Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 977

Chapter 977: Surrender

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"Oh! It seems that I really look down on you!" Zhao Yuande looked at Feng Chitian with interest and smiled, "You not only have a good fighting power, but also have a chaotic spirit treasure!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande said this, Fengchi Tian suddenly jumped in his heart. This winged wing of gold was given to him by his ancestors, and the ancestors sealed most of the power. He used it many times before. No one was seen through, but he didn't expect to be seen through by the other party.

"Since you can see it, you haven't obediently died!" Feng Chitian must not let the news of his chaotic spirit treasure be passed out. If he is known by the hostile forces of the family, he will definitely rob him without hesitation. Divine Emperor He is not as strong as the strong. He can't escape but he has a way to escape, but if the God Emperor comes, he can't escape basically.

In his hand, the phoenix winged gold twirls suddenly erupted in a terrible light. At this moment, he unlocked all the phoenix winged gold twirls' seals, intending to use the powerful power of this chaotic spirit treasure to directly kill the other party.

"Chaotic Spirit Treasure?" Zhao Yuande's sarcasm smiled on his face. He said lightly, "Even if you hold Chaos Treasure, it's useless. The fighting power between you and us is so different. You can't pull it with foreign objects. Close! Lie down to me!"

Zhao Yuande simply did not play with him, otherwise the aftermath of his own fight was enough to kill the second daughter.

He flipped his palms, and the nine-color light in his palms turned, but he did not condense, and he patted on the palm of the winged wing that was chopped up.

"Haha! You are looking for death! You dare to pick up the edge of Chaos Lingbao with bare hands. Since then you will die!" Feng Chitian laughed, and the golden wings of the wings in his hand exuded a dazzling **** god, toward Zhao Yuande came from the fierce bombardment.

He is so confident at the moment that he can definitely split this guy who despised himself!


When Zhao Yuande's palm touched the golden wings of the phoenix wings, the nine-color light burst out instantly, and the terrifying power of the world seemed to be depressed by the sky dome, directly suppressing the golden wings of the winged wings.

Feng Chitian, who was holding the golden wings of the Phoenix wings, was just full of confidence and excitement, but in the moment of collision, he felt that the golden wings of the Phoenix wings in his hand collided with a real big world, an irresistible The force directly crushed the Phoenix Wings and Gold into the solid rock.

The bones of his body made a crackling sound, and even shattered in the impact, he was like a big green worm, wriggling in the rock pit.

Everyone at the scene was shocked, and even the fighting between the Phoenix disciples and the two big birds stopped.

They looked at Feng Chitian wriggling in the pit inconceivably. Is this really Feng Chitian, the second strongest younger generation in the True Phoenix World? It was turned into waste by a cultivator who was smaller than him and cultivated even lower!

You Ren was constantly rubbing his eyes, it was unbelievable.

"Dare to dare to run wild in front of me with such a little strength!" Zhao Yuande showed great suction in his hands, sucking Fengyi and Jinfeng together with Fengchitian from the big pit, showing a ridiculous smile to him, " Talk about it! Why are you crazy when you mention Blue Phoenix?"

"You... who the **** are you?" Dao now has unbelievable looks on his face. He thinks that the young man who looks like this in his twenties is absolutely disguised by an old monster.

"I'm asking you!" Zhao Yuande sneered. He held the Phoenix Wings in his hands and waved a few times at random. He nodded and carelessly said, "It's a good baby, but it's a pity of the Phoenix family, I can only give it back to Blue Phoenix."

"You... Although our Tianfeng and Zhenhuang tribes are both of the Phoenix family, they are two major forces in the tribe. I am the young master of the Tianfeng tribe and the blue phoenix is the young master of the real phoenix. We have been competitors since childhood. ..." Feng Chitian knew that if he didn't say it, the other party might actually kill himself directly! So we can only tell the truth.

"Huh! It's just a rival of the same family. The ancestors of the Phoenix family must be to make the Phoenix family full of competition, so as to encourage the young people of the two families to practice, but did not expect the Tianfeng family to use such a narrow-minded person, but Because the blue phoenix is a woman and defeats you, you can't be so tolerant! It really lives up to the expectations of your phoenix clan predecessors! As long as the ancestors of the phoenix clan are not stupid, they will certainly not let you gain power. Isolating you, you may not be able to enter the authority of the Tianfeng clan at all, and you won't get the support of the high-level clan!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

Zhao Yuande's words were like a sledgehammer, and every word smashed **** his chest, making him understand many things at once.

This is why he understands that since his defeat, both the Tianfeng and Phoenix families have been extremely indifferent to him, and even his father was disappointed with him. He repeatedly asked him to hand over the winged gold Peng, but he was delayed again and again.

"I...I..." Feng Chitian thought he was really stupid!

The other party's words were like a key directly unlocking the lock in his heart, making him understand everything.

He knew that the other party was thinking of waking himself up and giving him one last chance.

"I know! I will never be so stubborn like this in the future!" Feng Chitian lowered his head, pleading with a trace of voice in his voice, "Beg your son let me go!"

"Okay! If it wasn't for Lan Fenghuang to be nice to me, I wouldn't have spent so much effort to enlighten you. I would shoot you to death with a palm!" Zhao Yuande's huge breath of life came in In the opponent's body, all his bones were connected.

"Phoenix Winged Gold Wings is back to you!" Zhao Yuande threw the Winged Wings Gold Wings to him, "Remember what I said, otherwise I will be able to kill you easily even if you are hiding in the Phoenix Clan!"


Feng Chitian bowed his head and dared not look at Zhao Yuande's eyes.

He was completely stunned by Zhao Yuande's strength. He felt that Zhao Yuande's combat power was at least above the Divine Realm! He is also not a fool. Through this information, his thoughts quickly turned to Zhao Yuande's true identity.

He was so obedient to Zhao Yuande that he didn't dare to disobey.

"Leave your people away!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Go!" Although Feng Chitian was defeated by Zhao Yuande, he was still the young master in the hearts of the gang. The young master said that the group of people immediately hurriedly left behind him.

"You... you actually surrendered to Fengchitian!" Bu Qing couldn't tell what it was like in her heart at this time, she had been numb by Zhao Yuandezhen again and again.