Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 966

Chapter 966: Rabbit Gray

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This person was surrounded by a group of strong men, and his body exuded a powerful force that made people feel suffocated, especially his eyes seemed to be two groups of burning flames, glancing at anyone's body, everyone felt as if there were two In the middle of the sun.

He lifted his chin slightly, an arrogant look on his face.

"Oh!" Bu Qing glanced at the Fengchitian, slightly disappointed.

"I am afraid that Fengchitian is not very old! Does he meet your requirements?" After Zhao Yuande and Buqing got acquainted, they talked a lot, and it was normal to make a joke.

"I heard that this man is in his forties, and there are wives and concubines in the house. More importantly, this person has disabilities in his neck and eyes. I hate this kind of person." Bu Qing did not conceal his disdain, "My Ruyi Langjun is better than him, the most important thing is not to have a disability!"

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande laughed when he heard Bu Qing's statement.

Feng Chitian over there felt very keen, felt someone watching, and suddenly turned to look at the five people of Zhao Yuande. When he saw their cultivation behavior, he couldn't help showing a disdain on his face.

"Okay! We can't let him hear our words, otherwise there will be trouble." Feng Yuanshan motioned to everyone to hurry.

Naturally, Zhao Yuande didn't laugh anymore, but just gave Bu Qing a thumbs up.

Bu Qing's neck lifted, and his eyes deliberately squinted Zhao Yuande's expression, making Zhao Yuande almost unable to help laughing.

"Well, you two!" Feng Yuanshan took the two to his side and said very seriously, "I will tell you a few more people, you see there... That is Jiang Linhai, also the late Emperor strong, this person is vicious and vicious. Spicy, it must be reported, we must not provoke him."

Everyone looked in his eyes, and really saw a big man with a tall body and muscular muscles. His height exceeded the ordinary people. He stood in the crowd as if standing tall among the crowd. There was a strong sigh between the eyebrows of this person. It seems to have practiced a very terrible exercise.

"There is that person, he is the master brother of Fei Gu, Du Feiyu. This person is also the late Emperor. This person not only cultivates high, but also has a stronger physical body. It is said that there have been many victories in killing the early strong emperor. ."

Everyone looked at it again and found that Du Feiyu's body was not tall, but it was exceptionally magnificent, especially a pair of eyes with a hint of golden light.

"This person should have heavenly eyes!" Zhao Yuande could not help saying this golden light.

This golden light is just a kind of sky eye, the embodiment of the eye of sharp gold.

"Yes, this person should open the eye of Ruijin. When the sky eyes open, a sword light can be emitted from the eyes, which is terrible!" Zhou Da on the side added quickly.

"These people are not very old, they should all be in their forties or forties, but this kind of practice is enough to be proud of one side!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"There are still a few people who need attention..."


Suddenly there was a cry of exclamation from Huang Blood Mountain.

"Come! The strong of the Phoenix family is here!"

"finally come"

A huge ship flew from the horizon between the people, and the carving of a flying phoenix on the ship came to life.

The ship's speed is very fast, but in the blink of an eye, it appears above Huangxue Mountain.

"The cultivators who come from afar, have reached the day when the land of the phoenix falls once in fifty years. The old mother-in-law, Huang, is entrusted by her ancestors to open the large formation. You only need to stand still in the same place. "A!" An old woman with a slender figure, leaning on a golden cane, slowly flew from the ship into the midair of Huangxue Mountain, but just quietly suspended but did not fall.

"I remind you again, if there is no Phoenix Blood Order, please leave the Phoenix Blood Mountain quickly, otherwise as soon as I start the large formation, you will be burned directly, and even the soul will not escape!"

Hearing the old woman's words, hundreds of figures flew out of the range of Huangxue Mountain.

"Okay! The big formation is on! You will be teleported into the Land of the Phoenix Fall for a while, if you want to teleport together, you can hand in hand."

The old lady waved a golden cane in her hand, and Zhao Yuande only felt the sky and earth flip over and her head buzzed.

The phoenix blood in his hand instantly burned and turned into a red mask to cover him. Zhao Yuande only felt as if he had passed a scorching channel, and he appeared on a grass with birds and flowers next moment.

The other four also appeared around him at the same time.

"Wow! It was so hot just now, I almost bake it!" Bu Qingxiu was the lowest, and his face was still a red blood, which was burned by the flame in the passage just now.

If it wasn't for the phoenix blood order to cover her, I am afraid that she would be directly tested as coke.

With a wave of his hand, Zhao Yuande burst into Bu Qing's body with a strong life energy.

Bu Qing only felt a cool air flow around her, and she instantly felt a cool feeling.

"Okay! Call out your rabbit!" Zhao Yuande looked at Bu Qing with some expectation. This guy kept saying how cute her rabbit was and how she was against the sky, but she always summoned it to let him see.

"Okay!" Bu Qing even blushed slightly. With a wave of her hand, a little white light appeared in front of everyone.

Zhao Yuande took a closer look, and it turned out to be a rabbit. The take-out is generally the same as the ordinary rabbit, and the breath is very weak. At most, it can be regarded as a first-level beast.

"This rabbit will not be a pet in your house!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but dumbfounded.

"That's not it!" Although Bu Qing said so, he really had no confidence.

In fact, this is really a pet rabbit that she once raised, but since she received the inheritance of the spiritual master, she has been experimenting with this rabbit constantly, and finally used the alienation technique in the magic spirit. Transform this pet rabbit into a rabbit with extremely sharp sense of smell.

"Oh! Although this rabbit looks average, but it really has its magic." Feng Yuanshan on the side said, "It has a strong sense of the spirit medicine spirit mine."

"Really?" Zhao Yuande looked up and down this rabbit, and finally saw that it was slightly different from other rabbits. This rabbit's nose was extremely big!

"Little Gray, give me a smell of the elixir!" Bu Qing picked up the little rabbit and gave it the order.

The little rabbit seemed to understand Bu Qing's words, and his big nose began to sniff!

"I found that direction!" After a while, Bu Qing suddenly rejoiced, "Xiao Hui told me that it was just 170 miles east!"

There was a happy look on everyone's face, and he ran towards the east.