Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 953

Chapter 953: Wrong Way

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"Your son, what are you talking about! Now is the time for life and death, don't ask these boring questions!" Jiang Ruhu's face is obviously anxious, he feels that the other party is putting more and more pressure on them. I feel a little suffocated.

"Son! Actually, it's a short answer. All three of us came from rivers and lakes. We were doing chivalry in the rivers and lakes, robbing the rich and helping the poor, and paying attention to chivalry! It was also the word chivalry that set us on the path of cultivation. Although the son is not deeply related to us, we can't violate the word of chivalry in our hearts!" Zhong Litianfeng seemed to feel something, instead of worrying with Jiang Rulan's brother and sister, he explained to Zhao Yuande.

Although Zhong Li Tianfeng looked bold and rugged, but he was also medium and fine, he saw Zhao Yuande's extraordinary at first.

For example, two slaps subdued the three young masters. Although the three young masters were not high in cultivation, even if he did not dare to say that he could slap him under the sword.

Another example was Zhao Yuande, who woke up Jiang Ruhu. At that time, he had to admire the accuracy of the other party's opportunity.

There is still this way, no matter what kind of strong man he meets, this son has always been plain and pale.

What does this mean? The other party is either a strong man or often deals with strong men, and he can even be sure that he is fearless.

"Okay! What a chivalry! I like these two words!" Zhao Yuande nodded at the gravity sky wind, looked at Jiang Ruhu's brother and sister, and smiled slightly at the two of them, "You got my approval. After my first test, this farce should be over, let me do it next!"

"Son, what are you talking about!" Jiang Rulan couldn't understand Zhao Yuande's words, anxiously said, "Now is not the time to be a hero..."

"Sister!" Jiang Ruhu took hold of the sister who was still talking, and shook her head gently to her, revealing joy in her eyes.

"Brother!" Jiang Rulan was anxious, trying to shake off his brother's arm, but saw the joy in the other person's eyes. She seemed to have thought of the key to the matter all at once. She looked at Zhao Yuande in a strange way, and opened her mouth in shock. Road, "Could it be... Master is a peerless master? Just like the senior we met?"

"Yes! Didn't you find out that we couldn't see through his son's cultivation behavior at all?" Jiang Ruhu also just noticed this kind of thing.

"Give me the three young masters." Zhao Yuande waved to the three young masters in Jiang Ruhu's hands.

Suddenly Jiang Ruhu felt an irresistible force and directly took the three young masters away. The shock on his face quickly turned into a surprise.

This time he really felt the other party's powerful means. The heart that was still hanging in his heart was finally let go.

"Boy, have you vented? No matter what you do, all four of you are going to die!" The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Yuande with a somber face, pinching his son, slowly walking towards himself, watching his son on the other's The painful squirming in his hand, the gurgling sound in his throat because he couldn't speak, an infinite murderous intention suddenly rose in his heart.

"Oh! Look at what this is?" Zhao Yuande took a jade card out of his arms and threw it directly to the other party.

The middle-aged man grabbed the jade card and wanted to crush it directly, but when he saw the two words on the face, he suddenly showed a shocked expression on his face.

"This...this is..." The middle-aged man looked at the jade card in his hand over and over, and then handed the jade card to an old man in red.

"Urban Master, I am afraid this is really!" The old man in red also saw the jade brand's discoloration and became very dignified. He quietly glanced at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but convey the sound to the middle-aged humanity. The situation, I will tell you the pros and cons of this matter, how to decide all depends on the city lord. This is the chaotic order of the chaotic Tiangong, claiming to see the order as the palace lord!"

"What! This token has such a big influence?" The middle-aged man couldn't help but change his face.

"Yes, there are only a dozen of such token chaos in Tiangong, each of which is an invincible and powerful player, but it is impossible to issue it directly to this young man. This token is probably also the family of this young man. Or Zongmen, he was taken out of the family, or the young man stole it!" The old man in red continued to preach.

"If our behavior was known by Chaotian Temple, what would be the end?" The middle-aged man asked the most critical question.

"Chaotic Tiangong is the master of Chaotian Realm. Its majesty cannot be offended. If Chaotic Tiangong knows that we have chased down this young man, our only ending will be death! I am afraid that our sect, Chiyuezong, will be affected by this. Implicated!" said the old man in red.

"If we kill the killer now, hang these five people here, and then kill all the people who have seen these four people around, can we hide the chaotic Tiangong?" the middle-aged man asked.

"Difficult! But if we take the opportunity to stay away from this place and escape to the Luojie family, we might escape the disaster!" said the old man in red.

"Si Luo Family?"

"Yes! It is the Luo family of the Shijie. This Luojia is the sixth largest force of the Shijie. It has always been opposed to the Chaotian Temple. If we can be sincere, we will be reused!" The old man in red is full of temptation.

"Okay! Don't do it forever!" The middle-aged man finally walked out of the decision.

"Why? Well negotiated?" Zhao Yuande's voice suddenly sounded in the middle-aged man's ears, making the middle-aged man's face change. He instinctively felt that things seemed a bit bad.

However, the middle-aged man was a decisive person who bit his teeth and suddenly shouted: "Everyone listens to orders, and kills everyone I can see, and one is not left!"

"Hey! You chose the wrong path!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, his arm slightly shaking, and the three young masters in his hand suddenly turned into a blood mist.

"Sheng'er!" The middle-aged man's eyes were split, and the first one rushed to Zhao Yuande. He was a powerful emperor, and his shot was a turbulent sky, rushing towards Zhao Yuande's four people.

At that time, the old man guarding the teleportation array was still silent, and the face of the old man who was guarding the teleportation array was also exposed. With a dry big hand, he directly caught Jiang Ruhu's heart.

Jiang Ruhu felt the killing from behind. He suddenly changed his face. The other partys Xiu Wei was many times higher than he did not know. He felt like a weak chicken and was stared at by an eagle. The eagle is swooping down on itself!

But was Jiang Ruhu a murderous man, he shouted, and at this time all his strength and all potential erupted, and he turned a punch to the old man.