Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 959

Chapter 959: Foreplay

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The real dragon burst, but no matter how powerful the teenager was, and was repeatedly rolled by the terrifying power of the real dragon, one arm cracked the lobes, and it was not badly hurt.

"Don't go, eat me another stick!" Zhao Yuande was unreasonable and swept like a white tiger with a stick, and a huge white tiger figure brake appeared in front of the teenager.

The teenager only felt a bad wind blowing, and he couldn't dodge it. One of his arms was torn off a large piece of flesh!


Immediately after he felt his back being shot by a huge tiger claw, he was shot and flew out in an instant.

"What a terrible attack!" The teenager's complexion changed.

But the color that changed him was still behind. Suddenly there was a blood red in front of him, a stern bird chirp sounded, and a blood red bird appeared in front of him, making him feel that the choking flame wrapped him almost instantly!

"Damn! What a stick!" The young man was horrified, and the power of the immortal spirit spewed out inside his body, barely dispersing the horrible flame.

But the next moment he heard another huge dragon-yin sound!

"It's not over yet!" The boy finally felt at this moment what he called overwhelming.

Zhao Yuande is simply unreasonable, and the three strokes of the four spirit sticks are used to attack the stick one after another.

Moreover, the teenager also found that every time the opponent put on a show, his power would be increased by one point. He was simply miserable.

This is the undecided end, this is the end of looking ahead and looking back!

The young man has learned a big lesson from Zhao Yuande. If he had been hurt by the power of chaos and hit the other party just now, it would be another situation!

Although he didn't know how long the other party's attack could last, he knew that if he continued like this, he must first be unable to persevere and be killed by the other party.

Now he can only support it hard, constantly thinking about the method of cracking in his brain!

At this moment in the outside world, the gray-clothed youth watched the two men's battle in shock.

He originally thought that his teacher's brother would win undoubtedly, but when he saw the hesitation of his teacher's brother in battle, he knew it was worse!

If the face is the same as he expected, the younger brother is now at a disadvantage. If he does not find a solution in time, the younger brother may have to use the bottom card to get back this game.

However, as soon as the hole card came out, the younger brother was really completely passive. Dont say Zhao Yuande, Im afraid Im going to kill him!

It seems that this time...

"What does it matter if my brother is dead or not! Since he said that just now, even if he killed the master, he would not blame me. As long as I die after killing him, the master will probably reward me under Joy. Brother! Blame it on you for being too confident! Hey!" The meeting suddenly sneered.

At this time, the teenager's clothes were ragged, his hair was burned by a large amount, the flesh on one arm disappeared, and a blood stain between the chest and abdomen almost tried to cut him apart.

Where is the slightest face of the fairy mortal, handsome face.

The young man had fallen into a state of madness at this time. He was severely hit by Zhao Yuande in succession, and he was succumbed incomparably. Where there was the beginning of his enthusiasm, even the heart that broke through in adversity was gone.

"Zhao Yuande, don't force me!"

The boy shouted, he can't help but want to take out his hole cards now!

But he knew that this hole card could not be easily taken out.

Losing the hole card, although this brother will not take action against himself, but he will be very happy to say that he has lost the hole card!

And many of his teachers have long coveted his invincible name of the younger generation. If he knows that he has lost his cards, he may set himself up to kill himself...

"Forcing you? I'm not trying to force you, but to kill you!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

Since he took the initiative, he began to use the three-stroke stick method continuously, making him more and more skillful and powerful with these three-stroke stick methods! The teenager who was able to block the attack was already bruised!

What he is waiting for now is the opponent's hole card, as long as the opponent's hole card is played, he will have no scruples!


Zhao Yuande's white tiger slapped the boy with a slap. The spine behind the boy was almost split into two pieces. The upper body was abnormally distorted. If it were not protected by the Sipin Xianbao armor, this blow was enough to blow him up. broken.

The teenager couldn't bear the pain anymore and screamed.

"Zhao Yuande, let me die!"

He threw a thick black smoke in the palm of his hand and swept directly towards Zhao Yuande.

A bit of miserable green flame burning in the thick black smoke, like a ghost lamp of **** ghost horror, burned the entire void, the whole sky instantly turned into a miserable green, a stench spread throughout the space, will The entire space is filled.


Zhao Yuande only felt that an uncontrollable terrorist toxin instantly invaded his body and began to destroy everything in his body wantonly!

"I rely on! What is this!" At this time, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but change his face. He felt that he couldn't suppress this horrible toxin, as if he would be swallowed by the toxin in the next moment.

"The undead body works at full strength, and the undead tree gives me the power of life!" Zhao Yuande also got rid of it at this time, burning the blood in the blood sea at no cost, and pouring it to suppress this horrible toxin.

And just at this time, the teenager seemed to disappear from the space at once, not knowing where to hide.

The simple boy is also afraid of this poisonous fire and smoke, otherwise he is now attacking Zhao Yuande. Although Zhao Yuande can not be said to be mortal, but the situation just turned over just now, he can only be exhausted.

"It turns out that this is Brother Junior's card! Ghost ghost fire! But when this ghost ghost fire is released, he is no longer a killer. Under the precaution, he can't succeed at all!" The gray-clothed youth smiled, and said softly, " If I take this news and sell it to my fellow students, I dont know what price they will pay?"

Zhao Yuande tried his best to urge the undead, and the horrible toxin finally began to show signs of defeat. However, a cold feeling came to his mind at this time.

He saw that the miserable green flame had completely surrounded him, but instead of the slightest point of your heat, the flame exuded a chilling cold breath, almost freezing Zhao Yuande's blood!

"What kind of flame is this!" Zhao Yuande panicked.

"Netherworld ghost fire, one of the four innate flames, the cold ghost evil is highly poisonous..."