Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 971

Chapter 971: Human Nature

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"Get away from me!" Feng Yuanshan punched out, flying the white snake back again.

Feng Yuanshan's body flashed, and he rushed up hundreds of feet in an instant. He fled alone, even his wife Fang Ruoyu didn't care.

Fang Ruoyu looked at the figure that went away instantly, and couldn't help but stunned. The tears in his eyes instantly merged into the cold water.

And at this moment, Zhou Da's figure also rushed out at the moment when the white snake was blasted away.


Bai Jiao was as fast as lightning, and instantly came to Zhao Yuande and the second daughter. The cold eyes made the second daughter unable to bear endless despair.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the gradually disappearing figures of Feng Yuanshan and Zhou Da, and a trace of disdain appeared in the corner of his mouth.


He swept his sleeves and moved his second daughter out.

At this time, he had seen a hole covered by water plants on the side of the pool wall, and took the second daughter into the cave instantly.


Feng Yuanshan rose into the sky from the pool, his body appeared in the air, and his face was still in shock.


Then Zhou Da also rushed out of the pool.

"Boom!" At this moment, the pool water raged, and the white jellyfish underneath seemed to be crazy, stirring the pool water madly, turning the pool water into a huge column of water rising into the sky.

The water column is hundreds of feet high, and the terrible cold comes out of the water column, instantly freezing the trees within a few miles into an ice sculpture.

"Brother Feng, you are really cruel, even your wife has been left behind!" Zhou Da looked at Feng Yuanshan, and a trace of sneer appeared on his face.

"In that case, hesitation is death! I dont want to die. I have been a **** emperor for decades, but I cant die in this small place! As for women, as long as I become strong, what kind of things havent happened yet? !"

At this time, Feng Yuanshan still had the elegant and scholarly character, his hair was gritty, and he looked at Zhou Da with a sneer face.

"High seeing! High seeing!" Zhou Da grinned and said nothing more. He felt the thick killer passed from the other person, so he didn't irritate him again, "There must be treasures against the sky under this pool, otherwise There will be no such horrible existence as the White Jiao, but we cannot defeat the White Jiao with our strength!"

"Zhou Da! Let's join hands! As long as we join hands, I have five points to be sure that I can get something under the pool!" Feng Yuanshan's pupils showed a terrible look.

"No problem, but before you join forces, you need to issue a vow of heavenly doctrine, otherwise I can't believe you!" Zhou Da really can't believe the other person. Even the wife of the very loving wife said that if you lose it, if you don't have the constraints of the vow of heavenly act, he will definitely not. Dare to cooperate with him.

"Yes! I Feng Yuanshan swears..." Feng Yuanshan swears as if it has become commonplace, and he opens his mouth. After swearing, he looked solemnly, "You will listen to me in a while, we will bring those strong men here... "

At this time, Zhao Yuande had rushed into the cave with his two daughters. The cave seemed to be two worlds with the water pool. The pool water seemed to be blocked by an invisible force. As soon as they rushed in, they felt that the cave was extremely dry. , A smell of corruption came from the depths of the stone cave.


The white jellyfish outside was huge. The body of dozens of people clashed wildly against the hole. The huge head wanted to come in, but he couldn't do it anyway.


At this time, the smaller white snake dived his head into the hole, and stretched out the ugly snake letter towards the three people.

A vine appeared in Zhao Yuande's hand, like a long whip, and suddenly pumped on the white snake's head.

A huge force pumped a white snake, and a deep blood stain appeared on his head.

Zhao Yuande danced with vines in his hands, punching on the white snake's head again and again. After a few breaths, the white snake's head was already bloody, and one eyeball was smashed, whimpering, and exited the channel.


The cave was quiet for a while, and suddenly Fang Ruoyu's sad cry came.

"Sister, don't cry. Brother Feng may just..." Bu Qing persuaded to find that he couldn't refute Feng Yuanshan at all, and he couldn't find any words that could comfort each other.


"Okay! This is the cruel world of practice. The husband and wife flew each other when the big bird arrived. The humanity is cold and the world is cold!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly.

"Then why didn't you leave us and flee in?" Bu Qing was very grateful to Zhao Yuande at this time, but did not know why Zhao Yuande did this.

Did he take a fancy to himself? Fancy yourself, and save yourself. Why did you save Fang Ruoyu together?

What if he was kind-hearted? Is there such a person in this deceptive practice world?

"Oh! I save you, because you are my partners, and I have the ability to save you!" Zhao Yuande chuckled and continued, "If I was really facing life and death just now, I would not be able to save you, although you are me Companions, but the relationship between us is not so deep, I will not risk my life to save you."

" can't help but say so red fruit!" Bu Qing looked at Zhao Yuande frowning, and a trace of loss was inevitable in his heart.

"I am reminding you! The world is sinister, no one is the savior, and there are no really selfless good people!" Zhao Yuande is still pouring cold water on them. "They are kind to you and good to you because of your ability, and I save You also have a reason for this."

"You..." Bu Qing felt that a fantasy world in her heart was broken by everyone, everyone's smile turned into a treacherous sneer, and a mask was put on everyone's face.

"But! Another reason is that you are a good person, silly and naive. In this practice world, you are not many people like this, which makes me feel a little pity." Zhao Yuande said Into Bu Qing's ears, she could not help but stay awkward, and there was a trace of relief on her face.

"Brother Zhao, you saved us. If we can help you, please ask Brother Zhao." Fang Ruoyu is not old anymore. Although he was suffering for a while, he quickly woke up from his grief.

As Zhao Yuande said, in the practice world, she is cheating. Although she is Feng Yuanshan's wife, although she has shown peace and contentment with the other party, she still knows Feng Yuanshan very well in person. The other party can leave herself in this life and death. , Also in her imagination.

"Sister! You..." Bu Qing looked at Fang Ruoyu somewhat puzzled, not knowing why she changed so fast.