Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 972

Chapter 972: Treasure Distribution

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"Mr. Zhao is right, we can't be too naive!" Fang Ruoyu looked at Bu Qing and sighed softly, "Actually, I knew he was such a person long ago!"


"Okay! Don't discuss these things! I don't have anything you need to help me for the time being. I feel something hidden in the depth of the stone cave, probably something that your spirit beast little gray felt." Zhao Yuande Take a big step towards the depths of the cave.

"Go!" Fang Ruoyu nodded at Bu Qing, and the two quickly followed Zhao Yuande's footsteps.

The stone caves are not very long, just a few dozen feet later, they appear in a huge cave.

The cave looks like a huge bowl, and a bronze gate is tightly closed just opposite them.

"I feel a trace of danger!" Fang Ruoyu whispered.

Zhao Yuande strode into the cave, and just as he entered the cave, the hard rocky ground of the cave suddenly rumbled open a huge crack, and a huge figure with a length of thousands of feet suddenly rushed out of the crack Came out.

"Ah..." Bu Qing covered her mouth in horror.

"The ninth-order beast is full of blood centipedes! This is more powerful than the outside white jiao. This is worse! Brother Zhao, quickly retreat back to the channel!" Fang Ruoyu pulled Bu Qing back and forth in horror.

"It's okay!" Zhao Yuande turned to smile slightly at them, "I will show you my true strength."

Just before Zhao Yuande's words were finished, the huge **** centipede had been rushed to the top of Zhao Yuande's big head, the thick tentacles on the huge and gritty head kept swinging, and a pair of huge jaws flashed sharp. Blue light, two smaller pairs of jaw teeth keep making mistakes and make a loud clicking noise,

Zhao Yuande has no doubt that even if the dragon just fell between these two pairs of jaws, it will be cut into two in a flash!

But how could Zhao Yuande's combat power at this time care about this **** centipede, he just flicked his fingers gently in the void.

The huge centipede that had appeared above his head was cut directly into two parts from the middle of the body.


The two body slammed down the ground.

Zhao Yuande raised his hand with a huge palm print and pressed it directly from the void, directly crushing the crazily twisted two bodies on the ground into a pool of flesh.

"Ah!" The two women saw this scene and screamed at the same time!

They looked at Zhao Yuande's back inconceivably, and they felt an absurd feeling in their hearts.

In front of him, Zhao Youde put it down, at least it was the cultivation of Divine Emperor Realm. How could such a powerful person form a team with them?

"You are so powerful, why do you want to team up with us!" Fang Ruoyu first responded and couldn't help asking.

" are so strong, why don't you say it early!" Bu Qing obviously thought of something different from Fang Ruoyu.

"Teaming up with you, first of all, I don't know the road, I don't know the specific situation. You can take me to Huangxue Mountain. I can save a lot of time." Zhao Yuande turned his head and smiled at the second woman, "Also, just Because you Bu Qing, you are a spiritual master. I want you to do me a favor! As for why I didnt tell you, mainly because you didnt ask! My actual practice is the triple world! There is nothing to hide."

"You..." Bu Qing is very angry, but the other party is right, and people have no hidden strength.

On the contrary, after Fang Ruoyu got the answer from Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly showed a relaxed expression.

"The other party is not malicious, and the cultivation base is so powerful. There should be no danger for us to follow him! You dont need to say more, dont look at his appearance so young, maybe its a hundred-year-old monster, maybe With such a weird temperament, don't say anything that should not be angered him." Fang Ruoyu Shen Shen Chuanyin asked Bu Qing.

"I'm not an old monster, and I don't have any weird temperament, you can rest assured!" Zhao Yuande's voice lightly rang in the ears of the two.

Fang Ruoyu was so terrified that he almost didn't stop!

Bu Qing's face also changed, but after all, she was too low, and she didn't know how terrible Zhao Yuande could hear the soul transmission of the two of them.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, and quickly came to the bronze gate.

The door is not locked, just because it has been too long, and some patina is mottled.

He gently pushed open the door, and suddenly there was a refreshing fragrance in the door.

Inside the gate is a stone room. The space inside is more than a few tens of feet. There is a small pool of several feet in the middle of the stone room. The water in the pool is pure white. A small tree with green leaves is exuding a dim light. The top of the tree bears three blood-red fruits, each of which has the size of a fist.

That kind of aroma comes out from these three fruits.

"This is the ground milk Zhu Guo! And there are three..." Fang Ruoyu saw these three fruits and suddenly even breathed quickly.

"All right! I have all these three fruits and ground milk. Please look for other things!" Zhao Yuande was also a little delighted to see these three fruits. This thing is very useful for restoring his own blood. Nothing can be distributed to others,

A big wave of his sleeves, as well as the small pool on the ground, were swept directly into his own inner world.

"Fruit milk Zhu Guo? What level of elixir is it, Tier 7? Tier 8?" Bu Qing looked at Fang Ruoyu, his face curious.

"Yes... It's a holy medicine! If I can get one, I can be directly promoted to the Emperor Realm!" Fang Ruoyu looked at the big pit on the ground with pain, and finally shook his head.

"There are basic exercises here, all of which are from the Phoenix family. Which one do you want?" Zhao Yuande had already arrived in a corner of the stone room. There was a bookshelf with a dozen books on it.

"I want it!" Fang Ruoyu heard this, and suddenly came to the spirit again, how exquisite the practice of the Phoenix family is, thousands of times stronger than the cultivation method of her ancestor!

"You two assign these exercises!" Zhao Yuande glanced casually. Although these exercises are good, they are not as good as his eyes. Finally, he just picked up a book about Phoenix Nirvana and looked at it, and then lost it. Into the storage space.

"There are several top-level spirit treasures... a gourd elixir... a white jade bed to increase the speed of cultivation..."

After a while they turned the entire stone room over and put all the usable treasures in their pockets.

In addition to Zhao Yuande's beginning to take away the ground milk Zhu Guo and a copy of the exercises, all the others looked down upon him and gave them to the second daughter.