Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 969

Chapter 969: Counterattack

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However, as soon as Zhao Yuande asked this question, he felt a little superfluous. This is a story spread on the **** emperor. How could these people hear it.


Everyone shook their heads together, and it didn't surprise Zhao Yuande.

"The Great Ape King? Is this the white ape?" Bu Qing pointed to the white ape in the mural, and tears rolled down in her eyes. She was infected by the white ape's last misery and left behind. Tears.

"Yes, I will tell you a legend today! But you must not circulate it after listening to it, otherwise it will probably lead to a genocide!" Zhao Yuande looked extremely solemn, he was not intimidating these people, but true of!

"Relax, we must be tight-lipped!" The people nodded together.

"Well, the legend..." Zhao Yuande combined the version of the Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor with the version of this mural and told the four apes about the legend of the Great Ape King.

Zhao Yuande actually feels that the story in this mural is true, otherwise he will not be deliberately destroyed by intentional people, and a drop of the blood of the Great Ape King has been incorporated into his killing stick, and he has learned from it The Four Spirit Sticks method is also considered to have the grace of spreading the law with the Great Ape King.

If it is possible in the future, he feels that it is necessary to get justice for the great ape king, but also to let more people know the inferior means of these innate gods.

In the final mural, Zhao Yuande saw several innate gods, a star above his head stepping on the earth, a chasing the galaxy in the sky, a human head with a long tail like a hook, and a long hair with a scattered chest and a chest Shining God's Day!

The half-sounding silence of the four people finally sighed softly, not worth it for the great ape king!

It was at this time that a loud rumbling sound suddenly came from above the four of them.

The seven or eight big men saw that Zhao Yuande and five of them had entered the ruins, but they did not find them anyway, and suddenly began to wreak havoc.

However, these people did not expect that Zhao Yuande would enter the underground, and after damaging it for a while, they hurried away to find other places.

Feng Yuanshan heard a voice above them, and could not help but breathe out.

"It's me! My cultivation is too low! You can't send me into your inner world before the next battle, and then you can play at will!" Bu Qing shook her head helplessly and sighed, now she only knows The advantage of cultivation is high, and this is how wasteful it is to not practice.

She secretly vowed that she must practice well this time, otherwise these friends might not bring her out again next time.

"It's okay, we will pay attention next time." Feng Yuanshan nodded and seemed to be thinking about something.

"Go! Let's search this channel. Maybe there will be unexpected discoveries in the channel."

But soon they left with some disappointment. The passage was an underground palace. The palace was once patronized by people. Even the pearls inlaid on the wall and the jade on the ground were taken away by people. No residue left.

"This group of guys are too much!" Feng Yuanshan punched on the wall of the cave with a red face.

"Okay! Let's go out and continue to look for elixir! It doesn't make much sense to stay here all the time!" Zhou Da punched a big hole in the stone wall above his head and jumped out first.

This relic is very small, and they soon saw a lush wood behind the relic, in which the fragrant fragrance bursts, as if there are countless elixir growths.

"Here..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning when he looked at the woods. He felt a strange and quiet atmosphere. Lin Zhong was supposed to be able to chirp birds and worms shouldn't be so quiet. This shows that someone was ambushing in the forest.

"Not quite right!" Feng Yuanshan's eyes flickered, and he waved for everyone to stop.

"What's wrong?" Zhou Da asked puzzled.

"Hush..." Feng Yuanshan made a forbidden motion, so that everyone should not speak.

He whispered: "Someone is ambushing in the forest, so long as we... this way..."

Everyone nodded, a dignified look on their faces.

Everyone was light-hearted like a cat, and quietly climbed up a few big trees.

They could vaguely see several figures in the forest lurking behind the ancient trees in the grass.

Fortunately, the spirits here can only be explored for five miles, otherwise these people have long discovered their intentions, but they also used the characteristics of the ruins to design each other.


In front of Feng Yuanshan, a large turquoise handprint covering thousands of feet was photographed fiercely towards the people in hiding.

At the same time, a huge flame dragon came from one side, and a thousand-footed sword swept across, all of them were shrouded in terrible attacks.

"No, we were found, rushed out and slaughtered them!" Shouted in the jungle, it was the bald man with scars on his face. The black flame burned on his body, and he was facing the blue handprint in the sky. Palm patted the past.

While the other three wanted to rise into the air, avoiding the flame dragon and swordmand attacks, they suddenly found that there were countless terrible vines growing under their feet, and these vines entangled their legs and feet crazy.


Although these three people are all powerful in the world, they can also scream under this sudden attack, first being cut into two halves by the sword, and then directly burned into ashes by the terrible flame.


The scarred bald man was angry with the seven tips of being angry, but he is in danger now, so he can only escape first.


The black flame hits the big blue hand, and the obvious black flame is more powerful.

But it is a pity that when he wanted to take the opportunity to rise to the sky, the vines under his feet were like big snakes, and he immediately climbed on his legs and locked him firmly on the ground.

The black flames were burning, and the vines were instantly burned clean, but at this time, the flame dragon and sword awn had swept away.

And just at the time when the scarred bald man split the flames and burned the vines, Feng Yuanshan's second palm slapped again.


There was another loud noise, and the scarred bald man was nailed into the ground alive by this palm, and the soil flooded his legs.

"Swoosh!" Numerous vines came crazy and instantly wrapped the scarred bald man like a dumpling.

The Fire Dragon and Jianmang have swept on him now...

Although the scarred bald man was a strong man in the early days of the emperor, but under the continuous attack of four people, he only insisted on a dozen breaths and screamed.

Brother Three took an ambush here with four people, and wanted to give Zhao Yuande something unexpected, but they didn't expect that they wouldn't sneak into others, but instead took themselves in.