Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 978

Chapter 978: Solicit

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The first few shocks, she still felt acceptable, and even had a slight feeling for Zhao Yuande, feeling that this man had met her own standards.

But the last few times, especially the last shock, Feng Tianchi, such a terrible strongman, was slapped by him into a waste! How powerful he must be, even if he likes others, people will not necessarily like himself, the strength between the two is very different!

Even a character with such a careless personality and extraordinary self-confidence to herself feels ashamed in front of Zhao Yuande and can't lift his head!

She feels that she simply can't afford to climb others!

"I am a friend with Lan Fenghuang...and my physique is a life physique, so young and will not immortal...Zhao...Zhao XIV!" Fang Ruoyu is someone with knowledge, and will soon These things are connected in series, thinking of a person's name!

"Okay! Don't say more!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and looked at Bu Qing, who was stupefied with his head down. "We saved the Luan bird and we should go!"

"Okay!" Bu Qing nodded slightly, but Mu Na nodded.

Just as the three turned around to leave, the two big birds suddenly tweeted at the three!

One of the big birds flew in front of the three, and the voice was full of pleading.

"What are they doing?" Zhao Yuande looked at Bu Qing.

Bu Qing didn't know what he was thinking at this time. He didn't hear the voices of the two big birds. He was sobered by Zhao Yuande's call.

"They... they want to entrust the children to you!" Hearing the big bird's cry, Bu Qing looked at the two big birds inconceivably.

"Trust me? Why?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"This little luan bird can't grow in their hands at all. It's been more than 50 years. The little luan bird hasn't grown up! They can't raise it!" Bu Qing listened to the chirping of the two big birds, slowly Slowly explain to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande realized that the growth of the Luan bird required a lot of elixir and even fruit, and even a special flame to burn Nirvana again and again!

Although these two big birds are strong, they can be regarded as one hegemon in this mysterious environment, but they are only two red flame birds. Although they successfully gave birth to the mutated bird eggs and hatched the little luanbirds, they are no longer able to raise them. Too.

Seeing Zhao Yuande's strength, he suppressed many strong men in his hand, and the most important thing was to save them, so there was such a request.

"Um..." Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, and suddenly said to Bu Qing, "Do you have any ideas about the little Luan bird, do you want to be a spirit beast?"

"What? Me?" Bu Qing shook his head hurriedly when he heard Zhao Yuande's words, "No, no! I can't raise this spirit beast, even if I sell me!"

"In this way, you can keep it for me, and I will provide everything necessary for the growth of the little Luan bird! When I need it in the future, you only need to drive the Luan bird to help me!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a faint smile.

"You... this is soliciting me?" Bu Qing began to hesitate.

"Quickly agree! Promise!" Fang Ruoyu on the side quickly rushed to Bu Qingdao, "Now you agree, you will definitely feel lucky in the future because of this decision!"

"Then...then I promise you!" Bu Qing looked at Zhao Yuande deeply. "However, can you promise me a condition."

"You say!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Sister Fang can help me!" Bu Qing is not a fool. Upon hearing Fang Ruoyu's voice, she immediately felt a trace of desire in Fang Ruoyu's heart. She knew that Fang Ruoyu must very much want to trust this guy.

"Oh! There is no problem with this naturally, I agreed!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Fang Ruoyu, knowing that this woman is not easy, anyway, he is now in the development of all forces, one more person will have more power!

"Thank you, my son! Ruoyu must swear to be loyal to his son. In addition, I will persuade our family to turn to the son! Become a force under the son!" Fang Ruoyu fell down, simply fell to his knees and bowed to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande nodded, the other party must have figured it out for a long time, he didn't even block it, so he was bowed down by Fang Ruoyu.

Bu Qing looked stunned, but she said nothing.

Everyone has their own ambitions. Sister Fang is now a helpless person. Being able to join this person can be regarded as having a strong backer, and Fang's family who has been suppressed by many parties in the real world of the Phoenix can also be considered as a Way out.

This person has a close relationship with the Phoenix Clan. Fang's family can get the support of the Phoenix Clan as soon as they become surrendered.

Zhao Yuande readily accepted the little luan bird, and no longer planned to send the two of them to the transmission channel, he directly arranged the two into their own body world.

Bu Qing concluded a contract with the little Luan bird and became the owner of the little Luan bird.

After finishing these things, Zhao Yuande was waiting to find the ancient sycamore tree, but he heard a news that some people found the Phoenix Blood Grass.

The appearance of Phoenix Bloodgrass attracted almost everyone in the ruins, and they all hurried towards a huge lake in the north.

Zhao Yuande also joined the team going north, he did not fly too fast, but was among many practitioners.

He was listening to the conversations of these people. Although most of them were news about Phoenix Bloodgrass, he still vaguely heard about an ancient tree.

"Brother, do you know what we saw in a swamp just now?"

"What did you see? Didn't you rob that Bijin fruit? Didn't you grab it?"

"Hey! We went late, but thanks to it too late! We saw a large tree a dozen feet tall in the distance, chasing and killing a large group of cultivators, the group of guys are not weaker than us, but they are I cant afford to twitch the branches of the big tree, but I was twitched in half with just one blow!"

"So strong? Is it a spirit tree that has become elaborate? Or should we stop looking for Phoenix Bloodweed, and simply organize more people to kill the big tree, which is definitely bigger than the Harvest of Phoenix Bloodweed! "

"Don't go! I don't want to die yet! Do you know the Du Fei Wheel of Feng Mo Gu? Suddenly suffocated, the body was sucked out of his blood before becoming a dead body!"

"What! Du Feilun! Although he is not as good as his brother Du Feiyu, but he is also a strong mid-term emperor. His strength can fight the late period of the emperor, even he was pumped to death?"

"It's terrible. Now that area is already a restricted area, no one dares to pass, even Du Feiyu can only bow his head and shut up now!"