Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 989

Chapter 989: Zulong Star Field

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They were immediately shocked to see that there was a huge dragon corpse in the star field in front of them that did not know how long it was. This dragon corpse was completely petrified under the terrible attack of the years, but even if it was so terrible The power is still frightening!

The dragon corpses are stretched and I dont know how many billions of miles. With their cultivation practices, they cant even see their heads. Its scales are as huge as a big world!

"What a big dragon corpse! How powerful was this dragon corpse? Was it stronger than Immortal Emperor?" Suddenly, some disciples exclaimed.

"This dragon has been dead for so many years, the corpses are petrified, and it can emit such a powerful power. It is incredible!"

"I can't imagine how powerful it was..."


"This celestial field is the legendary ancestral dragon celestial field. It is a dead ancestral dragon. Each scale of the ancestral dragon has been transformed into a world. There are a total of 99,800 scales. There are 99,800 worlds of different sizes! This star field has been destroyed by the God of War as early as ancient times. There will be many strange things happening, and there are many terrible crises. We will send you into In the mouth of Zulong, then you can freely explore!" An immortal looked at this dead Zulong and couldn't help but look shocked. Even in Xian Realm, he had never seen such a huge creature, even if he was called Kunpeng Immortal Emperor's supreme Immortal Emperor turned into a body, and his wings were not so big!

"I add, you must explore carefully, don't take the risk, only live to cultivate to a higher level, there is hope! If you die, everything will be empty!" The teenager put away the evil smile on his face , Said this to everyone.

But after he finished, he quickly recovered the uninhibited boy with a wicked smile.

The two angels frowned slightly after hearing the words of the teenager. Of course they knew the real purpose of these disciples coming here. The teenager's opening would make these disciples more cautious. They had a hunch that the exploration would not be too smooth.

Zhao Yuande naturally knew what the teenager meant, but other people didn't know, but after the reminder from the teenager, these people were also somewhat wary of this trial and exploration.

"Okay! Let's set off!" Another fairy ambassador quickly urged the fairy boat under him and rushed to the head of Zulong.

They looked at the ancestral dragon's corpse in front of them, but it also took three hours to reach the head of the ancestral dragon's body. At this time, the dragon's power came stronger and stronger, making it very difficult for them to breathe.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande felt a coercion from the Divine Emperor, which made him slightly discolored.

Even if they are two elder envoys, their cultivation practices are both fairyland, but their faces are not very good-looking, only the mouth of the teenager still has a evil smile, a casual look.

"Okay! Finally arrived!"

The flying boat flew into Zulong's slightly open mouth, and everyone felt the pressure on his body disappeared, which gradually returned to normal.

At this moment, they passed a huge rock with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. This huge rock was neatly arranged with dozens of rocks. Zhao Yuande observed for a long time that this huge rock was just a tooth of Zulong!

"Lastly, I would like to say that in the belly of the ancestral dragon is an ancient region that has been sealed for countless years. Although the purpose of lowering the fairy world is to allow you to explore freely, there is an additional condition with the purpose. If anyone can find it The ancient teleportation array in this ancient area, or mysterious ban, and then report, you will get a mysterious reward from the fairy emperor palace!"

"Mysterious reward!"

Hearing these four words, a few people, including Zhao Yuande, and other people's eyes suddenly lighted up. Just as the teenager reminded them, these people instantly forgot.

The mysterious rewards from the Xiandi Palace, although in Zhao Yuande's opinion, there is nothing to expect, but for these ordinary Xianban disciples, they can't stand this temptation!

This is a great opportunity, everyone wants to seize this opportunity.

The evil smile in the corner of the boy's mouth remained the same, he shook his head gently, and said nothing more.

The two old men were relieved when they saw the boy's silence.

Zhao Yuande each of them received the Jade Amulet distributed by the Immortal Envoy. As long as they discovered the ancient teleport town and the mysterious prohibition, they could notify the Xian Envoy through the Jade Amulet.

When everything was clear and the jade symbols were all sent out, Xianzhou had come to Zulong's throat.

There was darkness here, and everyone only felt that an invisible light film blocked the way of Xianzhou and prevented the flying boat from moving forward.

"You can enter! This prohibition has existed forever and can stop all the powerful people above the emperor from entering, and we have no way to continue to send you! The next is all on your own!" Xian Shi said, they are now Standing at the end of Xianzhou, it seems that this ban has caused great harm to them, making their faces slightly twisted.

All the people said that the elders jumped from the bow to the unknown ancient area.

Zhao Yuande leaped from the fairy boat, and suddenly felt that he had penetrated a thin layer of light film, and the next moment he appeared in a desert of yellow sand.

The sun was scorching on the ground, and the yellow sand was hot on the ground. If ordinary people appeared here, they might be baked to dry the water and become a corpse, but Zhao Yuande didn't feel it at all. He looked around and tried to find some Clues.

"There! I feel the breath of life in that direction!"

Zhao Yuande wanted to fly through the sky in one direction, but before the body flew, he felt a huge pressure coming from the sky and directly pressed him down.

"It can't fly!" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. He quickly checked his Xiu Wei and Shen Soul, and found that both Xiu Wei and Shen Soul were not suppressed.

He tentatively probed the soul into the sky, and when he reached more than ten feet tall, he felt an invisible force bounce his spirit back!

Since I cant fly, lets not even think about it, lets just use your feet!

He walked on the sand, and the speed was not much slower than the flight, but he ran out a thousand miles away in just a few breathing times.

"The breath of life is under the sand?" Zhao Yuande looked at the yellow sand under his feet and frowned slightly.

At this moment, he suddenly felt the protrusions like shark fins in the endless sand sea under his feet, rushing in the direction of his standing.