Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 983

Chapter 983: Emperor Realm

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At this time, he was breathing like a sea, and the endless energy of life was violent in his body, forming a huge world phantom, which was magnificent.

"Finally, the Emperor's Realm has been achieved. In this Heavenly Tribulation, the Immortal Palace appeared again. I have to deal with it carefully!" Zhao Yuande turned away in the opposite direction to the plane tree.


A thick thunder came down, knocking the sycamore tree upside down, and the curtain was painful.

"I'm too apocalyptic this day. If it weren't for my infinite years of growth, my body was as majestic as the sea, and my flesh was even more powerful, otherwise it was really..." The phoenix tree resisted a wave of thunder. , Suddenly felt the sound of war drums beating from the far horizon.

He looked beyond that direction curiously, and his complexion suddenly became very exciting.

"That's... The Immortal Palace's robbery! Twelve immortals of the powerful existence of the Immortal Realm emerged from the Immortal Palace... My God..." Seeing this scene, the Wutong Tree almost forgot that he was in a robbery and was The head of the terrible thunderbolt smoked, and the huge body almost fell to the ground.

Thanks to its early transfer of many small animals living on the tree cover to the in-vivo world, otherwise it will now become a pool of black ash.

"That is the phantom of Dali Xian, what a terrible power! That is the phantom of Tianyin Xian. It is said that every sentence of Tianyin Xian can capture people's souls!

The sycamore tree is a little numb at this time, and the kid has gone against the sky, otherwise there will be no such catastrophe at all. God, I dont want to give him a way of life!

However, the Wutong tree was in vain. No matter how terrible the disaster was, Zhao Yuande once spent it. This powerful heavenly disaster is still a little worse than his field disaster, so it is relatively easy for Zhao Yuande.

This time the Heavenly Tribulation lasted for three days and three nights. Zhao Yuande's first avatar, Zhao Fourteen, successfully entered the emperor's realm.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was also in control of Zhao Xie's life way. If he wanted to be promoted to the emperor through the life way, he wouldn't need any effort at all.

However, Zhao Yuande cannot satisfy the way of life. He wants to comprehend the rules of time and space to understand the way of the void, and to promote the emperor through the way of the void!

The way of the void is promoted to the emperor, which is comparable to the way of life stronger than one star.

There are ten million avenues, which can be divided into three.

The third level is a single avenue of ordinary gold, wood, fire, earth, wind, thunder and so on.

The second level is the combination of several single avenues.

The first class is the most difficult to understand, such as chaos, vanity, eternity, nature...

Zhao Yuande originally intended to comprehend the Dahua Dadao through Kazuo Fist, but because the power of vanity in the Phoenix Mask was too little, Zhao Yuande could only find another way to finally determine the Void Dadao.

The first avatar was promoted to the emperor this time, not only the fighting power has been improved a lot, even if the essence blood and the spirit of the soul have inherited 30% of the body, plus the promotion in the eyes of the life spring, the body blood in his body is probably half of the body, but the spirit It hasn't recovered now, it's just now that it's just entering the middle of the Divine Emperor.

And this time, the body took out 30% of the essence blood and the soul to condense into the first avatar. It is not distressing. The essence blood has been fully recovered in the Phoenix Nirvana, and the spirit needs to slowly find opportunities to recover, although some affect the combat effectiveness. However, if the fighting power of the first avatar is added, it cannot be the same.

"Hehe! Congratulations!" Although the Wutong Tree had already been promoted to God Emperor Realm at this time, he felt the deep sense of danger from Zhao Yuande's body and spoke a little politely.

"Okay, don't be polite. At this time, the strong people of the Phoenix family must have noticed the situation in the secret realm, they will not come in to detect it!" Zhao Yuande asked the other party, "And the Phoenix family can obviously come in and explore by themselves, but Why put so many other power practitioners?"

"Cough! Ha ha!" The sycamore trunk coughed, with a smug smile, "They are for me, and my growth requires a lot of human blood, so..."

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded, but at this time the Phoenix family did not force it, just open the ruins, and people who are not luckily greedy will not enter the ruins, so it is no wonder that the Phoenix family is insidious.

"Okay, it was a pleasant meeting with you. I hope that one day you will be able to successfully ascend to the fairyland, and we will see you again!" Zhao Yuande got what he wanted, and no longer delayed his flight.

"Goodbye!" Wu Tongshu looked at Zhao Yuande's back, and the branches and leaves shook for a while, and there was an expectation on his face. Immortal world is where it has been longing. Now that he has obtained this kind of exercise, it is also a hope.

Zhao Yuande soon came to the transmission channel, and there are still practitioners who are here one after another. These people's faces may have a trace of excitement, or an expressionless face, or a sad face.

After nearly a year of exploration, some of these people have obtained treasures, some have improved their cultivation, and some have lost partners.

Zhao Yuande naturally did not pay too much attention to these people, and quickly entered the transmission channel, and the figure disappeared into the ruins in an instant.

The next moment appeared on the hot and flaming True Phoenix Mountain.

He looked around and suddenly saw a small town not far away.

This small town was established here by the Phoenix people. At this time, a large group of cultivators spontaneously formed a small trading market, trading treasures and elixir obtained from the remains.

In the trading market, there is a group of strong Phoenix family to maintain order. The Phoenix family will draw a certain fee in the transaction, which is the management fee.

Zhao Yuande turned around in the market curiously, and found that a large number of merchants were buying here, and some cultivators really got a lot of good things, in exchange for a lot of cultivating materials.

However, Zhao Yuande didn't like anything, so he wanted to leave after a turn.

But at this moment he heard a familiar voice.

"Uncle, Ruoyu was really taken away by someone, she was confused by that person, and I was helpless so I can only ask your old man." This turned out to be Feng Yuanshan's voice, at this time he was nodding and standing in a middle-aged In front of people, a series of painful colors.

"Who the **** are people who dare to take away our Fang's family! Are you clear about where you are coming from?" The middle-aged man looked very unsightly and stared at Feng Yuanshan.

This middle-aged man's cultivation is very high. He turned out to be a strong man in the early days of the Divine Emperor. He was calm and powerful, and he was not angry. He stood in front of him and was shocked by the powerful momentum exuded from him. Ordinary people are afraid to even speak.