Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Chicken Flying Dog Jump

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Zhao Yuande wiped the cold sweat from the top of his head, these two guys always regardless of the occasion, so they must be killed by them!

After the tea time, Helian Qingyang and Li Tian opened their eyes at the same time.

"Okay! Sure it's a gourmet! A powerful gourmet!" Helian Qingyang's face couldn't be concealed at all. "If this bowl of soup continues, my qi and blood will be at least one percent stronger. If I can drink one Can a hundred bowls be doubled directly?"

There was fanaticism in Helian Qingyangs eyes. This kind of soup is simply the **** soup. If it can be extended to the army, he will soon be able to build an invincible and terrible army. Emperor World is not a dream!

This Zhao Yuande must be firmly in his hands and let him be his master chef!

Li Tian was relatively calm this time. After feeling used to the shock brought by Zhao Yuande, he also gradually calmed down.

He watched Helian Qingyang's severely erupted divine light, and knew the thoughts and ambitions in his heart the first time.

"Cough! Brother Helian, you think too much! This soup is only effective the first three times!"

"Ah! Only the first three times?" Helian Qingyang seemed to be suddenly thrown from the cloud to the ground. The huge drop made him unable to adapt.

"Yes, only the first three times are effective, and only I can modulate it." Zhao Yuande smiled and began to cook again.

Half an hour later, Li Tian opened his glasses with satisfaction, his energy increased by a third, and the excitement on his face was hard to hide.

Next, Zhao Yuande produced continuously, and Helian Qingyang drank the third bowl, the fourth bowl!

In the fourth bowl, Helian Qingyang's face really showed disappointment. His qi and blood increased by 3%, and his fighting power increased a lot, which is comparable to taking a Xuan-level medicine.

"Hey! It's me thinking too much!" Helian Qingyang sighed, and a look of shame appeared on his face.

"Brother Helian doesn't need to be like this. My first time was bigger than your ambition, but the reality is like this, there can't be such a retrograde thing." Li Tian exhorted with a smile, "I invite Brother Helian to come , Just to let you help promote it, Brother Zhao also has many more powerful recipes, as long as someone can afford the price, everything is easy to say!"

"Yes, as long as Brother Helian helps, I will offer you a 20% discount for Brother Helian's coming!" Zhao Yuande came forward smilingly. "And every guest brought by Brother Helian, I will give you a hundred Two-thirds rebate!"

"Two percent?" Helian Qingyang heard this number and couldn't help but pouted.

"Two percent more!" Zhao Yuande knew what the other person was thinking, and continued, "The kind you drink is called Zijin Fengmei Decoction, and its effect is equivalent to an Xuan-level intermediate "Blood Yuan Yuan"! The value of Buxue Yuandan should be one hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade. If the value of my three bowls of soup is set at fifty thousand middle-grade spirit jade, you will get one thousand middle-grade spirit jade!"

"And the most important thing is that this is only the lowest-order food! Think about it, if you help me bring in a customer worth one million, you can be divided into twenty thousand Lingyu, if it is ten million... and this Its just that you use your mouth, it doesnt cost anything at all." Zhao Yuande followed the temptation and said the prospect was infinitely beautiful!

Helian Qingyang was thrilled, just as Zhao Yuande said, if there are 10 million customers, it would be 200,000 Zhongpin Lingyu, which was his six-year dedication!

Although he usually has a lot of places to pay for money on weekdays, he can get up to one hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade at most every year.

"Brother Helian, don't you believe me?" Li Tian came out at this time to make his own guarantee.

"Okay! Then I try, but your price can't be set too high, and Brother Zhao needs an identity!" Helian Qingyang agreed.

"This is not easy!" Zhao Yuande took out the badge of the Xuan-level Danshi, "This is the Danshi badge issued by Sheng Danzong himself!"

"It turns out that Brother Zhao is a Xuan-level Dan Master! Disrespect and disrespect!" He Lian Qingyang faced Zhao Yuande's identity once. Such a young Dan Master is rare in the entire Zhongyu, and there must be a very powerful force behind him. This The power might be Sheng Danzong!

"It's easy to talk! Actually, these food recipes are the crystallization of my master's elders' careful research for hundreds of years. I'm just a communicator." Zhao Yuande first pulled his illustrious master out of the town to make the other party psychologically produce a This kind of pressure and illusion will make me safer in the future.

If so!

Helian Qingyang even more determined that the power behind Zhao Yuande was beyond his imagination.

"Brother Zhao, I will say goodbye to His Royal Highness the third prince!" Helian Qingyang couldn't restrain his excitement at this time, and began to imagine that a lot of spirit jade fell into his pocket. "The two are waiting for me. The news will do!"

"Brother Helian walks slowly!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hands.

"That boy is gone?" At this time, the Black Bear and Master Yijie seemed to be pinched enough, and walked back to the store with bruises.

"You... if it's critical next time, I will add chaos, I will shut your mouth and make you unable to eat for a month!" Zhao Yuande pointed at the two guys, his face shaking constantly, this is angry!

"Hi, hi! Boy, don't be angry! Without us both, even the children can't show up!" Black Bear smirked.

"Exactly! Brother Zhao can not only punish us, but also reward us!" Master Yijie shook his head.

"I prize you guys!" Zhao Yuande rushed up and wrestled with the shameless pair.

Black Bear and Yijie cooperated with each other and put their hands up and down, but Zhao Yuande's physical strength has reached one million pounds at this moment. It is easy to overturn the two guys on the ground, and the big feet kicked on them, and they were relieved!

Li Tian stared at him sideways, these three people made him speechless.

"Come on, you come first! Today I will let you board the yin and yang unity!" Zhao Yuande made troubles with them, and there was a trace of dignity on his face. Although he was strong, he was not enough to deter the Quartet. There are two strong people in the yin and yang unity around, then it will be different. It can deter some small children and save a lot of trouble.

"Really!" Master Yijie's eyes lit up suddenly, and even the bruises on his face that had been stepped on by his big feet became brilliant.

"Houhou! When the Yin-Yang unites, I will definitely pack up your boy!" The black bear waved his paw at Zhao Yuande without any taboo, which was almost heartbroken.

"You stupid bear, can you say that he can help us improve?" Master Yijie glanced at the opportunity, a violent chestnut knocked on the head of the black bear, and it made him yell and scream.

"Aw! Bald, I ate you!" The black bear grinned to his ears and bit towards the head of the ring.


It was another jump of chickens and dogs!

"Stop! Otherwise, the plan will be cancelled immediately!"

"No... Brother Zhao, we are just friendly exchanges!" Master Yijie hurriedly withdrew the big hand holding the black bear's eye beads and grinned.

"Oh boy, I was just a little hungry just now! You see, aren't we peaceful?" The black bear moved his big mouth away from Yi Jie's shoulders, and his paws covered the one and was torn into pieces. Monk clothes and bruises.

"Let's go! Once again, I'm leaving!" Zhao Yuande blacked his face. He felt that he wouldn't be mad at them if he went on like this.