Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 975

Chapter 975: Bird Language

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"Brothers, this man must have swallowed the treasure in the stone chamber just now. His cultivation is nothing more than a world. It should be more than enough for us so many people to take it down together! If you help me save the brother from him, what he has My Chi Yanzong only needs 20%!" Jiang Linhai's face showed a terrible color.

"Brother Jiang, this statement is true!" Someone's eyes suddenly shined, this condition is absolutely abundant.

Among the dozen people present, there are seven of the Red Flame Sect who absolutely occupy half of the power, and they only take 20%, which is a good deal.

"I swear!" Jiang Linhai promised, but he was sneering in his heart.

After a while, I put a little water to make a few of you dead clean, and I see who can divide me.

"Have you negotiated?" Zhao Yuande sneered at these people, "I will send you directly to the road after consultation!"

Zhao Yuande waved his hand, killing the **** stick in his hand, he decided to understand these guys in one trick, but don't delay the business.

"Boy, you blow me up, the brothers give me, and directly magnify and kill him!" Jiang Linhai said, but he did not first rush up, he fell behind a few brothers, just like he was a robber The same time.

"I see if you wine bags can catch my white tiger!"

Zhao Yuande swept through the killing soul, a terrifying hurricane swept across the whole land, a huge white tiger phantom appeared from the hurricane, and the horrible claws swept the void as easily as a rag. The long gap in the void appeared in front of these powerful men.

"My mother! What kind of person is this, what kind of existence do we provoke?" Jiang Linhai screamed in horror and turned to escape. At this time, the regret in his heart felt that this person was strong, why not early Let's leave!

Several of his younger brothers were swallowed up by the terrible crack of the void before they understood what was going on.

It was only a moment that there were only two or three of the dozen strong men left. The two or three of them all ran away when they saw a bad turn of the machine, but how could they run better than White Tiger?

They just ran a distance of less than ten feet, and felt a wind blowing behind them.

A huge tiger's palm slapped **** their backs and instantly shattered their shocking inches, and even the sea of knowledge and the spirit of the gods shattered under this terrifying power.

"Zhao...Brother Zhao..." Fang Ruoyu shouted tremblingly about this matter, and the shock of this blow to her was too great!

The opponent is just a triple player in the world, and this terrifying blow is far beyond the Emperor Realm, even stronger than the Divine Emperor Realm!

Their Fang family is not weak, and it is also regarded as a medium family in the True Phoenix world. The ancestor of the family is a strong man in the early stage of the Divine Emperor Realm. She once had the pleasure of seeing the image of this ancestor fighting. Absolutely Without Zhao Yuande this stick is powerful!

"It's amazing!" Bu Qing just woke up like a dream at this time. With her realm, she couldn't think how strong Zhao Yuande was, but she knew how powerful it was! So Zhao Yuande's shock to her is not as big as Fang Ruoyu.

"Go! I will send you to the transmission channel first." Zhao Yuande waved to the two.

The two nodded and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of the kind of respect for the strong!

Zhao Yuande had a big sleeve and carried two women straight to the sky.

Just when Zhao Yuande took the two daughters away, thick roots emerged from the ground, dragging a body on the ground and dragging it into the ground.

Even the mud mixed with blood was turned into the earth little by little.

The towering tree in the gorge not far away was trembling continually at this time, and a low ancient voice came quietly.

"Is fifty years here again? What a wonderful flesh and blood, I should wake up too!" The leaves of the big branch shuddered, and countless roots were pulled out of the earth. The power turned.

A huge towering tall tree pulled out the roots from the earth, and the huge roots quickly gathered together to form two thick thighs.

Thousands of giant trees shook their bodies, quickly shrunk and shrunk, and finally became a big tree about tens of feet tall.

The big tree swayed, and a face appeared on the torso, and the sound was louder and louder!

"It's time to go out and hunt for some fresh flesh and blood, and **** a few good exercises. Maybe my chance of promotion is coming!"

Zhao Yuande flew with the second daughter, and the speed was incredible, and it flew thousands of miles in just a few blinks.

But suddenly there was a fierce fighting sound in the front, which was also mixed with a few fierce birdsongs.

Zhao Yuande didn't want to be troubled, but Bu Qing heard Bu Qing's voice.

"Brother Zhao, that bird is so good, it is asking for help, let's save it!"

"Can you understand the language of birds?" Although Zhao Yuande also heard the sound of birdsong, but he didn't understand the meaning.

"Yes! Understand! This is a spirit bird. Its parents are fighting with people and are about to die. Let's save it!" Bu Qing's face was anxious.

"Okay! Let's go and see." Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, and finally decided to agree to her request.

Spirit birds and beasts are all fierce beasts with certain wisdom, and are very rare among fierce beasts.

In fact, not all fierce beasts can become the spirit beasts of the spiritual master. Most adult fierce beasts have already shown the brutal murder of the fierce beasts, and this kind of fierce beasts are no longer suitable for domestication into spirit beasts, even if they are forced. Domestication will also produce many uncertainties for future battles.

The best beasts are those that are still bred in eggs or have just been born.

They soon appeared on a cliff, a fierce battle was happening on the cliff, and hundreds of practitioners were attacking two blood-red birds.

The blood-red birds are two half-beasts. Although the fighting power is comparable to that of the late Emperor Emperor, but hundreds of practitioners are practicing a terrible position, which has a huge restraint against these two birds. , So that they simply can not exert their powerful flame power.

The two blood-red big birds were already scarred, and blood flowed down the cliff, forming a long stream.

At this time, under the stream formed by blood, a cultivator was excited to collect all the blood in a treasure bottle. The blood of the demi-beast was already an elixir with powerful effects.

Behind the two blood-red big birds, there is a huge bird nest on the cliff. There is a young bird screaming in the nest. Zhao Yuande they heard the call from this young bird.