Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 985

Chapter 985: Slander

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"Son! Can you come forward..." Fang Ruoyu suddenly thought of the identity of the man next to him, his eyes lit up, and whispered in a hurry.

"You can rest assured that since your family wants to be subject to me, I will naturally protect your uncle's completeness! But now I don't need to come forward. Your uncle has special exercises and should be able to fight this thin old man for a while." Zhao Yuande nodded gently to her, indicating that she should not worry.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, Fang Ruoyu immediately let go of his heart, but he still looked at the situation in the field with concern.

"Qianhao, let's go outside the city to fight!" Fang's boss figure flashed out of the town.

"Humph! Today I will cut you!" Qian Hao snorted coldly, keeping up with his figure.

"There is a great emperor and a great war!" Someone shouted suddenly, and countless practitioners swarmed out and flew out of the town.

Zhao Yuande took Fang Ruoyu to appear in the sky outside the city, and the two had already started a fierce collision!

Because this is on the territory of the Phoenix Clan, the two people dared not let go of their hands and feet to fight, otherwise they used their cultivation practice, although they did not destroy the stars with only one hand, but it was a breeze to take pictures of broken mountains.

Although the two people tried their best to converge, but the shock wave brought by the powerful force destroyed most of the small town walls, and dozens of houses collapsed. Fortunately, the people here are powerful cultivators, otherwise they will be buried in the houses. There is no doubt that it will die.

Countless practitioners couldn't stand back, and were affected by the terrible shock wave. A mouthful of blood was sprayed from their mouths and their faces were pale.

A few more people with lower cultivation levels were stunned to death by the earthquake, and no one left to lie on the ground.

"You two stop me! This is the territory of the Phoenix Clan, how can you let you want to be here!" Suddenly a loud drink came from afar, and the three-great mother-in-law, who was holding a golden cane, came to the top of the two.

The two felt a crisis, and they both separated.

"Four elders!" Qian Hao bowed his head, but this is a late Emperor of the Phoenix family, but the four elders of the Phoenix family, real power figures.

"Sanhuang mother-in-law!" Fang's boss obviously also knew the old woman.

"Oh! It turned out to be Qian Hao, Elder Qian!" Mother-in-law San Huang apparently didn't expect Qian Hao to fight here and could not help frowning. "You are the elder guest of my Phoenix family, don't you know the rules of the family? ?"

"Four elders are all Fang Yun. As an elder who strikes and hurts me for no reason, I am really angry but I have a few words with him. He will fight me!" Qian Hao bowed slightly. , Humble attitude.

Don't look at him as the middle of the Divine Emperor, but by chance, he got a cave mansion by coincidence to achieve this achievement, but the combat power is not at all, even Fang Yun in the early stage of the Divine Emperor can not take it.

"Oh?" San Huang turned her head to look at Fang Yun, the boss of Fang's family, with a fierce light flashing in her eyes, coldly said, "Fang Yun, but this matter!"

"It's true! But I didn't do it for no reason." Fang Yun said to the mother-in-law of Sanhuang who was neither humble nor overbearing, and said loudly, "Feng Yuanshan, Qian Hao's disciple, is our son-in-law. Abandoning his wife and fleeing alone, and deceiving me in many ways, mother-in-law Sanhuang, should I say that I should try to teach him!"

Although Feng Yuanshan is a general practitioner, he is a very flamboyant person. He is more like a dashing and elegant scholar dressed in his vassal style. He is almost well known in this circle of the emperor world.

As soon as Fang Yun said this, the people who looked at the lively distance suddenly showed shock and curiosity.

"What! I used to drink with their husband and wife, but I didn't expect Feng Yuanshan to be such a person!"

"It's really knowing people, knowing faces and not knowing! Such a good woman, you say... a pity!"

"That's too bad guys!"

"What a scum..."


The scolding sounded like a lie, and countless people looked at Feng Yuanshan with contempt.

"He...spitting blood!"

Feng Yuanshan only felt that his face was hot for a while and he couldn't directly find a ground seam, but he knew he couldn't admit it, otherwise he would be finished!

"It's clearly a **** who thinks differently and fancyd that little white face. The two were hooked together to become a traitor. My old husband and wife left with mercy and hatred! But I didn't expect you to dare to scorn me like this. Master, you're the master! You have to make the decision for me!" Feng Yuanshan also got rid of it, and his face was gone.

"You... shameless!" Fang Ruoyu was almost stunned when he heard Feng Yuanshan's words. Was this the same gentle man who cared for himself? Why is it so bad and so disgusting!

The cramps in her heart burst into a mouthful of blood!

"Ruoyu... Are you okay!" Fang Yun supported her niece and gave her a hint of spiritual power to help her smooth the tumbling blood inside her body, but a pair of eyes stared at Feng Yuanshan deadly, killing in the eyes The intention can't be concealed.

San Huangs mother-in-law looked at Fang Yun and Fang Ruoyu, and she saw at a glance that Feng Yunshan was lying, but Qian Yuan, the master of Feng Yuanshan, was the elder guest of the Phoenix clan, and Feng Yuanshan was also considered to be a half disciple of the Phoenix clan. The practice spreads, I am afraid that the Phoenix family will also be ridiculed, it is better...

"Fang Yun, are you Fang's family so shameless? Take your niece away immediately, otherwise you will be welcome!" Mother-in-law Huang Huang looked at Fang Yun with a sneer.

"What! Mother-in-law Huang..." Fang Yun's face changed as he listened to her mother-in-law, and the performance of the other party was so poor. Anyone can see that Feng Yuanshan was just lying. He didn't expect that mother-in-law Huang would actually in this way.

However, Fang Yun still sighed at the next moment. The situation is stronger than others. Their Fang family is not as strong as the Phoenix family. They say that the wind is the wind and the rain is the rain. They simply can't resist and can only endure in silence.

"People are clear from the turbid and those from the turbid! No one else is a fool, let's go if it rains!" Fang Yun left a sentence and was about to take his niece away, but found his niece broke away from him Palm, rushed towards the young man.

"The young man begs you to come forward, and if it rains innocently!" Fang Ruoyu fell down and knelt in front of Zhao Yuande with unspeakable disappointment and resentment on her face. She never dreamed that the man could say such a thing.

"Okay! Get up! Even if you don't ask me, I won't spare him!"

Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and Fang Ruoyu only felt an irresistible force pushing himself to Fang Yun.