Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 981

Chapter 981: In A Word

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"It hurts me!" Wu Tongshu's face showed a grin, and then there was endless rage, "Boy, I'm going to eat!"

Thousands of branches twitched wildly, and stormed toward Zhao Yuande who appeared in the void.

The phoenix tree opened its mouth, and thick fire dragons squirted out of his mouth, but in the blink of an eye, hundreds of fire dragons flew in the air, which was completely costless.

Zhao Yuande's body shook again and again, killing the **** stick waving several giant white tigers, Tsing Yi blocked the crazy attack of the branches.

There were more bronze oil lamps in his hands, but they flicked gently in the void. The fire dragons flew into the oil lamps as if the swallows were returning to their nests. However, in the blink of an eye, hundreds of fire dragons could burn the terrible flames of the early emperor's powerful. It was swallowed up by a bronze oil lamp.

An excited figure came from the oil lamp: "delicious! delicious!"

"Boy, what kind of treasure are you! I can swallow my flames!" Wu Tongshu was not surprised that Zhao Yuande could block his attack, but he was very afraid of the bronze oil lamp.

You must know that the flame inside it is a real Phoenix fire in the ancient times. The hot temperature is not weaker than any kind of innate fire. I just spit out a third of the flame in my stomach just now, but I did not expect it to be given by all. Take away.

"It's okay to tell you, this is a jade-glazed glass lamp!" Zhao Yuande held a bronze oil lamp with a smug look on his face.

This oil lamp itself is not powerful. What is great is the fire of Qinglian. The fire of Qinglian now consumes a lot of flames. It is growing anytime and anywhere. It will grow into chaos fire of Qinglian one day sooner or later!

But the flame equivalent to the fairyland can burn the fairyland strong!

"What! Yuxu glazed lamp! The chaotic spirit treasure of the master of Yuxu Palace! Isn't the flame in it the ancient spirit of the spirits!" The plane of Wutong tree changed greatly, and the body began to tremble constantly.

"Yes! If you are still obsessed, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Zhao Yuande, holding a bronze oil lamp, walked step by step into the plane tree in the void.

"Don't you want the last few pages of the book? I tell you that!" The phoenix tree trembles with a look of fear on his face.

The closer Zhao Yuande walked, the more he felt a terrible sense of crisis in the bronze oil lamp, and the flame inside was absolutely fatal to himself.

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande smiled with satisfaction.

"I tell you the exercises in the next few pages. Can you tell me the exercises in front of you?" Wu Tongshu's face was full of anticipation, but he had long thought that Zhao Yuande would not agree with him so easily, and added , "I will tell you that a place of phoenix nirvana in this secret realm is used for exchange!"

"Phoenix Nirvana Land? What is that place? What are the benefits?" Zhao Yuande felt definitely extraordinary when he heard the name. He vaguely felt that the recovery of his essence and blood might have fallen on this Phoenix Nirvana Land.

"The so-called Phoenix Nirvana is the place where the Phoenix is reborn. It is a huge volcano! The volcano has a drop of blood from the ancient Phoenix. If you are strong enough to absorb this drop of blood from the volcano, And you will get some mysteries of Nirvana of Phoenix! Of course it depends entirely on chance." Wu Tongshu explained, "What do you think of this transaction?"

"I'm a bit disadvantaged! Although the Phoenix Nirvana Land is mysterious, it may not be able to obtain benefits. I will not agree to this deal!" Zhao Yuande saw that the other party was very interested in the first half of the practice, so he began to speak.

"I said boy, it's almost done!" Wu Tongshu looked at Zhao Yuande with a bad look. "I'm so upset when I'm upset! I'll take a break with you! The whole ruins are my site. You can't help me!"

"You don't need to change! I'm not that rare!" Zhao Yuande was as fast as lightning, and a flashing body came to the cliff wall, and with a wave of his palm, he directly cut off half of the rock wall.

The high cliff of hundreds of feet before it fell, was sucked into the huge world emerging from behind Zhao Yuande.

Since it hasn't been opened yet, take the rock wall away directly and send it to your own inner world for someone to pick.

"Boy! Hello black! You have broken the roots of the imperial bloodweed!" Wutongshu saw that Zhao Yuande had taken the entire rock wall away, revealing a painful face.

This mountain cliff is the place where the real phoenix bleeds. There are only two places in the whole ruins where the imperial blood grass can grow.

"I don't care! Thank you for your promotion. I don't think there are many volcanoes here. I can definitely find the Phoenix Nirvana everywhere by looking for it." Zhao Yuande's figure went away, and his voice came from far away.

"Stop! You stop, if you have any requirements, let's talk together! Lao Tzu I have planted it!" Although the Wutong tree knew that Zhao Yuande was deliberate, but as Zhao Yuande said, there are only a few volcanoes in the whole ruin, The other party will surely be able to find it soon.

This is the biggest chance he missed, so he will go out and get out!

"That's the right thing to say!" Zhao Yuande returned to Wutong Tree in a hurry and smiled, "Tell me! What else can you do for me? I'm not greedy at all, you will give me some holy medicine gods Medicine, give me another three thousand feet long branch, and..."

"Three thousand feet of branches, you killed me forget it!" The Wutong tree hurriedly interrupted Zhao Yuande's words, "I have a spring of life, you can practice in it, but you can't take me away! If you promise..."

"Okay! It's a word!" Zhao Yuande immediately heard the words "Life Spring" and promised!

The sycamore tree took Zhao Yuande to a majestic volcano soon. The magma in the volcano rolled over and the heat wave was raging, but Zhao Yuande felt an incomparably huge essence and a mysterious power in it.

"This is the land of the Phoenix Nirvana!" The Wutong tree is now more than ten feet tall, and its face is closer to humans. Zhao Yuande only saw that his face was all painful.

"Good! Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "That exercise is divided into nine parts and three parts. I will read the first part to you now..."

Zhao Yuande had already cooked the melons on the back of the exercises, and the Wutong tree listened to the ecstasy on his face. He instantly knew that the exercises had not been changed by Zhao Yuande, or he deliberately missed it.

"You are here to practice the first three steps, I enter the Phoenix Nirvana Land to see!" Zhao Yuande could not help but directly jumped into the crater.

The sycamore tree thought for a moment, and simply started to talk about roots and roots in the ground, as Zhao Yuande said.