Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 973

Chapter 973: Leave Treasures Leave Women

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At this time, Fang Ruoyu was looking at Zhao Yuande, and his eyes were filled with infinite gratitude. Although she didn't have the ground milk Zhu Guo, she felt that she could enter the emperor's realm quickly with these magical medicines!

Moreover, the exercises are more valuable than the Ruzhu Guo. She can use these exercises to practice in the realm of God Emperor!

Bu Qing is also very grateful to Zhao Yuande, but what she thinks is not the same as Fang Ruoyu. She is thinking how she has taken so many benefits of Zhao Yuande. How grateful to others, if the other party really needs the help of his imperial spirit, she must be Go all out!

Zhao Yuande looked at the expressions of the two in his eyes, not much to say that he had only counted.

At this time, the earth was trembling violently, as if an earthquake had occurred.

"Oh! There are a lot of strong men coming out of the deep pool. It seems that they should have attracted them. The white jiao should not be able to persist for long." Zhao Yuande felt that someone was fighting in the water pool not far away.

"Can we not go out? I don't want to see that person again!" Fang Ruoyu frowned, the joy on his face disappeared, revealing a trace of hatred.

"After they killed Bai Jiao, they would soon find this hole!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "Since you don't want to meet them, we won't go from the water hole, we will go here!"

Zhao Yuande pointed to the solid stone wall.

"Here?" The two women looked at Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande took out the blue horns and held them in his hands, then swept his sleeves, wrapped them around and walked directly to the stone wall.

When the stone wall met the blue horns, it seemed to melt like water. Zhao Yuande stepped in and disappeared into the stone wall instantly.

Soon after Zhao Yuande entered the stone wall, Feng Yuanshan Zhou Da and dozens of strong men beheaded the white jiao, and also found the stone cave.

They walked along the stone cave, and finally found this stone chamber, but everything in the stone chamber was looted by people, and there were no two hairs left.

"This taste... This is the milk of Zhu Guo! Damn... Even the pool of milk was dug!"

"There were more than a dozen books originally on this shelf, but they were all taken away!"

"This weapon rack..."

"White jade on the bed..."


After many people looked at the stone room, there was an angry cry of exclamation.

"Damn! Someone got on first!" Feng Yuanshan slapped angrily on the stone wall. "It must be must be them!"

"Feng Yuanshan! Are you kidding us!" A big man with a figure comparable to the little giant stared at Feng Yuanshan fiercely. His voice was cold and ruthless. "Is it your person who took advantage of our battle with White Jiao to take things away!" "

"No! Brother Jiang, how can I have this courage! I will take you to find them, and I will find them!" Feng Yuanshan looked distorted.

He felt that Zhao Yuande must have done this. This guy was strong and not weaker than himself. It must have taken Bai Jiao to eat his wife and Bu Qing, then rushed into this hole and swept these things away!

"Feng Yuanshan, I know you are treacherous, but you don't want to let me slip halfway, otherwise you Feng's family...hehe!" Jiang Linhai sneered.

"I will take you here!" Feng Yuanshan looked gloomy and rushed out toward the outdoor.

Why is he sure to find Zhao Yuande, because he perceives a white jade pendant on Fang Ruoyu's body, there are two white jade pendants, one for each person, and if they are not too far apart, urge one to sense the other s position.

He thought that Zhao Yuande happened to get this jade piece, but he did not expect Zhao Yuande to save Fang Ruoyu.

Zhao Yuande took Fang Ruoyu and Bu Qing through the earth, and quickly traveled thousands of miles.

Although the underground is safe, there is no light, and the smell is very bad. Sensing that there is no danger outside, Zhao Yuande rushed out of the ground.

The place where they appeared was a gorge. The depth of the gorge seemed to be filled with water vapor. A giant tree towering from the gorge was spectacular.

"We should be far away from that waterhole. What do you want to do, leave the ruins or stay here?" Zhao Yuande looked at the second daughter.

"I want to leave! With so many treasures and exercises, I want to find a quiet place to break through the realm of the emperor!" Fang Ruoyu said.

"I...I..." Bu Qing hesitated.

"Okay! Let's go out together! But don't run away, I need your help when I go out!" Zhao Yuande smiled at her, "Now I will send you to the transmission channel."

"Okay!" Bu Qing nodded, she was frightened by these things.

"Let's go. Which direction should the teleportation array be in? We enter the teleportation channel. The blood on our body burns, giving us a sense of the teleportation channel. We should be able to go out when we reach the teleportation channel."

The second women nodded quickly, and they also felt this way.

But before they got out, there was a burst of air breaking in the sky.

Dozens of figures surrounded them in all directions, and the powerful men smiled incomparably at them.

"Brother Zhao, you can't go away!" A light and fluttering voice came out from one direction, it turned out to be Feng Yuanshan.

But when Feng Yuanshan saw the second daughter of Bu Qing Fang Ruoyu next to Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly became stagnant.

His wife, whom he thought had already died, was standing beside Zhao Yuande alive, looking at him angrily.

"Haha! Boy, leave the treasure in the stone room, otherwise I will let you die without a burial place!" A big man whose height is twice that of ordinary people, swaying from the sky above Zhao Yuande's head, facing the three Haha laughed.

"Leave me! You cant escape!"

"Yes, leave treasures, leave women!"


"Hey! I can't go!" Zhao Yuande gave the two a helpless glance at the two, but he saw a touch of anger in Fang Ruoyu's eyes and a trace of expectation.

"Fang Ruoyu, if you want to go back to your man, I don't care, but if you leave my side, I won't protect you anymore." Zhao Yuande spoke softly to Fang Ruoyu, although he didn't have anything about this Fang Ruoyu Disgusting, but if the other party could not understand the form, he would not care about her, he did not have so much energy.

"Sister!" Bu Qing glanced at Fang Ruoyu, with a trace of intolerance in his eyes.

"Ruo Yu! Come here, I can protect you now!" Feng Yuanshan's voice rang right at this time.

"I...I..." Fang Ruoyu thought of Feng Yuanshan's ruthless escape, thought of Zhao Yuande's power, and thought of the so many treasures Zhao Yuande assigned to herself. She made a decision suddenly, and she turned to look at Feng Yuanshan, A ridiculous smile was shown to him, "Feng Yuanshan, just the moment you ignored my own escape, the two of us are no longer related!"

"Ruoyu! Don't listen to that kid talking nonsense, I'm not..." Feng Yuanshan heard Fang Ruoyu say this, and he felt angry in his heart and wanted to scold Zhao Yuande, but at this time, he felt the eyes of many people around him. Weird eyes appeared.