Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 963

Chapter 963: True Phoenix World

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The Dragon Emperor knew the potential of Zhao Yuande, and it would not be a problem to soar into the Immortal Realm and become an Immortal Emperor in the future.

At that time, he wouldnt be able to stop any more. Since the other party now has a request to naturally satisfy it, this is called sending charcoal in the snow.

However, the Dragon Emperor did not expect that Zhao Yuande was simply a bottomless hole. All the elixir and spirit pill that had been accumulated for hundreds of thousands of years in the Refining Sect were sent over, and they still could not meet the needs of Zhao Yuande!

"Xiaoyou, how much blood has been recovered?" Whenever the Dragon Emperor asked this question, he felt a terrified battle!

Those immortality medicines can be completely replenished even if he eats the lost essence blood, but the other party only recovered 20%!

"Hey, now I have recovered a total of 50%! Seniors, please stop collecting elixir, I think I need to go to a place." Zhao Yuande is also a little embarrassed. Both the medicine and the elixir are gone!

Now he is like the black wind of that year, because of the loss of essential blood and cultivation has been stagnant. If his essence blood has been losing, I am afraid that the cultivation of cultivation is also a problem.

"Where are you going, Xiaoyou?" The Dragon Emperor asked, but after asking the exit, he felt a little abrupt.

"I'm going to the Real Phoenix Great World, looking for an ancient ruin that contains what I need. I now have a loss of blood, maybe I'm going to go the way..." Zhao Yuande whispered.

He discussed with the old man with white beard many times, and the old man with white beard finally helped him with an idea. His chaotic ecclesiasm was too much, especially since he opened the two-star chaotic ecclesiasm, now he wants to restore the rest Fifty percent of the essential blood loss, I am afraid that even if the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce is sold, I am afraid that I will not be able to buy enough magic medicine to recover.

There are several ways to recover now.

One, continue to purchase a large amount of holy medicine, this is the most unwise move,

Second, you can get the elixir, the elixir, and only this level of elixir can make him reply as soon as possible! However, how easy is it to do the elixir, it is probably not much simpler than the first condition.

Third, it is the result of two people's meditation, let him take this opportunity to simply practice another constitution, and cultivate that kind of life constitution to the realm of the emperor.

Life physique cultivation to the emperor's realm, Zhao Yuande must cultivate the road of life, if you build the road of life, the infinite mysteries of life will be displayed in front of him, maybe you can find a way to recover quickly.

But all of this must have a foundation, that is, to go to the remains of the True Phoenix Great World, and then grab the last few pages of the exercise method.

The person who sold his books said that the last few pages were taken away by a sycamore tree, but that sycamore tree was not simply heard to be a spirit tree that existed at the beginning of the world. The innate spirit treasure shows the extraordinary features of this tree.

According to his estimate, this sycamore tree wanted to steal the book, probably because it wanted to break through the shackles and learn from the book's skills.

Although it was very dangerous at this time, Zhao Yuande really had no choice.

There are as many as 50% of defects in essence and blood, and cultivation cannot be promoted quickly, especially for people like him who major in physical body, it is extremely painful!

In this way, the ten-year contract with Zhang Fan will surely end in failure.

The other party is a powerful demon emperor with a double identity. As a master, the cultivation environment is much stronger than himself. If it is not his own opportunity that can not beat the other party even in the Wa Palace, now if the cultivation is pulled down, I am afraid it is really a step. Can't see ten steps and disappeared.

"True Phoenix Great World, that's the territory of the Phoenix Clan. You have to be careful when you get there. The group of ladies are very proud." The Emperor Barbarian heard his words from the True Phoenix Great World, and he couldn't help revealing his face. A bit of horror, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye. It seems that there must be an unknown story between this guy and the Phoenix family of the True Phoenix world.

However, Zhao Yuande now has no intention to explore these questions. He asked the position of the True Phoenix world and hurriedly quit the Dragon Emperor.

Zhao Yuande has changed his physique at this time, and now he is the Zhao Xian of the Xian class, the world's triple young strong in physique.

Although the real phoenix domain is separated from the initial boundary by several large domains, if ordinary practitioners cannot pass through so many large domains, the cost of transmission is sky high.

Even the poorer Divine Emperor and the Powerful would have to ride a starship to cross the layers of barriers between the big domains, because the cost of sending large formations across domains is too high.

However, Zhao Yuande doesn't have so much time now to ride the Star Wars and send the array all the way, but in just two days he came to the Real Phoenix Realm World.

As soon as he entered the True Phoenix World, he immediately felt that the temperature had risen suddenly, which was more than ten times higher than the average world outside. The whole space was glowing red.

The huge city called Tianhuang City at his feet could hear the rumbling of magma rolling under the earth as if it were built on a huge volcano.

The temperature here is so high that ordinary cultivators cannot adapt. Zhao Yuande walked on the street for a while and found that none of the cultivators was below the realm of the realm.

He is not familiar with the True Phoenix World, and he certainly cannot find the Phoenix Blood Mountain, so he can only find someone to inquire.

This place is very far away from Shijie. Although Wantong Chamber of Commerce is the first largest chamber of commerce in Shijie, but it has not yet developed into the real phoenix domain, so Zhao Yuande did not find the treasure building of Wantong Chamber of Commerce and could only find a scale at will The biggest treasure house.

The name of this treasure building is Tongtian, and at first glance, it feels strong.

"This son, what do you need?" As soon as he entered the door of the Baolou, a kind female voice came into his ears.

At first glance, Zhao Yuande was a woman of many years old. She looked beautiful and wore a maid's clothes to pay a respect to him. This female nun was the sixth realm king in the field, and the young people in the sixth field in other places were also strong. Its a surprise, but I didnt expect it to be just a maid here.

However, he soon realized that people in this local area could not live for a long time at all, and it was normal for this to happen.

Zhao Yuande was also a little curious at this time. There are no low-level cultivators in this big world. Do all cultivators come after they have reached the realm of realm?

"Oh! I want to buy some information." Zhao Yuande said.

"Information!" When I heard that Zhao Yuande just wanted to buy information, the woman's face showed a bit of disappointment. General information is very cheap. Even the more secret information is not worth a pill. This is directly related. To her income.

But the woman is also a conscientious person. Although she was disappointed, she took Zhao Yuande into the second floor of Baolou with a smile and saw a tall and thin middle-aged man.