Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 980

Chapter 980: Is There Something Wrong With Your Mind

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Zhao Yuande just thought of it here, a thick root rushed out of the ground, and spurred straight towards Zhao Yuande, the speed and power of which were not worse than that of a strong early God Emperor.


Zhao Yuande is not a person who can't beat bad hands and scold, and he snorted with a finger.


The sky cutting finger cuts through the root hair and cuts the root hair directly into two pieces. The cut root hair twists wildly on the ground, and a bright red juice gushes out from the smooth incision, as if it were human blood.


Although Zhao Yuande only cut off a root beard, the Wutong tree suddenly felt it.

"Damn humanity! How dare you resist, let me die!"

Suddenly more than ten days, the thicker roots rushed out of the earth, and immediately surrounded Zhao Yuande in all directions.

"When am I a soft persimmon?" Zhao Yuande flipped his palms, and colorful swords flew out of his palms, flying in the air.


The sound of the sword chopping the branches was endless, but in the blink of an eye, a lot of broken roots were seized from the ground, and the bright red juice almost all gathered into a stream.

"Huh? I look down on you! This time I look at what you do!" The voice of Wutong Tree is very dignified. At this time, most of its energy is killing the practitioners in other places. Power, but this time it should be enough in its mind.

Each root is countless times thicker than ordinary roots, and the roots like a towering tree burst out of the ground and attacked Zhao Yuande again.

Each of these roots has the thickness of a water tank, and there is a sharp barb growing on it. If it is hit at least, it will tear off a large piece of flesh. If it is punctured, the internal organs and the meridians will be Crushed, very malicious.

However, these are nothing to Zhao Yuande.

"Suppress me!"

The nine rays of light in his palm kept spinning, a terrifying world power flowed on him, and a huge beginning that almost occupied the whole sky slowly fell from the void!

Not to mention those terrible roots at this moment, even the Sycamore tree felt a terrifying pressure.

On the ground centered on Zhao Yuande for a few tens of kilometers, all the boiling roots and hairs burst and burst, and the ground under their feet was instantly suppressed by dozens of feet.

Dozens of practitioners were rescued at this moment. They turned their heads and looked at Zhao Yuande at the moment, with incredible light in their eyes, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande crazy.

In their eyes, Zhao Yuande is the savior, and only those who come to him can feel a sense of security.

"Aw! I'm hurt to death!" A scream came out, and a huge face appeared on the sycamore tree thousands of feet tall. This face was twisted, and it was almost the same as the human expression.

"Indus tree, I didn't go to you, I didn't expect you to come to me in your own initiative, you gave me the last few pages of the exercise, and I will spare you!" Zhao Yuande put on eternal gold Warframe, the killing stick appeared in the hand, pointing at the plane tree.

"What are you talking about! Are you here to find those few pages of exercises? Are you a descendant of the old guy?" The face of Wu Tongshu was shocked, but then there was a burst of ecstasy, "Haha! Eye, finally let you send the exercises!"

The sycamore tree smiled forward and back, its body trembling, and the tens of thousands of square-sized tree covers shook, and countless birds flew out of it, chattering and chattering.

There were also a few spirit apes jumping up and down, squeaking in their mouths, and they seemed very dissatisfied with the plane trees.

"Okay, little guys, don't be angry, I'm so happy! With this exercise, I can practice to the fairyland, and then the Ascension Fairyland will bring you all together!" The plane tree is extremely fierce to humans. But these ordinary birds and spirit apes are very kind, as if they are their children.

"Hey! Is there a problem in your mind! Before you start, do you think you can win?" Although Zhao Yuande doesn't understand what kind of thinking this wutong tree is, he knows that this guy is very difficult to deal with. It would take some effort to defeat him.

"Huh! Since you don't believe me, then I will let you believe it, and come over to me!" The light branches of the phoenix tree flew like lightning, and the flexible branches flew towards Zhao Yuande.

Of course, the attack was not so simple. The underground made a rumbling noise. The thick roots of two dozens of people hugged, like two long sticks, striking him from left to right.

"Haha! Is this your strength? Eat me a stick of real dragon!" Zhao Yuande sneered and waved with a killing stick in his hand. A huge real dragon carried the mighty power of terror towards the paulownia tree and rushed past.

All the auras in the heavens and earth where the real dragon has passed are all absorbed by it. This real dragon is getting bigger and bigger, and finally swelled to tens of thousands of feet. The surroundings have been sucked into a vacuum by the real dragon's horrible suction.

"Come well!" The phoenix tree shouted loudly, and a thick pillar of fire spewed out of its mouth, turning into a flaming phoenix soaring its wings.

The real dragon and the fire phoenix collided together, making a tremendous loud noise, and even the phoenix tree was shaken, almost lying down on the ground.

"Your real dragon is strong, but I can withstand it. I don't know what my solution to your attack is!" The paulownia tree stood firm, but there was a good expression on his face.

"Humph! Your attack is just equivalent to tickling, and it will not cause any harm to me. Do I need to resolve it?" Zhao Yuande's words just fell, and those branches were already drawn on Zhao Yuande.


A series of bursting sounds came, and those branches were drawn to Zhao Yuande without even shaking his figure, but instead they were shocked into a piece of powder.


Immediately afterwards, two thick roots were bombarded from left to right, Zhao Yuande still did not hide, and the two roots crashed on Zhao Yuande.

A violent shock broke through, and hundreds of feet were affected by the shock wave. Several early emperors of the emperor were directly rushed by the shock wave and flew out of the mouth.

Before these people fell to the ground, they were pierced by the roots rushing out of the earth, and the blood fleshed out.

"Your kid gave me bragging, now it's over!" The paulownia tree looked proudly at the location where the thick roots of his legs struck, but he didn't find Zhao Yuande's figure. One of him had been pumped to death.

But at this moment, the Wutong tree suddenly felt a crisis came, and a huge white tiger with sharp tiger claws had come to the front, and a paw grabbed the Wutong tree fiercely.


The tiger's claw directly patted the sycamore tree. The thick sycamore tree shuddered violently, and the metal-colored bark was smashed directly by several square feet, and the entire tree body was sunken.