Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 957

Chapter 957: You Are Strong

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This person's strength is unprecedented, which makes him extremely excited. Although he is not in the most prosperous period, he wants to confirm his cultivation results during this time.

Nine kinds of power gathered in his palm as soon as he turned his palm, and instantly formed a terrifying phantom of the big world, and at this moment a bright star in his palm lit up, and his physical power also instantaneously increased. Ten times!

Ten times the strength of the physical body, coupled with the crushing of this palm world, is enough to seriously hurt the real powerful body of the mid-term strong emperor.


The huge palmprint collided with the big world, and suddenly a loud horror shocked Tianyu.

Outside, a gray-haired young man sitting cross-legged opened his eyes suddenly. He felt a trembling tremor in his palm, and even had the illusion that it was about to collapse.

And his eyes fell into the large array, and suddenly saw a scene that shocked him.

His brother, who is known as invincible among his peers, was suddenly caught by the other party's palm with 50% strength, and the other party didn't seem to fall.

You have to know that your mentor is the cultivation of Divine Emperor Realm, and the other party is just a cultivator of the pinnacle of the world realm. The two are separated by two big realms.

"It seems that many of the rumors of this child are true. I must be careful not to let the younger brother have any accidents in his hand, otherwise the master will not treat himself lightly." Gray-clothed youth murmured.

In the illusion, Zhao Yuande collided with the huge palm print, only to feel a burst of blood in the body, but he did not take a step back.

At this time, a slender voice has appeared in the void, this is a star-looking young man, his handsome is not ridiculous, let people see at first glance there is a feeling of mortification.

"Good! Very good! You can take over my 50% strength, which is beyond my expectations!" The boy is Pang Tiande. Although he said so in his mouth, he did not dare to have the slightest care, There are too many legends about this person, especially after this palm, even his arm is slightly numb, which makes his original despised heart instantly drop.

"I didn't do my best just now!" Zhao Yuande replied lightly. Although he felt endless pressure, he also felt the other party's limit. The other party has not yet reached the fighting power of the late Emperor God, and he can fight with him.

"Okay! You take my blow again! Starfall!" It seemed that there were stars shining in the boy's eyes, and a terrifying star power could burst out of the other person's body at once. As if suddenly turned into a dazzling star, falling down towards him.

"Okay! A great blow!"

Zhao Yuande instantly felt a thick breath of death rippling around him, as if he would be destroyed under the dazzling star that was approaching in the next moment.

Feeling this horrible and endless pressure, the blood in Zhao Yuande's body suddenly boiled, a bright star in his chest instantly lit up, and the second star increased his power tenfold again!

He was still untouched at this time, holding the killing stick in his hand, and a clear picture in his closed eyes was constantly rotating!

It was a white giant ape standing high above the ground, holding a stick to the sky in the sky was a stick.

This stick out seems to be a real dragon coming out of the abyss and opening his mouth to roar upward, as if a divine arrow shooting the sun is carrying the horror divine power!

"That's it!"

Zhao Yuandemeng opened his eyes at once, sweeping out the stick of the killing **** stick in his hand, and the track of the stick of the white giant ape was just as good as the mood. It showed the fierce domineering of the white giant ape perfectly.


The killing **** stick bombarded the falling stars.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a terrible great force passed from the killing **** stick, his arms instantly made a clicking sound under this terrifying force, and his skeleton with a wonderful formation was actually Under this force, all of them were shaken into segments, and the flesh and blood on the arm shattered into a cloud of blood under this terrible force!

Then this force was transmitted to his body, he was like a kite with a broken thread, flying backwards and directly hitting an invisible large wall.

The skin and muscles on his body also exploded at this instant, instantly exploding him into a tired bone! Even his face became a skeleton with white bones, but fortunately with the protection of bones, his big troubles and internal organs were only strongly shaken!

"The undead body works for me!" Zhao Yuande exclaimed.

The only thing fortunate now is that he is now wearing an armor made of eternal gold. The armor blocks all his flesh and blood, and after his undead body is running, he quickly recovers enough flesh and blood, greatly reducing The consumption of essential blood in his sea of blood.

But in the blink of an eye, Zhao Yuande was reborn, making him a dragon and a tiger again.

But at this time, he was also worrying faintly. At this time, his sperm blood had only recovered 60%. The consumption of this rebirth was huge. If it is used continuously, I am afraid that I will be really stuck in a dilemma. .

At the moment, looking back at the young man, the stars in his body were blown away by Zhao Yuande, but his body shone with a dazzling golden light, blocking the great majority of the power of this stick, but even then he still hit the sky heavily Above.

"Wow wow!"

Instantly spitting out a mouthful of blood, his face suddenly turned pale.

The teenager looked shocked at the opponent who was slowly standing up from the ground. The opponent's blow was terrible. If it were not for him wearing a Sipin Xianbao armor, I am afraid that this blow would be enough to cause him serious damage. !

"You are strong!" The teenager finally began to face Zhao Yuande as his opponent and regarded him as the biggest enemy in this life.

"You are also strong!" Zhao Yuande walked slowly, holding the **** stick in his hand, and suddenly the powerful idea in the stick suddenly broke out, and the pictures before him appeared, all the white giant apes were fighting with the ancient gods. Scene after scene,

The cudgel sometimes tossed into a real dragon out of the abyss, sometimes swept like a white tiger and the wind, sometimes the blazing flames were like a Suzaku bathing fire, and sometimes turned into a sky-covering curtain like a basalt armor.

During this walk, Zhao Yuande seemed to have crossed the time and space of a thousand years. The powerful idea from the killing **** stick made Zhao Yuande get the four-style stick method from this picture. He named himself For the four spirits!

"Since I have met an opponent like you, I can use my most powerful force to fight you!" The teenager fell slowly from the void, his eyes flashed a raging war, shouting at the void, "Brother! I'm going to have a real battle with Zhao Yuande, and my breakthrough may fall on him. Please don't interfere with me at any time!"

The young man's eyes were firm, and what he said was unequivocal.