Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 967

Chapter 967: Slaughter Them

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Zhao Yuande was dubious, and the powerful spirit radiated out, but he instantly discovered that his spirit could not be extended, as if suppressed by something.

He just remembered that Feng Yuanshan had previously said that the spirit spirit of Huangchuan's land was suppressed, and he could explore the radius of five miles at most.

At this time, his soul can explore a dozen miles of places, which is quite good.

The grassland hasn't ran out of the grassland for 170 miles. Although there are wolves and beasts on the grassland, but they feel the terrible breath from them, how dare you come close.

So they quickly arrived at their destination. Sure enough, they found a mysterious potion called Horn Python flower beside a small stream, and there was a fourth-level beast Red Scale Python looking after it.

Bu Qing went up and kicked this red-scale python to death, excitedly holding the horned python in his hand, showing off to Zhao Yuande for a while.

"See it! See it! My little gray is a treasure hunt rabbit!"

"Oh! Okay! It's the treasure hunt rabbit!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "Then let's come next!"

With the help of this little treasure-hunting rabbit, all of them successively obtained four or five elixirs. Although there was only one sixth-level elixir, they still made everyone happy.

The pride on Bu Qing's face could not be concealed at this time, and soon she reported a direction again.

When everyone arrived this time, they were dumbfounded that it turned out to be a first-order elixir.

"Oh! To know that the treasure hunt rabbit is still small and has limited wisdom, and it doesn't know the level of elixir, so..." Bu Qing smiled embarrassedly.

"Okay, it doesn't matter!"

"Hey, there's a fragrance coming from there, let's go over and see!" Zhou Da suddenly turned his head to look at a blue mountain not far away, and several figures flashed on the green mountain.

"Go! Those people's breath is not strong, we may not be too late in the past!"

The five people reached the dwarf mountain in two or three landings, and found that three practitioners were fighting with a golden feathered Dapeng bird, and behind the Dapeng bird there was a bird's nest with a size of tens of feet, three of them. The white bird eggs lay quietly.

"It turned out to be a Jinpeng bird. If you can steal a bird's egg to hatch it, you should be able to cultivate a half-beast's Jinpeng bird!" Bu Qing looked at the three eggs with bright eyes and longing for his face.

"Several friends, this Jinpeng was discovered by us, and we hope to give us three faces." These three are all burly men, and their movements are neat and their exercises are basically the same, and they are all strong in the later stage of the world. By.

Although these three were very polite to speak, they did not fear among their eyes, as if they did not appear to be at all.

"Those who see good things have a share, why don't we kill this Dapeng bird together, how about dividing our two bird eggs?" Feng Yuanshan looked at the other three.

The other party is nothing more than the cultivation of the world, but he did not see him as an emperor at all. How can this make him not angry, but having a step in his own side is a burden, in case he really fights him Bu Qing's safety cannot be guaranteed, so it is not too tough.

However, if the two are equal in strength, it is a practice in the practice world to have a share, and he can be said to be the right face.

"Go! Do you know what Zongmen we are? Do you know who our masters are?" One of the big men suddenly angered and sneered when he heard Feng Yuanshan's words, "We are Red Flame Sect's Disciple, Jiang Linhai is our great brother. If you are blind, your dog's eyes dare to come and share with us!"

"Jiang Linhai!" Feng Yuanshan heard that the other party would dare to insult himself, and he would have been angry, but when he heard these three words, he was terrified.

"You goddamn, I care about you, Chi Yanzong, Jiang Linhai, and I will kill you first!" Zhou Da roared, but he was so angry that he couldn't stand the humiliation. He rushed towards the three big men. .

"Brother Zhou... Don't!" Feng Yuanshan couldn't stop him. Zhou Da rushed up and started a war with a big man.

The three big guys originally had a slight upper hand against the Jinpeng bird war, but Zhou Da's joining suddenly made the big penny bird pressure greatly reduced, so that there were scratches on the two big Handuns.

"Damn dwarf!" The big man who fought against Zhou Da flew up into the sky with a colorful light of his hand, and he gritted his teeth, "You are waiting for my Red Flame Sect!"

"Brother Feng what are you waiting for, hurry up, or else the people of Chi Yanzong will come, it will be over!" Zhou Da saw Feng Yuanshan still hesitating and screamed.

"Brother Zhao, you protect Qing'er sister, if rain, let's help!" Feng Yuanshan heard Zhou Da's shouts, and saw the colorful light that flew up to the sky, and his face suddenly showed a decisive look.

The husband and wife rushed together, with the help of Feng Yuanshan's Emperor Realm's cultivation, and with the assistance of Zhou Da and his wife, in three breaths he beheaded the three big men, and beheaded the Dapeng bird smoothly.

"Hurry up! Otherwise, the people of Chi Yanzong will come, and we will not be able to leave!" Feng Yuanshan collected the Dapeng bird's corpse and three eggs into the inner world, and his body immediately swept down the dwarf mountain.

The four of them hurried to keep up, and the figure of the five disappeared into the distance.

Just when their figure just disappeared in the distance, seven or eight figures rushed towards the low mountain from all directions.

"Whoever dares to attack my disciple of Chi Yanzong so boldly!" A grisly Tsing Yi man with dense patterns engraved on his body makes people feel dazed as soon as they see it.

"Second Brother, I can smell the woman, and there are two women, one of them is a young..." A young man with a short stature smelled on the spot, and there was a hint of lewd smile in the corner of his mouth.

"Fuck your mother! Several of the younger brothers were killed, and your mother is all a woman in her mind." A bald man with scarred face beside the little young man kicked him off.

"Brother San, I am also providing information!" The little young man scrambled to get up from the ground.

"Dare to talk back!" The bald man with scars still needs to punch.

"Okay! Brother Three, Brother Thirteen is right, this information is very important! There are two women in a team, which is easy to find!" The tattooed man waved his hand, beckoning not to do it.

"Yes!" The bald man with scars was so convinced by the second brother that he immediately withdrew his fist.

"Second Senior Brother, do you want to inform Master..." the bald man asked in a low voice.

"Don't use it first. Brother Master is now fighting against several powerful opponents such as Feng Chitian and Du Feiyu. Don't disturb him!" The tattooed man shook his head and turned his head to look at the short young man. "Thirteen Brother, can you smell in which direction the two women are heading?"

"Brother, which direction?" The short youth pointed to the direction of Zhao Yuande's disappearance.

"Go! We're catching up and slaughtering them!" Seven or eight giants jumped into the sky like wolves and flew towards the place where Zhao Yuande disappeared.