Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 987

Chapter 987: Elder

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What should I do now? Did you really kill Qian Hao?

Just when she was hesitant, a golden rainbow appeared on the horizon, but then came to the top of everyone's head!

A middle-aged man with a heroic figure and a long beard appeared in front of everyone. As soon as this middle-aged man appeared in front of everyone, they only felt that a glare like a blazing sun fell on them. There was awe in my heart.

Feeling the power of this person, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but move, this person was too strong to compete with the Dragon Emperor.

"Sanhuang has seen the elders!" When her mother-in-law saw the appearance of this person, she immediately bowed her head respectfully.

Hearing the three words of elder elder, everyone at the scene couldn't help but change his face, and suddenly many people began to talk quietly.

"What! This person is Lord Lansheng, the elder of the Phoenix family! It is said that this person has already reached the fairyland!"

"It's such a powerful force, it really deserves to be an immortal strong man! The **** emperor is just a child compared to it!"

"We in the True Phoenix World have such a strong person in order to occupy an important position in the beginning, I have admired for a long time!"


Zhao Yuande could not help but nod when listening to the various discussions, the Phoenix family looked very popular among the real world of the Phoenix.

"Who inspired this token?" The elder with the long beard and high crown just nodded slightly, but his gaze fell on the token in the hands of mother-in-law Sanhuang.

"It's me!" Zhao Yuande took a step forward. There was no awe in the face, but only a smile.

"You? Are you..." The elder with the long beard and high crown didn't pay attention to Zhao Yuande, but when he heard Zhao Yuande talking, he turned his head and looked at it. Who is the man, his face suddenly showed a bright smile.

"Oh! It's Zhao Gongzi! Why didn't you notify me of the Phoenix family when you arrived at My True Phoenix World, we are also kind enough to treat you."

The smile on the big elder's face suddenly surprised all the people on the scene!

Especially the mother-in-law of Sanhuang, the expression on her face was extremely wonderful at this time.

She really can't imagine that even the majestic elder in the family can laugh so brightly!

She could even feel that the elder elder's smile even had a hint of flattery!

Is this the case?

At this time, Qian Hao, who was standing behind her mother-in-law, was so scared, he had no difficulty in imagining what his ending was like, but at this time he did not dare to take any action, but it was a fairyland The strong, people may kill themselves with one look.

Honestly waiting for death may get a happy, if you still want to run, I am afraid there is no place to die!

And Feng Yuanshan behind him had already been numb by Zhao Yuande's shocked expression, at this time his brain had been messed up, and the mess was a mess.

And Fang Ruoyu and Fang Yun, at this time, the face is abnormally excited, they did not expect Zhao Yuande's influence to be so great!

This guardian of the True Phoenix Great World, this kind of character even has such an attitude towards Zhao Yuande. They can already imagine that the Fang family will soon take off.

"Senior Lansheng, I really dont want to disturb the Phoenix family. This time the incident itself was caused by Fang girl, let Fang girl tell you! Fang girl, you come and tell the original thing to Lansheng Listen!" Zhao Yuande waved at Fang Ruoyu.

Fang Ruoyu's heart suddenly felt a little bloody. She was the first time a strong man in the fairyland, but she saw her Yuan Zhao's encouragement, and she suddenly let go of her heart.

Fang Ruoyu told the story in front of this fairyland powerhouse, she did not add fuel to it.

"What! There is such a thing! How can such a person mix into my Phoenix family! Sanhuang, you elders in charge of foreign affairs do this!" Lan Sheng suddenly changed his face after listening to Fang Ruoyu!

This Zhao Yuande is the key to whether the Phoenix Clan can rise again in the future, and more importantly, the secret password has been sent by the Phoenix Clan in the fairy world. They must be stubborn to Zhao Yuande, and they must join the forces of Zhao Yuande anyway.

Maybe in the future, the Phoenix family in the fairy world will rely on this relationship to rise again!

Although they don't know why Xianjie attaches great importance to Zhao Yuande, they know what kind of characters they went to on the day of Zhao Yuande's wedding, even the Emperor Lingxu sent a big gift!

Now that there are people of the Phoenix family who dare to humiliate this person without knowing his life and death, he wished he could stab him in thousands.

"The elder elder is angry! The angry man! San Huang doesn't know the identity of this son, how offended! I'll deal with it according to family regulations now!" .

"Three..." Qian Hao knew his destiny for a long time, but when destiny came, his face was still full of despair and fear.

Under the mother-in-law of Sanhuang, Qian Hao and Feng Yuanshan were scattered.

"Well! Fang's family has now surrendered to me!" Zhao Yuande looked at Lan Sheng and smiled. "Please also ask Senior Lan Sheng to help them a lot, and make them your indestructible allies."

"Oh! That's easy to say! San Huang, you have to do this!" Lan Sheng looked at San Huang's mother-in-law, her eyes showed sternness, "If you can't handle this matter, don't do the position of your elder!"

"Yes!" San Huang's mother-in-law was startled and bowed her head in a hurry.

"Let's go! Xiaoyou, let's sit down with our Phoenix clan. The girl of Phoenix happens to be in the clan... Haha!"


Zhao Yuande really met the Blue Phoenix among the Phoenix people.

Lan Fenghuang told him many things that happened in the fairy class at this time, basically nothing to do with Zhao Yuande.

The return of the Blue Phoenix this month has a month, and after a month Xianban will begin to enter an ancient region.

This is the last time that Xianjie appraises the disciples of Xianban. As long as you pass this test, Xianjie will open a real road to heaven and pass through the twelve cities!

As for the ancient regions and the road to heaven, even the Phoenix family, a family inherited from the ancients, has no information.

Zhao Yuande thought of the phoenix mask in his hand, but at this time he did not fully comprehend the chemical boxing. After many battles, he still found some flaws. The strength of the chemical boxing has not been fully exerted, so he wanted to use this one. In the time of the month, re-enlighten the boxing fist.

Under the arrangement of Blue Phoenix, Zhao Yuande began a one-month retreat practice.