Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 955

Chapter 955: Split Equally

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Zhao Yuande threw the old man in red like a dead dog in front of three people.

The three looked at each other and dragged the old man in red to the side.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande showed a smile on his face and turned and left the hall.

At this time, a large group of people flew outside the hall. The first middle-aged man in purple clothes had a majestic color, more like the city owner than the middle-aged man just now.

"Is this son the one who just stopped Qin Baxing?" The middle-aged man in Ziyi saw Zhao Yuande and immediately walked up, bowing slightly to Zhao Yuan, "Bai Lihan, vice-owner of Dongmo City, saw the son !"

"Oh! It turned out to be the deputy city master of Baili, what are you doing?" Zhao Yuande looked at this Bailihan somewhat curiously, not knowing what he wanted to do.

"I just got a report from my subordinates, saying that the city master and Qin Ba killed my cultivators in Dongmo City before sending the hall, so I hurried to come! I didn't expect the son to have solved the matter. I was the deputy of Dongmo City. The lord, of course, should thank the son." Bai Lihan said with respect in his words.

"Do you know my identity?" Zhao Yuande looked at him.

"The son is a distinguished guest in Chaotian Temple, I have learned from the mouth of my subordinate just now!" Baili Han said,

"Okay! You are a reasonable person. In the future, you will be in charge of this East Desert City, but I have a condition that you have to give Zongzong Zong convenience! I often buy news from this Zongmen, I dont want to because Something affects this sect."

"Master, rest assured, as long as I live in Baimohan for a day, I hope Zong will become stronger and stronger! I swear by Bailihan..." Bailihan vowed, and even made a heavenly oath.

"Okay! You send someone to clean up here!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and turned to enter the hall of transmission.

"Son! We have killed the man! But it did not make him too painful." Jiang Rulan saw Zhao Yuande coming in and hurried forward to smile with a smile.

"But he killed so many cultivators, let him die at such a low price?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other three people, wanting to know what they thought.

"Son son, I actually thought this way. This matter was ultimately caused by me and Brother Zhongli. Although these people were eventually killed by this person, there were also our faults in the middle, and we did not start to escape, nor This will lead to a series of things. Of course, these people who have been killed also have their own faults. They are not love to come to see the excitement and it is impossible to be killed. Since we are all wrong, we feel that we have no right to give him Too much pain, killing him is the best result!" Jiang Rulan finished looking at Zhao Yuande with some expectation. She wanted to know whether the other party was satisfied with her treatment.

"Oh! Not bad! Not bad!" Zhao Yuande did not expect that they could think so deeply. The result he originally thought was that the old man in red was given a wrong hand and then let him die in pain, but Unexpectedly, Jiang Rulan was able to tell the truth of this connection, and couldn't help but look at the girl again.

I saw her eyes as bright as a star, although a face is not very beautiful, but it has a kind of heroic spirit, which makes people feel more and more excited when they look at it, especially the tight figure, which makes people want to conquer. desire.

"I found that if I set up a sect, you can be the host of the law enforcement hall." Zhao Yuande looked at Jiang Rulan and applauded.

"Thank you, son!" Jiang Rulan's face was delighted, and he turned around and waved his fist hard at his brother and Zhongli Tianfeng.

"Okay! Search all the bodies here, and share the three of you with all the things!" Zhao Yuande nodded to them, and the words almost made the three of them stunned.

They had long seen the storage rings on these corpses. Although they wanted to get them, they were all killed by Zhao Yuande. Not only did they have no merit but they were rescued by the other party, these things should not be taken by them.

It was precisely because of this that Zhao Yuande needed these things, but because the kind of persistence in his heart did not start, he didnt even take a look at it, so he even felt that the three were pleasing to the eye.

Now that they got Zhao Yuande's approval, the three of them immediately started to act, but three dozen people took a dozen storage rings in their hands and began to count the treasures and spirit jade in the storage rings. .

The more clear the expressions on the faces of the three people, the more wonderful the three mouths cannot be closed, and they even have to laugh out loud.

But soon they counted the contents of the storage ring, and then divided them into four parts, and respectfully sent one to Zhao Yuande.

"Why did you give me? Didn't I say that the three of you were evenly divided?" Zhao Yuande looked at Jiang Rulan who had sent him with a smile.

"If there were no sons and so many spirit jade and materials today, the three of us would be demon hunters. I am afraid that we would never get them in our lifetime. We should not be too greedy as humans! An attitude!" Jiang Rulan exhaled, and the smile on her face made her even more points.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the spirit jade and treasures in the storage ring and couldn't help but smile slightly, "So! These things are returned to you, you help me buy the two materials here!"

"Yes! Son, just look at it!" Jiang Rulan took the storage ring and nodded to Zhao Yuande.

"Let's go! I will live here for a few days, waiting for you to collect materials for me. During this period, if you don't know anything about your cultivation, you can come and ask me!" Zhao Yuande has only decided to train three People, let them be their own capable men.

"Thank you, son!" The three of them were almost crazy because of their excitement. They almost knelt down to Zhao Yuande and went to the teacher on the spot.

Zhao Yuande was invited to live in the city's palace by the city's master Bai Lihan, and the hope sect in the city was also strongly supported by the city's government at this time, and he began to recruit disciples.

Originally not taken seriously, but Dongmocheng Hope Zong, who was used as a wayfinding stone, is now also valued by Shijie Headquarters. He sent people to preside over the matter here and began to collect information step by step.

This principal naturally came to see Zhao Yuande, but Zhao Yuande did not reveal his identity, but said that he was a VIP of the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

The three of Jiang Rulan did not immediately start cultivation since they had obtained a large amount of spirit jade and cultivation materials, but instead helped Zhao Yuande collect materials with due diligence. After three days, they handed the materials together to Zhao Yuande.