Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 974

Chapter 974: Villain Scum

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"Haha! Feng Yuanshan, although Lao Tzu is not a good thing, but he is the first to look down on you! Lao Tzu draws a line with you. You, a person like you who can't even protect your own woman, stand next to Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu feels sick!" Distance An eagle-nose man not far from Feng Yuanshan gave Feng Yuanshan a disgusted glance and distanced him.

"Villain! Coward! Look down on you!"

"What the hell!"



Everyone looked at Feng Yuanshan disdainfully, making him almost want to find a ground seam to drill into.

"Okay! Don't say anything, now our goal is the treasures on them. Are these interesting?" Jiang Linhai didn't speak at first, but at this time he spoke slowly.

Feng Yuanshan heard Jiang Linhai did not ridicule himself, and suddenly felt that something might have changed.

But before he could raise his head, he heard Jiang Linhai say again: "This kind of person will just let him get out of it. This sale is not his share! As for his woman, hehe!"

"Brother is right, let him get out!"

"Brother Jiang has spoken, Feng Yuanshan, you will not leave me, otherwise, when we clean up your woman later, do you still want to watch on the side? Haha!"

"This **** look is good, this girl has a taste, I like it!"



Feng Yuanshan's eyes were split, but the opponent was so strong that he couldn't fight it!

"If you don't roll, if you don't roll, we will kill you first!" Jiang Linhai turned his head and looked at Feng Yuanshan coldly and quietly.

"Good! I'm going..." Feng Yuanshan lowered his head, not daring to look in the direction of Fang Ruoyu, in which he felt a pair of hateful eyes on his body.

Fang Ruoyu watched Feng Yuanshan turn away, and the tears in her eyes were like a spring. At this moment, her heart was really completely broken. The original illusion of Feng Yuanshan still seemed to be broken like blisters.

"How could this person be like this! I called Brother Feng for so many days, and now it really makes me sick." Bu Qing frowned and hugged Fang Ruoyu, patting her back gently, but didn't know what to do. Say something to comfort her.

"Boy, hand over the treasures from the stone chamber, and Jiang Linhai promises not to kill you!" Jiang Linhai looked at Zhao Yuande, and he suddenly felt a trace of something wrong, this person was too calm.

The other party looked at so many people on their own side, did not run away, did not beg for mercy, and was not afraid! This person is not a strong man or a fool, but the former is more likely.

"Hey! You a bunch of garbage that don't know about life and death, let me get away now. I won't kill you." Zhao Yuande glanced at these people, and only Jiang Linhai, who was tall and tall, had some meaning. The others were all in his eyes. Wine bag rice bag.

He was really too lazy to work with these people, wasting his power.

"Your boy, dare to install me with a single-headed garlic, and I will kill you!" A big man beside Jiang Linhai, the emperor's early cultivation practice, snarled roaringly, and slaps directly towards Zhao Yuande.

As a powerful emperor, he took control of the Avenue of Fire, and slammed out two flying dragons, swallowing towards Zhao Yuande.

This move suddenly changed color, terrible power swept the entire space, just like the end of the world.

"There is still a bit of power, but I don't know how you garbage man can become the emperor's strongman?" Zhao Yuande actually had some doubts in his heart.

A cultivator who wants to cultivate to the emperor's realm needs strong perseverance and talent, as well as special opportunities and even adventures.

This is the strong group of Chiyan Sects he encountered, one by one looks like a bandit thief, it is reasonable for these people to cultivate to this level!

Thinking of this, he suddenly had a slight interest in these people.

Looking at the two fire dragons coming from the sky, Zhao Yuande just smiled slightly and pressed his arm gently.


A thick vine emerged from underneath this guy, directly trapping this guy with a sturdy body.

The two slightly magnificent, rising fire dragons hadn't come to Zhao Yuande before, and turned into a green smoke and disappeared.

This big man only felt a strange force coming out of the vines, and immediately blocked the strength of his whole body. He was bound like an ordinary person and could not even struggle.

"Bold!" Jiang Linhai saw that his teacher's brother was trapped and raised his hand toward the vine, trying to rescue his teacher.

However, although his speed was very fast, it was still a little late. The vines trapped this big man and immediately retracted into the ground. A bulge appeared on the earth, and the bulge returned to Zhao Yuande in an instant.


The big man's **** face was thrown out of the ground by vines, and his skin was covered with dense scars, which were abraded from the hard rock layer underground.

"Come over to me!" Zhao Yuande's palm grasped the big man's head, and a powerful soul rushed into the other's sea of knowledge instantly.

He originally thought that he could suffer a little resistance. How could he know that this great Han spirit is very weak, and as a strong man in the early days of the emperor, it was only equivalent to the spirit in the early days of the world.

His trace of the soul controlled the soul of the big man, but he instantly understood why this group of bandit robbers would be so powerful.

This group of people was originally a robber among a group of cultivators, but the cultivation behavior is not very powerful, and they are all around the yin and yang.

As a result, a mysterious strongman was chosen. This strongman was inherited from the ancient Fire Phoenix and wanted to open a mountain, but he did not want to train disciples from an early age.

Just on the hilltop where he chose to open the mountain, he met this group of hundreds of robbers, and he saw three disciples with very good qualifications in it, which were also the three leaders of the robbers.

He simply dragged this group of robbers into his sect, and became a disciple of Kaishan.

This person is also not a person who is good at teaching disciples. He simply opened the secret method of the Fire Phoenix inheritance and forcibly raised the realm of this group of people. However, the realm was raised, but their gods and spirits could not be raised so fast. Zhao Yuande searched his soul so easily.

Fire Phoenix Legacy! It seems that the inheritance of the Phoenix clan has been left outside. Do you want to tell the blue phoenix to let the Phoenix clan take this person and recapture the inheritance?

Blue Phoenix is a pretty good girl, lend me the Phoenix mask, I will directly inform the Phoenix family!

Seeing Zhao Yuande grabbing his brother's head, Jiang Linhai was furious, but he could see that although the opponent was not strong, he was extremely powerful, and if he was not an opponent himself.

However, he now has more than a dozen strong men around him, each of whom is a strong man above the emperor.