Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 965

Chapter 965: King Blood Grass And Luan Bird

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"Okay!" Zhao Yuande felt a little admiration for the other party. If it was really what the other party said, it was really a unique and independent woman.

"But I don't know what kind of man the girl can look at?" In fact, Zhao Yuande was most curious about this question.

"Well! First of all, we must be strong, at least above the emperor, but we must not be over thirty years old! Secondly, we should not be too arrogant to be handsome! Finally, give me enough respect and not find too many women, even if it is You cant find too much, no more than five!" The womans request was really strange, and Zhao Yuande didnt expect it.

"I can understand the first two, but what does the last one mean? Why are there no more than five?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"Because... Because... Forget it, the last five are removed, anyway, I can't find too many women!" The woman's face turned slightly red because she didn't say the reason for a long time.

"In fact, these conditions are not too difficult for you, but if you meet these conditions, I am afraid you will not be able to get in touch with you!" Zhao Yuande said a big truth, but he regretted it a bit afterwards. It's too shocking.

"I'm working hard! I plan to save enough spirit jade to go to Shijie Wanjie City. I heard that there are a few qualified guys in this class of fairy class. I want to try my luck in the past!" But let Zhao Yuande Surprisingly, this woman seems immune to all kinds of blows, and she is full of self-confidence. It seems to belong to that type of perseverance.

"Under Zhao Youde! I haven't known the girl's name after chatting for so long."

"Oh! My name is Buqing..."


Bu Qing is a very talkative woman. The two chatted all the way and soon came to an ordinary residence in the east of the city.

"Several people in our squad stay here temporarily." Bu Qing pushed open a door and strode in.

Zhao Yuande followed her, and after entering the courtyard, he saw three people chatting in front of a stone table in the courtyard.

This is two men and one woman, a middle-aged masculinity and elegance, like a teacher. Another man is bearded, but short in stature, like a child of twelve or thirteen years old. The last woman is about twenty-seven or eighty years old. She is elegantly dressed and has a temperament. She sits next to a middle-aged man and her eyes sweep from time to time. The man was full of love, and the middle-aged man looked back at the woman's gaze even more. Obviously the two were a pair.

In the early days of the Emperor, the middle-aged man cultivated the Qiu bear dwarf as the world triple, and the elegant woman as the world double.

"Sister Qing'er, who is this person?" Seeing Bu Qing taking Zhao Yuande into the courtyard, the middle-aged man looked up and down Zhao Yuande, and a smile appeared on his face.

"Brother Feng, this is Zhao Youde, and I also want to enter the land of the phoenix. I went to the Baolou to buy materials. I was hit by it. I feel that his cultivation base is above me and has a strong breath of life, so I Just want to pull him into our team." Bu Qing smiled and looked at the three people.

"Zhao Youde! The name..." The middle-aged man couldn't help but jump in his heart.

"Hehe! The world is huge, people with the same name and surname don't know how many people, just a name, did Brother Feng think of anyone?" Zhao Yuande didn't want the other party to think of himself, he used this name when he first started. I regret it, but it's not easy to change the words.

"Brother Zhao said it was good, I thought about it for a while!" The middle-aged man couldn't help but chuckled. "Come, let me introduce to Brother Zhao, this is Brother Zhou Da, this is my wife Fang Ruoyu! As for my name Feng Yuanshan!"

"Younger brother Zhao Youde, I have seen Mrs. Feng and I have seen Brother Zhou!" Zhao Yuande was very kind.

"Haha! Since she is the one whom Qinger's sisters value, it must be right! Don't be polite, don't be polite!" Zhou Dao of Qiu Bear is generally very bold with his appearance.

"Have seen Brother Zhao." Fang Ruoyu also nodded at Zhao Yuande, showing a faint smile.

"Brother Zhao, I am the wind master. I will take the responsibility of scouting when I enter the ruins. If the rain is the golden way, Brother Zhou is the fire way. The two of them are killing, and you should Its the way of life. Please pay attention to our injuries. As for Qingers sister, she is a spiritual master and needs to be protected by everyone..."

The other party is also the kind of people who are resolute and popular, and Zhao Yuande also likes their personality, so he quickly integrated into them.

Ten days before the Phoenix Land opened, they took advantage of these ten days to get acquainted with each other's exercises, practiced cooperation, and then accompanied Zhao Yuande to an auction and photographed a Phoenix Blood Order.

As soon as ten days arrived, the five passed through the teleportation array and soon came to the Phoenix Blood City under the Phoenix Blood Mountain.

At this time, countless practitioners swarmed in, and Huangxue Mountain was already crowded.

"How many tokens did the Phoenix clan issue this time?" Feng Yuanshan looked at so many cultivators and couldn't help frowning slightly. "And many of these people have a strong presence that will soon be promoted to Divine Emperor Realm. They come What are you going to do?"

"I heard that the last time someone found a group of phoenix blood plants in the land of the huang meteorite is about to mature. Now that the past fifty years have passed, these people may have come to this group of phoenix blood plants!" Zhou Da seems to have a wide range of friends, and he got this news after a few laps among the crowd.

"A batch of Huangxuecao!" Everyone was shocked, and even Zhao Yuande was a little moved when he heard the word.

Phoenix blood grass is a kind of sacred medicine. Legend has it that it will survive after being poured by the blood of the ancient real phoenix. The blood of the real phoenix has endless magical effects. The blood of the phoenix that is watered by the blood of the real phoenix must also have the effect of turning against the sky.

If there are more than ten strains, he should be able to make multiple servings of food, and at least he can recover 10% of his blood.

"I also heard that the last time someone encountered a little luan bird in it, if they could seize and tame the luan bird to become their own mount..." Zhou Da was excited.

"Luan Bird!" Bu Qing heard these two words, and his eyes lit up. "If I can get a little Luan bird and cultivate it through secret methods, I will be able to contend with the emperor strong within three years. , Within five years..."

"Sister Qing'er, you still wake up! We can't get the Luan Bird, do you see that person? That's Feng Chitian of the Phoenix Clan, the emperor's peak strongman, he must have heard the information of the Luan Bird inside. So, Luan birds are descendants of Phoenix, and he will not let us take them away." Feng Yuanshan quietly pointed to a young man in the distance.