Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 979

Chapter 979: Sycamore Tree

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"Several brothers, where is that swamp?" Zhao Yuande heard these people's round and stopped them.

"Boy...cough! This big brother, the swamp is in the west for 100,000 miles. You can see it all the time." One of them was very unhappy and wanted to scold, but he was locked in a terrible breath, he felt himself If you speak poorly again, I am afraid you will be directly killed by the person in front of you.

"Several other people also felt the pressure and didn't dare to say anything at all, so they just turned around and left!"

One hundred thousand miles from the west, Zhao Yuande looked in that direction, but he was not in a hurry!

Anyway, no one who could get this old sycamore tree into the ruins could clean it up, and finally went to find it again.

Soon he saw a huge lake, countless practitioners swarmed in, and the sky was full of practitioners.

There are also powerful people walking on the waves above the big lake. These people are searching for the elixir in the lake. Here the spirit is suppressed within five miles, so if you want to explore with the spirit, it is best to walk on the lake.

"Phoenix blood grass is on the small island in the center of the lake. A lot of powerful people have arrived, and now the phoenix blood grass has not yet matured, and these people have not yet officially started the war!" News soon came,

I don't know if it was intentional or unintentional. This person's voice was very loud, and the news quickly spread to all the practitioners.

The phoenix blood grass is a sacred medicine, even if you can get one, it is worthwhile!

A large number of cultivators flew to the island. At this time, there are already three tiers of cultivators on the island, and many people are looking in one direction.

It was a piece of cliff. The rock on this piece of cliff turned out to be a blood red. At the height of hundreds of feet in the middle of the cliff, a large cluster of green grass was full of vitality.

There are more than a dozen flower-bone flowers on these spirit grasses, and a few flower-bone flowers have been opened to half, and an intoxicating fragrance floats down from the cliff, making everyone feel intoxicated.

This blood-red cliff must have a true phoenix falling, spilling a lot of blood, so it can grow phoenix blood grass.

"I estimate that there is only one hour at most, and these phoenix blood plants will bloom, and then we will unite together, otherwise we will not be able to grab the root hair of so many people!" Suddenly someone started to organize forces and formed one by one. Small team.

Of course, some people began to retreat silently. With so many cultivators here, how can there be only a dozen strains of imperial blood grass? In the end, it's not a showdown!

Zhao Yuande wouldn't have anyone to form a team, he just stood quietly and waited under the cliff.

But at this moment, a rumbling voice suddenly came from the horizon.

The earth began to tremble, and the trembling and heavier, as if a giant giant was approaching here.

"Look, what is that!" Suddenly someone pointed to the distant sky.

Everyone looked in that direction, only to see a giant tree with a height of thousands of feet actually making great strides in their direction.

The roots of the giant tree formed two thick thighs, which were tens of thousands of feet above the ground, but the giant tree had arrived on the shore of the lake in just a few breaths.

"It's that giant tree!" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

"It's such a powerful breath, it seems to have transcended the realm of Divine Emperor!"

"This giant tree likes to absorb the blood of human beings the most. Let's join hands, otherwise we will only die if we are alone!"

"Wait.........What is he going to do!" someone exclaimed at this time.

Just when everyone was discussing and wanting to talk about how to unite, the big tree could pierce the huge root system of the two legs of the star directly into the earth underneath, but in the blink of an eye, everyone felt a burst of movement Shan Yao came.

Immediately afterwards, everyone felt that the ground beneath them began to lift a little bit, and the water in the big lake where they were was actually reduced at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, but the time of one or two breaths was huge. The lake was completely dry.

A huge underwater beast roared, and their eyes were all staring at the mud at the bottom of the lake at this time, and there was a terrified look in their eyes.


A giant tortoise with a size of several acres screamed at once. His solid tortoise shell was pierced by thick roots, but the giant tortoise with a size of a few acres was only a few breaths. With the next turtle shell, all the flesh and viscera and even the bones were eaten by those roots.

"My mother! Let's join a fart, let's run away!"

Seeing this situation, all the cultivators on the island suddenly fry the pan. They seemed to fly towards the sky like headless flies, trying to escape this dangerous land.

But when their figure hadn't flown out of the dry lake area, thick root hairs rose up into the sky, piercing all these people on the root hairs.

The roots sway, and a powerful person is like a breathy balloon. Their flesh and blood are sucked away by the roots and transported from the roots to the ground with the naked eye.

"Ah! Hahaha! The blood of human beings is so cool! I think I will soon break through!" A roar of excitement came, and a large number of practitioners who had not yet flown into the air were scared and pale, and their bodies continued to tremble, double The legs are like sieve bran.

"It's dying! It's dying! What to do! What to do!" There were tears in the eyes of some female practitioners, and they were already terrified.

"Take fire!" The trees are afraid of fire!

Someone came up with this idea, and many cultivators who mastered the laws of the fire system suddenly began to release flames frantically.

Thick fire dragons, fire snakes, and fire birds rushed towards the ancient trees.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head, but this is a plane tree that once inhabited the Phoenix. Will it be afraid of fire?

As expected by Zhao Yuande, these flames burned on the giant tree and were absorbed by the giant tree, making its leaves more shiny. Falling on the root hair, making the root hair more active, it seems to be like a fish in the flames.

"It's over! We are dead!" Everyone felt at this moment that he had fallen into a state of despair. This giant tree could not compete at all and could only wait to die.

"Haha! The relics will be opened once in fifty years, that is, when the Phoenix family let me Emperor Wutong eat, I will break through this time! Break through to the God Emperor Realm..." The giant tree laughed wildly, but the information that came out inadvertently It was Zhao Yuande's heart.

This sycamore tree has survived for many years, but it is still just the cultivation of the Divine Emperor Realm. Its body is huge, and the endless strength of the body is rising. The more difficult it is to promote! However, the more difficult the corresponding promotion, the stronger the promotion.

Although the opponent's current state may be the peak of Divine Emperor, I wonder if I can beat it?