Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 962

Chapter 962: Tricky Old Things

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"Uh..." Zhao Yuande felt speechless. He didn't know what a messy relationship between Zhao Yixin and this guy was, but this guy was obviously saving himself now, "Well! I don't care whether Yixin is with you. What happened, but thank you this time!"

"Yes! Brother Uncle, don't forget to help me to say a few words. Hey, no, the motion just happened too much, I was spotted by these old guys, and I left a little bit in advance!" Laugh, but he seems to have sensed something suddenly, waved to Zhao Yuande and turned around and disappeared into the void.

Zhao Yuande was stunned, but instantly knew why the teenager had left.

Because at the same time he felt that Qi and Ba Dao's incomparable breath came in this direction. If he didn't feel an acquaintance in these breaths, he might have to turn around and run away now.

Seven or eight figures appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. These people were all very powerful and unreasonable. Zhao Yuande saw one of the familiar figures Barbarian Dragon Emperor at a glance.

"Here! It's a place where the world has been destroyed by people, so we are one-tenth less from the world of fire!" An old lady with a strong breath, her face full of pain, "Who is it? , So lawless!"

"Who is this kid, why is it here?" Someone naturally saw Zhao Yuande.

"Catch this kid, this matter must be related to him!" Some strong people looked at Zhao Yuande's suspicion.

"Hey! Everyone, don't be excited, this is a distinguished guest of my refining sect, my year-end friend!" Natural Dragon God Emperor also naturally saw Zhao Yuande, and a flash came to Zhao Yuande, blocking some strong shots. By.

"Xiaoyou, what the **** happened?" The Dragon Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande's embarrassed appearance. "Did someone attack you, and the missing here is caused by your surge?"

"Seniors dont know. I was chased by a strong man in Guizong a few days ago. I was lucky enough to escape. As a result, I just came back today and wanted to give my seniors peace. As a result, someone came to kill me, but fortunately a fairy Coming, slapping the person who attacked me."

"An immortal! Little fellow, can you speak with confidence, will the real immortal appear here? And you when you are, how can someone always chase you!" Suddenly there was an old man who was not good Looking at Zhao Yuande, he didn't believe it.

"This predecessor, so you say, what's the matter?" Zhao Yuande had been chased and chased by someone. The old guy came to pick his bones, and his face suddenly became black.

This old investment practice is nothing but the pinnacle of the emperor. It is the weakest existence among this group of people. Do you want to highlight his sense of existence by questioning yourself?

"You... you were just talking nonsense! You a small world cultivator, dare to lie in front of so many seniors, and clearly do not talk about us in the eyes." The old man heard Zhao Yuande dare to refute himself, suddenly Pointing at him with bad looks, he scolded.

"Li Kaiyun, are you looking for trouble? Lao Tzu just said that this is my noble guest, but it's my year-end friend, are you deaf?" The barbaric dragon emperor was suddenly angry, pointing at the nose of the old man and scolding .

"Hey! Manlong, Brother Li is just suspicious. How can you say that, don't you want to find out the truth?" A middle-aged man with a smile on his face stood up and looked at the Emperor Dragon's face With a hint of provocation.

"I said that Li Kaiyun, the old thing, didn't dare to come out to find me trouble. It turned out that there was you Situ Yuanzhou behind him!" The Dragon Dragon Divine Emperor had already guessed this result, and glanced coldly at the middle-aged person opposite, "Situ Yuan Zhou, you dont want your Wan Huazong to find trouble, dont jump out and jump, or youre afraid you wont be able to eat and walk around!"

"Haha! Are you going to scare me to death? Barbaric dragons, although you are strong, you can't cover the sky with one hand. Although our major sects are not as many as you, the combined strength is not worse than your sect. Today, this kid Don't explain things, hey!" The middle-aged man sneered at the Dragon Emperor.

"Hey! Situ Yuanzhou, you want to force Lao Tzu to kill you!" The momentum of the Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor immediately rose into the sky, and a huge barbarian dragon didn't know when to hover behind him. The terrible momentum was almost The trembling that crushed the entire world from the fire shivered.

"Come on, we are fighting against this old, unreasonable thing, I don't believe it..." Situ Yuanzhou tried a look at the people around him, wanting them to jump out and support themselves.

However, at this time, he only saw that the lips of the Dragon Dragon Divine Emperor were slightly moving, and it seemed that they were talking to a few people, but their eyes changed instantly when they looked at Zhao Yuande, and they seemed to have none at all. Seeing that Situ Yuanzhou gave them a wink.

Except for the old man named Li Kaiyun, everyone else was away from him at this moment, as if there was something weird about him.

"No! This kid's identity is far beyond his own imagination, otherwise how could this old guy make such a commemorative turn of year, these guys clearly know the identity of this kid, so they draw a line with themselves, **** it!" Si Tuyuan Zhou only felt sweat in his forehead, and he knew instantly that he had taken a risk.

But Situ Yuanzhou is not an ordinary person. He glanced at the others and sneered, "Brother Li, let's go!"

Turn around and walk away, the body brake disappears into the void.

"Hey!" Li Kaiyun was naturally not a fool, and hurried away.

"What a sly old thing!" The Dragon Emperor watched the two leave, as if punching in the air, giving him a feeling of powerlessness.

"Senior, I have consumed too much and need to retreat to rest for a while. Please also ask the senior to quickly take me out of here!" Zhao Yuande felt a sense of weakness in his body at this time.

After this most arduous battle in history, the blood in Zhao Yuande's body has rapidly dropped from 60% to 30%. If he does not retreat and retreat quickly, I am afraid it will hurt the foundation of cultivation, and it will be bad by the time.

"Several, Xiaoyou, I have an urgent matter. I will leave first! In the future, please come to my Refining Sect, and I will invite a few more to gather together!" The barbaric dragon emperor clenched fists at several people.

"The barbaric dragon please, please go slowly!"

"Two walking slowly..."


The speed of the barbarian dragon emperor, just a breathing time, took Zhao Yuande back to the volcano.

"Predecessors may have the elixir to replenish the blood, the elixir! I will borrow it first. The elixir on my body is basically clean!" Zhao Yuande, I can't help but want to ask for help.

"Xiaoyou don't say borrow, you treat Xiaojiu, and you don't want to get paid with us! Don't say anything if you hurt your feelings, you can quietly retreat here! Elixir and elixir will be sent to you soon! "