Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 958

Chapter 958: Galaxy Reversal

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"I don't have to shoot even if you are going to be killed by him?" The indifferent voice came from the void.

"No! Even if I am going to be killed, I don't need you to shoot! Without experiencing the real life and death, without using this means of death and life, how can I break through quickly! Brother, you know me!" Juvenile Voice Resolutely.

"Okay! I promise you!" The voice answered softly.

"Actually, this is what Brothers most want to hear!" The boy suddenly showed a mysterious smile on his face.

"Yes!" But what the teenager did not think of was that his brother had admitted it unabashedly.

"The galaxy turned upside down!" the teenager suddenly shouted, and his body disappeared into the void in an instant. At the next moment, a shining star river flowed down from the void, and the shining stars fell toward Zhao Yuande like a torrent!

This reversal of the galaxy is even more terrifying than the star fall just now, and it is even more terrifying!

Zhao Yuande only felt the suffocating breath coming from the air, and a feeling of terrifying terror came into his heart, as if he would be crushed by the endless stream of stars into a piece of powder next moment.


The long stick in Zhao Yuande's hands waved violently, and the laws of water circulated among his sticks. The water vapor in the void seemed to be ten million times thicker at once. Small formation.

But in just one thousandth of an instant, countless small formations arranged a huge turtle shell shape in the void.


A series of slight sounds came from this huge turtle shell, as if a thousand bees fluttered their wings at the same time, and the sound of the wings swept a torrent of water vapor towards the bright galaxy in the sky. go with.

"What! Even the Xuanwu armor was placed in an instant! Did he ever see the real Xuanwu? Or have he been taught by Xuanwu?" The youth in gray outside saw the heavy protection under Zhao Yuande's long stick waving and suddenly grew up shocked. mouth!


The water vapor torrent collided with the shining galaxy and made a loud noise, but obviously the water vapor torrent was only a tentative effect, and it was washed away by the terrible galaxy only for a moment.

Then Xinghe slammed into a huge turtle shell!


A loud roar came, and Zhao Yuande only felt a horrible force impact on the turtle shell. Each time the formation of the turtle shell was broken, his body seemed to be hit by a sledgehammer. You can't help but take a step backwards.

Until Zhao Yuande withdrew ninety-nine steps in a row, the tortoise shell protection in front of him had completely disappeared, and his chest had been stained with blood red, and the blood in his mouth spouted wildly.

And at this time, he saw the galaxy before the destruction, and the last huge star rumbling down, slowly rolling towards him.

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande successively made a bombardment of ninety-nine stars. At this time, he already felt that his body was weak, and he no longer had the strength to take this last star!

Do you want to use Jingzhongyue? It's not a good thing to expose this big killer so early now.

Why not use the fire of Qinglian? No, if they can't kill these two people, and they tell them they have the fire of the green lotus, it will be another big disaster.

However, if you are really hit by the stars at this moment, I am afraid that even if you are in the eternal Adamantite armor, you will be shocked by the power of terror, and I am afraid that the soul will be hit hard.

At this moment, he felt a tingling of his eyebrows, and the Thunder Eye, which he had not used for a long time, became active at this time.

it is good! The Eye of Thunder is powerful. Although it has not been used for a long time, it has become more and more powerful as it grows. This shot of Thunder Eye shoots even if it cannot destroy the last huge star. Let it slow down, so that you can have a chance to take a breath.

At this most critical moment, his eyebrows slowly opened a gap, and a dazzling electric light flashed continuously in it. This electric light seemed to have seven colors, like a rainbow, carrying a kind of destructible beauty The terrible power of the world.


The colorful electro-optical light is transformed into a thunderbolt beam of arm thickness, and the seven kinds of brilliance are constantly changing in the thunder. The magnificent people can almost sink into it.

"What! This is..." The eyes of the young gray-clothed outsiders widened and looked at the thunder light inexplicably, and after a while he calmed down again. There is a trend of faintly changing to chaotic **** thunder!

The speed of the Thunder reached an indescribable point, and instantly hit the huge star.


The huge stars collided with the seven-color thunder, and made a tremendous loud noise. The teenager who turned into the last star seemed to feel that he was being roasted on the fireworks. The majestic star power outside the body began. There were faint signs of melting.

And he also felt the strangeness of this lightning, which contained a terrible power of chaos.

Although he can still keep the speed of the stars and hit the other party, and even be able to hit the other party into a serious injury, but this price is injured by this terrible chaotic force.

The power of chaos is a very terrifying force. It has many divine features. The ordinary power can only be swallowed by the power of chaos. If he is injured by the power of chaos, the injury on his body may not be recovered in battle!

As far as he knows, the other party has an immortal body, although the consumption is huge, it can instantly restore the injury.

What he started to fight was the attrition battle. He wanted to make the opponent be hit again and again, consuming the body's sperm blood again and again, and finally the sperm blood was exhausted, and the other party became a dead person.

And now this situation has become his own consumption, which is impossible for him to accept.

So he instantly chose to give up this opportunity to seriously hurt the opponent.

The stars revolved and instantly got rid of the entanglement of thunder light, and turned into a boy again in the void.

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande had recovered from his subsequent powerlessness, and when he saw this opportunity, how could he easily give up.

"You take me a few tricks too!"

Zhao Yuande waved a slashing stick in his hand, and a huge real dragon flew towards the teenager and opened his mouth.

"Broken! Meteor Strike!"

The young boy's complexion changed, and he punched away at the huge dragon.

A pair of crystal-like jade gloves appeared on the teenager's fist. His one punch turned into a meteor, crashing with the real dragon.