Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 986

Chapter 986: Phoenix Order

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He walked out slowly, looking at Feng Yuanshan.

"Feng Yuanshan, if you admit it wrong, maybe I can still make you alive, but you really have no limit for your life, and you dare to slander me, you will die today without a doubt." Zhao Yuande walked to the field step by step, face Murderous.

"Boy! Who are you? But an emperor's little guy, what atmosphere are you blowing here! Believe it or not, I slapped you with a slap!" Qian Hao saw Zhao Yuande stand out, and he was terrified, killing himself His disciple couldn't help showing a sneering look on his face.

At this time, the mother-in-law Sanhuang frowned, and she looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly felt that the young man was familiar with her. She racked her brains and did not expect who the child was, only if the child was a child of a large family.

But at this moment, Fang Yun pulled his niece and asked in a puzzled way: "Ruo Yu, who is this person? Why did you kneel to him, what is his origin?"

Fang Ruoyu was miserable at this moment, his face full of sorrow, facing Fang Yun said: "Uncle, I have turned to him, you can rest assured that he can protect our Fang family, no matter who can move our Fang family!"

Fang Ruoyu's words did not use the spirit to convey the sound. Many people immediately heard it. I don't know how many people's eyes fell on Zhao Yuande at the moment.

"Huh! The little girl doesn't know that the sky is thick and thick, so he can save your Fang family? You are not dreaming!" Qian Hao squinted Zhao Yuande, with a sarcasm on his face, "No matter what child you are from a big family You have to bow your head in front of the four elders of the Phoenix family! You dare to blow the atmosphere here, and don't hurry to kneel and knock the four elders!"

"Humph! Find death!"

Zhao Yuande had a big hand, and nine dazzling gods twirled in his palm. A magnificent world appeared behind Zhao Yuande and pressed toward Qianhao.

"Hey! Just a big world, how dare you want to suppress... Ah!" Qian Hao sneered when he saw Zhao Yuande's big world phantom, but he didn't wait for his words to finish, and suddenly felt a horror. The strength of his body was suppressed on top of his head. His body shuddered, and the body suppressed by this force suddenly entered the bottom, leaving only one head exposed.

"What! A powerful middle-aged emperor was directly suppressed! Who the **** is this!" Grandma Sanhuang suddenly changed color.

Countless people were dumbfounded. What is the situation? An emperor easily suppressed a **** emperor? Are you kidding me?

"Master!" Feng Yuanshan's voice was full of anxiety. How could he think that the master who was the emperor was actually suppressed by the kid, and his brain was short-circuited!

"Ruoyu! Who is he? In the end... This is too ridiculous!" Fang Yun's heart was full of joy at this time, this kind of genius he had never heard of before!

"Ah! Get away from me!" Qian Hao roared wildly, mobilizing all the power in his body, trying to rush out from under the earth, but how could Zhao Yuande let him do it!

Zhao Yuande cracked down with all his strength. Everyone only felt the sky turned upside down, as if the entire sky dome was cracked down, and Qian Hao seemed to be a seven-inch poisonous snake. Yu Qi gathered his mouth and spouted a sip of blood.

"The son is surnamed Zhao!" At this moment, San Huang's mother-in-law suddenly thought of a person, her face suddenly turned into a wonderful match.

"Oh! You guessed it!" Zhao Yuande wrinkled and suppressed Qianhao, turned his head to look at Mother Sanhuang, sneering in the corner of her mouth.

"Can the son spare Qian Hao, he is always my guest elder of the Phoenix Clan!" Although the mother-in-law of Sanhuang knew Zhao Yuande's identity, she still wanted to keep Qian Hao, even in the super clan such as the Phoenix clan. People in the environment are still high-end combat power.

"Mother Sanhuang, you are probably not the core of the Phoenix family!" Zhao Yuande looked at the corner of Mother Sanhuang's mouth with a sneer.

"What are you saying?" San Huang's mother-in-law's face is not pretty, but this identity is not what she can provoke, even if the other party ridicule her, she can only endure.

"You killed Qian Hao with my own hands! Otherwise, you four elders wouldn't have to do it!" Zhao Yuande shook his hand and threw Qian Hao pressed on the ground to San Huang's mother-in-law.

Although the Phoenix and Zhenlong tribes now cooperate with him on the surface, they are basically secretly dependent on his forces. Of course, this is only known to the seniors of the two tribes.

Although San Huang's mother-in-law was somewhat afraid of Zhao Yuande, at this time, her eyes were fierce, and the other party did not put herself in the eye.

To know that she is a strong man in the late Emperor of God, this kind of strong man has his own dignity, and she can't help but face a junior who can only suppress with one hand.

"No matter who you are, I have to teach you well today!" San Huang's mother-in-law put the Qianhao hand in hand down, and the leading crutches smashed directly towards Zhao Yuande.

"Huh! Old fellow, look at what this is." Zhao Yuande activated the blue phoenix order to his own phoenix order, and threw it directly to the mother-in-law.

San Huang's mother-in-law saw a flame coming towards her, and wanted to be smashed by a cane, but when she felt the breath in the flame, she suddenly changed her face and hurriedly withdrew her cane, her hands caught Phoenix make.

"This is the Phoenix Order! How can you have this kind of thing!" Mother Huang's face suddenly became very ugly. She knew what the Phoenix Order represented. That was the supreme majesty of the Phoenix family. There were only ten in the family. How could he have such a token.

"Soon you will know!" Zhao Yuande's face was silent.

"Ruoyu! Who is he?" Fang Yun felt that something was wrong, and no longer dared to ask questions directly, but instead changed his mind.

"He is Zhao XIV! It is rumored that this is the first person in the Xianban of Wanjie City. I plan to let the family trust him and let him take care of our Fang family to develop smoothly in the True Phoenix World!" Fang Ruoyu said.

"What! Zhao XIV...that may be the young man of Zhao Yuande!" Fang Yun's face suddenly showed ecstasy, "Good! Ruoyu, you made a great contribution to the family! I don't know this son Zhao Has it been agreed?"

"Well! I promised!" Fang Ruoyu nodded.

"Great!" Fang Yun, even a hundred years old, couldn't help but wave his fist in excitement.

"Mr. Zhao, I..." Grandma Sanhuang suddenly felt very powerless and didn't know what to say!

Obviously the other party was right, he must have some agreement with the family.

Although I am the four elders of the Phoenix family, but it is not the pure Phoenix bloodline, I can't even participate in the internal decision-making of the Phoenix family. It seems that I really offended this one today!