Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 968

Chapter 968: Mural

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At this time, Zhao Yuande and the five of them had flown out thousands of miles and appeared in front of a ruined palace ruin. They didn't feel the danger coming, so they fell.

"Brother Zhou, you were too reckless just now. I am afraid that the killing of the three people will cause a big disaster!" Feng Yuanshan sighed and looked at Zhou Da.

"Feng Yuanshan, you really can't bear it. You are a strong emperor and you are not rushed back by the scolding of the world. You have a meaning of fart when you practice this way!" Zhou Da is a rectum, regardless of his face. , Sneered, "Lao Tzu can't stand it, although I am low, but I am sturdy, and I will die if I die!"

"You... Zhou Da! Do you think I am afraid of death? If I were alone, I would have slaughtered them, but we still have Qing'er sister. Since she chose to join us, she trusted us and we were responsible. Her safety!" Feng Yuanshan's face was very unsightly.

"I'm sorry! It's all me bad, my cultivation is too low!" Bu Qing lowered his head, his face guilty.

"Okay, Brother Zhou, don't say anything to Yuanshan! Now that something has happened, we have to find a way to quarrel here has no effect." Fang Ruoyu also hurried out to play the round.

"Okay, Brother Zhou, Brother Feng! I would like to say that although none of our five cultivation bases are very high, if we join forces, we should not necessarily be afraid of those people." Zhao Yuande originally planned to enter the ruins with a few people. Looking for the plane tree alone, but he stayed because of Bu Qing's relationship.

He always wanted to find an opportunity to ask Bu Qing, how to cultivate the beast, how to get the life in the star meteorite early.

That life is very mysterious. Zhao Yuande hopes to make it speak under the control of chase, and there must be no mistakes.

Therefore, he can still helplessly walk with the crowd, but he will not expose his identity in front of these people, and he does not want to feel this kind of anger, so he has to show his strength and let them know well.

"Brother Zhao, although you are also a triple player in the world, your physique is not very helpful for combat. The combined combat power of ours should only be able to compete with an emperor mid-term strongman." Feng Yuanshan shook his head.

"I don't have much to say, my strength Feng brother knows it!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

The momentum in the body erupted instantly, and thick vines rushed out of his body, blasting away towards Feng Yuanshan.

"Quick speed!" Feng Yuanshan suddenly felt a strong sense of danger coming, and his body was about to avoid the attack of these vines, but he suddenly felt that he was under the pressure of the other party, and his speed dropped sharply. Half, at his current speed, could not escape the attack of the vines.

Feng Yuanshan's face changed, and a thick tornado was instantly shot in his palm, and he suddenly appeared around him.


The vines twitched like a terrible long whip, smashing tornadoes.

Although Feng Yuanshan took advantage of the vines to smash the tornado, he escaped from the top of his head, but was also crushed by the impact of the tornado toppling a heel in the air and standing firm.

"What a powerful attacking method!" Zhou Da saw Zhao Yuande continuously retreating Feng Yuanshan, and finally almost ugly, watching Zhao Yuande's face can not help but reveal a shocked look.

"Good! Good! Brother Zhao, why didn't you say that your fighting power is already equivalent to a strong man in the middle of the emperor's realm, plus your resilience, I think we should be able to fight in the late emperor!" Feng Yuanshan was Zhao Yuande The forced embarrassment, not only was not angry, but his face was ecstatic.

"Brother Zhao, you are not authentic! Why don't you say that you have this kind of strength!" Bu Qing also relaxed at this time, and began to look up Zhao Yuande up and down with no good intentions. "Hurry, what else do you hide from me?" Thing!"

"Oh! You didn't ask!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Someone is catching up!" Zhou Da exclaimed suddenly.

The crowd followed Zhou Da's gaze, and vaguely saw seven or eight figures chasing towards them.

"I think we should enter this ruin to hide first!" Feng Yuanshan waved, and the five quickly entered the ruin.

Among the ruined palaces, there are huge collapsed statues, and occasionally you can see a head of fierce beast running in it.

"Where there is a sitting hall, has not completely collapsed, I feel that there seems to be room below!" After Zhao Yuande glanced at the hall, he was completely empty in the ground. It was not mud but a dug underground tunnel.

Five people rushed into the hall, and Zhao Yuande found a dark hole behind the base of a collapsed statue.

"Go in!"

They looked at each other, and all of them got into the hole. Zhao Yuande collapsed the hole with a light palm.

In Feng Yuanshan's hand, there was a bright pearl, which suddenly illuminated the entire channel.

When Zhao Yuande looked at the passage, his face suddenly appeared horrified, his mouth slightly open, as if he saw something that shocked him.

The decoration in the passage is extremely luxurious. Except for the feet, the other three sides are carved with exquisite murals.

These murals seem to describe a battle, the ancient Phoenix family followed a group of powerful beings, besieging a white giant ape.

This white giant ape held a long stick and killed all sides. Countless powerful existences were exploded by life. All powerful existences were finally surrendered by the white giant ape and knelt in front of the white giant ape.

"Why not!" Zhao Yuande saw this, and when he wanted to continue to look down, he discovered that the mural was intentionally damaged.

"What kind of existence is this white giant ape? Why is it so powerful!" When Feng Yuanshan saw the story on the mural, he couldn't help but show a **** feeling on his face.

"Hey! It would be nice if I could have such a beast!" Bu Qing sighed softly, his eyes full of longing.

Zhao Yuande saw that a mural at the end of the passage had not been destroyed, so he couldn't help but walk a few steps.

I saw a white ape lay dead in this mural, the body was exploded, and the powerful digital presence was laughing proudly!

"I didnt expect that the mural painting described here was such a version. The Great Ape King actually surrendered all the ancient gods. But these ancient gods did not know what method was used to attack the Great Ape King. "Zhao Yuande murmured, "I don't know which version is true?"

"Brother Zhao, what are you talking about?" Zhou Da asked curiously.

"Have you heard of the legend of the Great Ape King?" Zhao Yuande came back to look at the four.