Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 982

Chapter 982: I Finally Broke

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As soon as Zhao Yuande fell into the volcano, he transformed into a chaotic holy body. He felt that the flame in the volcano restrained his life constitution.

However, he still felt a scorching heat wave sweeping through, even his powerful body was a bit difficult at this time.

He did not dare to neglect and hurriedly took out the bronze oil lamp and held it in his hand.

A huge suction came from the oil lamp, and all the heat around him was sucked into the oil lamp, and he felt much better.

Falling into the boiling magma, he did not sense the huge essence and mysterious power in the magma. He suddenly began to radiate out his own soul.

Sure enough, a long channel was hidden next to the boiling magma pool. The channel meandered down, and a huge stream of essence gas passed from it.

"Sure enough, here!" Zhao Yuande rushed into the channel with a happy heart.

The passage meanders down, and I don't know how many miles, at his speed, it took a dozen breathing time.

Suddenly, there was a sudden and bright sight in front of him, and a huge underground magma lake appeared in front of him.

The magma in this magma lake has a thick purple color, and the temperature makes Zhao Yuande feel hot. Zhao Yuande feels that if there is no bronze oil lamp in hand, he really dare not get close to this magma lake.

But the huge essence and the mysterious power in the Magma Lake made him suddenly excited.

He estimated that the essence contained in it was enough to fully restore the body's blood, and that mysterious power seemed to be a force that can bring people back to life, not only the flesh but also the soul. Some mysteries made Zhao Yuande have a bold idea.

After the Bajing Palace's Sanqing practice together to a certain level of cultivation, you can divide three avatars with blood and flesh and independent spirits.

Although his cultivation is not enough now, can he use the mysterious power here to differentiate his life constitution into his first avatar?

The benefits of practicing the first doppelganger are many. Cultivation is the right thing to do when two people practice together. The training speed is twice as fast as before.

The main body of Dao Road realized by Doppelganger is naturally understood, and the minds and minds of the battle are connected. It is not as simple as one plus one.

And if you can cultivate the first doppelganger here, the following practice of life fountain eye can retreat the first doppelganger to a new height, and one can enter the realm of the emperor!

But once there is a first avatar, the physical body of the first avatar is slightly weaker...

Zhao Yuande thought a lot, weighing the pros and cons, and soon his body sank into the magma lake.

Time rushed, three months passed, and the plane tree under cultivation suddenly felt a violent shaking in the sky and earth, dark clouds rolled in the sky, and a thick thunder poured down from the sky, and it would instantly The entire volcano was submerged.

"This kid broke through!" The plane tree looked at the terrifying thunder in the sky with horror, pulling its roots out of the ground, and turned into two big long legs to scatter the girl.

It has been withdrawn for thousands of miles, and only then felt the terrible crisis disappear.

"This kid is so against the sky, this kind of thunder is simply more powerful than the emperor's robbery!" Wutong tree stopped on a majestic mountain and observed this terrifying thunder robbery.

"It turned out to be a continuous breakthrough! Two consecutive thunderstorms, this kid is really against the sky. No wonder he can contend with me in this state, even the original true phoenix did not do so. Hey... I have to stay away point!"

After the thunder roared, the sky, water, wind, and fire suddenly fell into the sky. Many disasters lasted for ten days and ten nights.

Even the Sycamore tree began to wonder if Zhao Yuande died in the sky-tribulation. Zhao Yuande came out of the volcanic ruins with a smile on his face.

At this time, tens of thousands of volcanoes have been razed to the ground, and the entire area was swept away by the terrible sky-tribulation. The original green grass and lush forests were destroyed by the living and became a solitary place.

"Huh! Your kid hasn't been promoted to the realm of the emperor! Where did the Heavenly Tribulation just come from?" The Wutong tree looked up and down at Zhao Yuande, only to feel that this young man was still staying at the triple peak of the world at this time, except for his blood and blood. Outside the dragon, nothing else has changed.

"Oh! I used to suppress my cultivation behavior, so the Heaven Tribulation did not fall. I didn't expect this cultivation to accidentally reveal the true cultivation behavior, so..."

Zhao Yuande's words were half-truths. One of the two heavenly disasters turned out to be the robber of avatars. The present body is the avatar, and the body is hidden in the inner world of the avatar.

"Let's go! Go to my fountain of life!" The Indus tree also consciously, mainly because it tasted the sweetness of the practice, and was eager in his heart.


The sycamore tree brought Zhao Yuande to the valley last time. When the sycamore tree removed the heavy restraint in the valley, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt an incomparably pure life energy wrapped himself, an indescribable comfort Feeling flooded in his heart, he really wanted to practice here for a lifetime.

"Good! Good! This time you will tell me the exercises on the last few pages, and I will tell you all the remaining exercises!" Zhao Yuande feels that the life avatars here can definitely be promoted to the realm of the emperor.

"Boy! You are here to practice, but you are not allowed to cross the sky here again, but this is the center of the whole ruin. If you make such a big move just now, I am afraid the whole ruin will be destroyed!" Zhao Yuande.

"Relax! I have a lot in mind." Zhao Yuande nodded, turned and walked into the eyes of the fountain of life.

"Hey! I don't know, this exchange is right or wrong!" The sycamore tree sighed lightly, also rooted in the valley, and began to cultivate through the eyes of life spring.

Time hurriedly passed by half a year. The phoenix tree suddenly burst into flames from the cultivation of the indus tree. The terrifying power swept through the sky. The thunder in the sky thundered and the five-colored sky was mighty. It was about to pour down.

"Haha! Lao Tzu finally broke through!" The Wutong tree opened his eyes excitedly, plucked the root beard, and ran away, taking Tiancai away.

And just at this time, the sky was thundering again, a strange horn sounded through the world, a huge golden palace appeared and disappeared in the void, and the entire remnant of the sky was torn apart by terrible forces. There was a huge mouth, beyond which he could clearly see the endless starry sky and a huge blood-red world floating up and down.

Suddenly, life energy surged in the eyes of Life Spring, and a figure soared into the sky. It was Zhao Yuande.