreaded swordman's back, and he backhanded towards the three sons and was a big ear slapped. past.

"Hey!" Zhong Li Tianfeng saw this scene and sighed again.

But at the next moment, everyone heard a crisp applause again.


Then came the sound of the long sword landing.

"What!" Everyone's eyes widened and they looked at the incredible scene before them.

San Gongzi's body continued to rotate like a gyro on the spot, and Zhao Yuande on the opposite side had a light smile.

"Ah! North... South... Up..."


The three sons were freed from the gyro state, and their feet were like a pendulum, but they only fell for a short period of time and fell into a dog's mud!

I didn't know how long after that, the three sons finally cried out with wow.

"Wow! Do you guys, do you see the young master being bullied? Don't hurry and kill this kid, I want to cramp him, I want to... Ah!"

But before the malevolent vows of San Gongzi were finished, he could feel that his chest was slammed with a big foot.

"Give me a hand, otherwise I will step on him directly!" Zhao Yuande's voice echoed in the field, treating everyone.

At this time the fighting had stopped, and the two guards looked at the three sons stepping on their feet in a pale complexion. They felt that this was a big problem today. With their son's temperament, they must go back and pick up their skin.

"You... you are really bold, do you know who the three sons are? He is the three young masters of the main palace of Dongmocheng! If you let the three sons still have a way to live, otherwise no one can save you!" The guard pointed at Zhao Yuande, and Sei Lie said.

"Young Master... You are so powerful!" Rulan trot all the way to Zhao Yuande, looked Zhao Yuande up and down, his eyes showing an incredible look.

"The son is a master! Even in that case, I didn't dare to do that!" Zhong Litianfeng looked at Zhao Yuande with a respectful face. He knew he was looking away, and the cultivation of this son probably exceeded his own. Imagination.

"General! Although my cultivation base is not high, it is more than enough to deal with this kid!" Zhao Yuande stepped **** the three young masters.

"Ah! You let me go, otherwise..." The three young masters wanted to say something threatening, but they felt that the other person's feet had slowly moved to his head, and his words came to an abrupt end.

Although the three young masters are in the fish and meat town, there is no evil, but he is not a fool. He can feel the indifference in the eyes of the other party, can feel a cold killing intention from the other party, he feels that if he dare to say one more Words, I am afraid that Xiaoming will not be guaranteed.

The two guards glanced at each other and saw the seriousness of the matter, and one of them punched the sky.

Suddenly, a three-color light rose into the sky, and the light rushed to the tens of thousands of feet before bursting out. The city was boiling at this time!

"It's broken! They sent a rescue signal! The people in the city's main palace are coming soon, let's go!" Rulan saw the three-color light soaring into the sky and his face suddenly changed.

"This is the rescue signal of Chiyuemen, we have nowhere to escape, unless we can immediately board the starry sky portal, it will be over!" Zhong Litianfeng's face showed a trace of despair, but soon he saw his feet There was hope in the eyes of the three young masters, "As long as we firmly hold the three young masters in their hands, they dare not act rashly and take him as a hostage, we should be able to escape from the East Desert City!"

"Yes! It can only be so! I sent a letter to my elder brother, so that he would come immediately, can't be a burden to the Hope Sect." Rulan took out a piece of letter jade to pass on the message to his elder brother.

"Master! We took the three young masters and sent them back to the starry sky. They should be able to escape." Zhong Litianfeng grabbed the three young masters from the ground and took a random shot in his body. The three young masters were suddenly in full body. The bones crackled and the whole person collapsed as if it had lost bones.

The three young masters burst into tears, and looked at Zhongli Tianfeng as if they were looking at a terrible demon.

"What's the trick?" Zhao Yuande looked at the three young masters curiously. His eyes could see that every joint of the three young masters was taken apart.

"This is called splitting the bones and staggering the bones. It can stagger a person's bones and make him completely incapacitated. It is a tormenting technique we learned when practicing martial arts." Zhongli Tianfeng explained, "If this is the case In ordinary people, I am afraid that they will die of pain, but the strong bones and meridians of the practitioners are extremely tough and bearable! The final result is complete loss of mobility."

"Well! Martial arts also have many places that our cultivators can learn, and I will study martial arts when I have time." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Where do you want to take the three young masters?" The two guards saw the three going, and hurriedly stopped in front of them.

"Give up, otherwise I will crush the arms of your three young masters!"

Zhong Li Tianfeng's eyes were cold, and one hand had pinched one of the three young master's arms.

The two guards hesitated a little, and immediately heard a heartbreaking sound in the throat of the three young masters, especially the eyes of the three young masters looked at them as if they were a fierce evil spirit to eat them.

The two guards were trembling with fear, and hurried to make way.