Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 961

Chapter 961: Brother In Law

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"Huh! Brother, after twenty-three years of cultivating, my Dao heart is rock-solid, not something you can break, even if Zhao Yuande has any cards, can even my nine-death mask promotion be smashed? This is comparable to the defense of Liupin Xianbao!" The teenager's voice was full of confidence and full of disdain.

"It's really annoying! Let me die!" Zhao Yuande had entered the three men who were shrouded in golden light by less than three feet. His palms spread out all at once, and a small well glowing with silver light made a sound in his palm. Grunting water!


A bright moonlight illuminates the entire space at once, and instantly illuminates the teenager's face.

When the teenager saw the little well in Zhao Yuande's hands, the confidence and disdain in his face turned into horror!

Zhao Yuande can clearly see the teenager's mouth shape.


But the young man's voice has not been transmitted to his ears through the golden light. The bright moon has cut the golden light in half, and the young man's head grunted on the ground to Zhao Yuande's feet!

At this time, Zhao Yuande was extremely determined and determined, and the big feet stepped on it fiercely.

On hearing the sound of "Bang," the head under Zhao Yuande's feet was instantly stomped, and a figure like a teenager rushed out from under Zhao Yuande's feet. If he wanted to escape, how could Zhao Yuande let him go, his fingers flicking in the air, panic The incomparable spirit was instantly cut in half by Zhao Yuande.


At this time, the gray-clothed young man in control of the outside world also stood up in shock. His eyes showed an incredible look. He could not imagine that Zhao Yuande even had this horrible killer in his hands!

This is the legendary horror soldier who killed the chaotic sea monster, if it can be obtained!

After being shocked, the gray-clothed youth suddenly showed a ecstatic look on his face. At this time, Zhao Yuande was trapped in his illusion, and his late emperors cultivation practice was enough to trap Zhao Yuande for a year and a half. Although he did not Dare to enter the phantom array to kill the opponent, but if the phantom array is thrown into a forbidden place in the fairy world...

No way! Even if Zhao Yuande is in the forbidden land, he may not be able to get Jingzhongyue!

How can Jing Zhongyue get it?

The gray-clothed young man scratched his ears and scratched his head at this moment, he instantly thought of 10,000 ways, but he still shook his head!

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly came from the ear of the gray-clothed youth.

"Brother, why don't I help you find a solution?"

"Okay!" The gray-clothed young man subconsciously agreed.

But soon he reacted, how could anyone be so close to him, and he didn't feel it.

And this person's voice is so familiar, is it...

He turned his head in horror and found a handsome and wicked teenager looking at himself with interest.

"You... Brother Lei, how could it be you!" When the young man in gray looked clearly at the appearance of this teenager, he was suddenly scared out of the cold sweat. This is the third immortal envoy with him, but It is a super genius from the Central Fairyland. At their age, he is already a strong man at the peak of the fairy. He is a weak ants in front of others.

"I have always been by your side, watching you and your brothers love and kill each other! You haven't found me!" The young boy smiled eerily, the magical red light in the eyes flashed continuously.

"Since Brother Lei, you have also seen Jingzhongyue, this is Zhongleiyue's brother!" The young man in gray felt like he was standing naked in the ice and snow, and the other's eyes seemed to be blown by the cold wind His whole body was trembling constantly.

"Jing Zhongyue only! I don't need Lei Yifan at all! But this treasure lets you see it, but it makes me a little embarrassed. I promised that the girl wanted to help this kid, now..." Talking to myself, but the evil smile in the corner of the mouth has not been absorbed, just like this person is not a serious person by nature

"Now I can only grieve my brother, you are going to die..." The young man Lei Yifan grabbed a hand directly towards the gray-clothed youth.

The gray-clothed youth suddenly felt that the world had changed, and he suddenly appeared in the palm of the teenager. The surrounding scenery and even the world around him were in the palm of the teenager. It seemed that the entire world was held in the hand by the teenager!

The young man in gray felt at this time that all his cultivation behavior was lost out of thin air, as if it were just a mortal, no matter how hard he tried, he could not even move his feet!

"You... Ah! You and I are immortals... Are you not afraid of my master..."

The gray-clothed young man's panic-stricken body is like sifting bran, and even talking is unfavorable!

After practicing for so many years, it has been regarded as one of the strongest geniuses in the Immortal Emperor Palace.

Even if the whole world is caught in the hands of the other party, how strong is the other party now?

Has he already broken through the fairy land?

At this age, it is necessary to reach the fairyland. The gray-grey youths are more and more afraid and more desperate!

"Haha! Your master..." The teenager couldn't help but show a ridiculous look in his mouth, and said with a wicked smile, "A waste that has been cultivated for tens of thousands of years to reach the fairy emperor, and only you like this garbage can regard him as a peerless powerhouse. . A hundred years... No, no! Within fifty years I will be able to kill him alive!"

"You..." The gray-clothed youth heard the opponent's rebellious words, and was shocked by the soul!

"Okay, so much nonsense with you, now you die for me!"

The teenager shook hands gently, and the world in his palms shattered, and the gray-clothed youth and his spirit were all blown away.

"Hey! What a trouble!"

The teenager pinched the phantom array in the hands of the gray-clothed youth, and gently pulled it, and the phantom array suddenly disintegrated.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a shock in the void, he found himself seeing the sun again!

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande saw a handsome young man with evil spirits in front of him, grinned at him, and said something that made him feel inexplicable.

"Brother Uncle! I rescued you, but you have to say a few good things to me in front of your sister!"

"Brother Uncle? My sister?" Zhao Yuande suddenly dumbfounded, "What are you talking about?"

"Oh! Your sister Zhao Yixin, he told me to take care of you after coming down. She is my future wife, and I don't tell you what your uncle is!" "Hey! Sure enough, it's brother-in-law, although talent is not as good as one, but it's quite good, and it's worthy of my status as brother Lei Yifan!"