Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 956

Chapter 956: Pang Tiande

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Zhao Yuande began to study these materials, and also discussed with the old man with white beard. The food produced really increased the recovery speed of Zhong Jiuer. The originally expected ten-year period was shortened by a third, and It only takes about seven years and the time in the trial space can be reduced by nine tenths, which means that it only takes more than eight months!

At this time, the three of Jiang Rulan also began to bombard Zhao Yuande in turn. The three of them practiced by themselves, and did not pass through the master at all, so there were too many problems encountered in the practice, so much that Zhao Yuande was dumbfounded.

Many questions could not be answered by Zhao Yuande, and he could only quietly ask the old man with a white beard.

After getting the correct answer, the three men's cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds. Zhong Litianfeng and Jiang Ruhu entered the world smoothly and laid a solid foundation.

And the speed of Jiang Rulan's cultivation really made Zhao Yuande feel a bit incredible. In just ten days, this girl even pushed three small realms into the field triplet!

However, it was not unreasonable to think about the success of this woman later. In fact, she had already reached the key to breakthroughs, but she had been wandering around the peak of the Yin-Yang unity because she had to save resources for her brother to practice. The resources, accumulated all the way through the thorns and went directly into the field triple.

Half a month later, Zhao Yuande summoned three people in front of himself.

"I can't stay here for a long time, I still have very important things to do." Zhao Yuande looked at the three people and smiled. "I give you three choices. You can continue to practice in this desert star, or you can go Towards the beginning of the Wanjie City cultivation, the Wanjie City is the headquarters of the Hope Sect, the headquarters of the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, where there are many powerful people who can help you to get you promoted as soon as possible."

"We naturally choose to go to Wanjie City!" The three replied in unison without hesitation.

"Okay! In this case, we will go to Shijie together, but after reaching Shijie, I still have some things, but you want yourself to be a million city..." Zhao Yuande asked them a few more words, and then hurriedly took them. In the starry sky teleportation.

After returning to the beginning, he decided to take a trip to the world of Lihuo. After he was removed from the Refining Sect, although he passed the message through the Hope Sect, he still felt a little wrong, afraid that the Refining Sect would be affected by his own Involved, I felt relieved to go by myself.

After breaking up with the three, he soon appeared in Lihuo City.

When he saw that Lihuo Zhongzhong was the same as usual, his heart was put down.

"Huh? It seems that someone is monitoring me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt as if he was being stared at by an invisible pair of eyes. "No! Is that the man back again?"

Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to do something, he suddenly felt a sudden change in the world again and again, and the entire Lihuo City twisted suddenly.

"Not good! This turned out to be an illusion, and I didn't find it!" Zhao Yuande was terrified. With the power of his soul, he didn't find this illusion. This shows that this illusion can already trap the powerful man in the late God Emperor's later period. It may not be easy to break free from the illusion.

"Hum! Zhao Yuande, you are dead today!" A cold and relentless voice echoed in the Sifang Void.

From the voice, Zhao Yuande could feel this person's breath agitated, and I'm afraid it is not weaker than a late God Emperor.

"Who the **** are you?" Zhao Yuande was in danger and calmed down.

The other party wants to kill himself unless there is a strong man beyond the fairyland.

Do not! Not beyond the fairyland!

The original powerful existence in the Wa Palace needs to support the operation of the Wa Palace, but the horns and water and fire two spirits that have been sent to them are both powerful existences in the fairyland. Calling them out in a critical moment can save their lives.

However, Zhao Yuande will not use this power until he is in the mortal situation. He has to rely on his own strength to solve all the difficulties. Only in this way can he grow up quickly.

And if the other party surpassed the immortal realm, they should be able to find the imprint of the reincarnation of the universe on their body, and give them how many guts to dare not shoot at themselves, so now the shots must be strong under the immortal realm.

As long as it is not the peak fighting power of God Emperor, he can handle it.

However, even if it is the peak of God Emperor, he can also use Jingzhongyue to attack the opponent when he has no choice. Presumably, the opponent will be injured or killed under this murderous soldier.

Thinking of here, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but calm down, he put on the eternal fine gold armor, summoned the killing **** stick in his hand, a small well in the palm rolled over endlessly, and the soul was guarded by the eternal tower, which can be It is said that Zhao Yuande is now the strongest fighting state.

"Oh! It's a character who can kill my younger brother. Not bad! Not bad! I'm more and more interested in you!" In addition to the coldness in that voice, there was a trace of disdain.

"Brother, don't be reckless. This is very dangerous. You want to kill him by real means. I'm afraid it will be difficult!" At this time, another voice sounded, this person's voice was calm and indifferent, but in this peaceful Zhao Yuande heard a hint of provocation.

"Huh! A wicked boy in the world, how can I compare my genius in the Immortal Emperor Palace, I can kill him easily!" The icy voice seemed to be provoked. "Brother, let me go and get his head."

"Brother, you have to think twice..." A peaceful voice sounded.

"Brother, you don't need to use this kind of trick to excite me. I'll kill him as easily as I can!" The cold voice seemed to see through the brother's intention.

"In this case, Brother will not persuade you, I hope you can successfully kill this child, so that I can save the hard work of the 7th, 7th, and forty-ninth days!" Ping He's voice was not annoyed because the brother saw through his plot, but instead The sound is still peaceful.

Zhao Yuande instantly had a great sense of vigilance against this brother!

This man is definitely a sinister and poisonous guy, I have to be careful!

"Zhao Yuande, you remember that you killed Pang Tiande!" A cold and ruthless voice instantly reached his eyes, and a huge palm-printed brake appeared on the top of his head. The terrible majesty almost imprisoned the whole world. .

Zhao Yuande instantly felt like a humble bug, facing the terrifying Tianwei.

At this time, the thunder thundered in the endless void, as if the palm was too powerful, which interfered with the warning issued by the heaven and earth circulation.

"Come well!"

Zhao Yuande felt the pressure of this palm. Instead of feeling fear, he felt a vigorous war in his heart.