Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Black Wind

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In the past, Zhao Yuande took out his treasures and began to improve the realm for everyone.

Three hours later, a thunderstorm sounded in the sky, and Master Yijie stood dignified and rushed towards the outside of the city.

Zhao Yuande asked Black Bear and Li Tian to wait in the city, and he went out to protect the law.

After the baptism of Twelve Heavens Thunder, Master Yijie finally successfully promoted the Yin and Yang unity, a round of Buddha light rose from behind his head, and since then he has achieved the Luo Han Guo bit!

Master Yijie returned with Zhao Yuande, and after three hours, the Black Bear recruited Tianlei.

Because the black bear is a robbery of a fierce beast, the thunder robbery is even more violent and terrible. The straight-skinned black bear's fur burst, and the original smooth and smooth black fur became a burnt.

But after all, the Black Bear experienced too much, and this injury is nothing to him at all.

After resisting thirty-six days of thunder, even Zhao Yuande was a little shocked by the bear's strong endurance, and secretly praised the strong devil as extraordinary!

After the Heavenly Tribulation, the black bear turned into a big man with three big and three thick faces, and the black hair on his face seemed to have no degraded gorilla.

"It seems that I can't call you a black bear in the future!" Zhao Yuande looked at the black bear with some joy, and some sighed.

"Hey! In the future I will be the black wind, black wind real people!" Black wind hey smirk, suddenly reached out and grabbed Zhao Yuande, "Boy, today the black wind real people will try your strength to see if you can bully the real people I!"

"Well, you are the black wind, I just helped you protect the law, you will give me this set!" Zhao Yuande smiled and smashed the black wind's hand, and then rushed straight up to blow it away.

"Oh! Boy, you really play!" Heifeng was furious and rushed back to fight with Zhao Yuande.

The two men played a game of ping-pong. Although the black wind was promoted into a state of yin and yang, the physical strength is still not Zhao Yuande's opponent, and the beating is full of big bags!

"Stop! Stop!" The black bear waved his hands for mercy, "I've really taken it, I've really taken it!"

"Let's go! For so long, I don't know if Helian Qingyang has brought customers?" Zhao Yuandela raised the black bear on the ground, his eyes full of yearning.

Because this time he exhausted almost all his family. Except for a few sixth-order seventh-order elixir, his elixir was basically cleared, and he was out of stock.

Back in the shop, Zhao Yuande found out that there were more people here. These people were talking enthusiastically with Li Tian, and they all seemed to be old acquaintances.

On the one hand, a master old **** is sitting cross-legged on the ground, a style of a superior.

When everyone saw Zhao Yuande's return, there was a strong, majestic black man beside him, and his face suddenly changed.

Especially Helian Qingyang, there was an incredible light on his face, he could feel it, this black man is the black bear!

This Zhao Yuande was really amazing. He even created two strong men in one day and one yin and yang in one day.

"If you can really have a good relationship with this person, it will not be a dream to achieve a yin and yang unity in the future!"

"Several brothers, this is Brother Zhao. The kind of magical food I mentioned was prepared by Brother Zhao himself!" Helian Qingyang thought of this and hurriedly and enthusiastically helped Zhao Yuande introduce these people.

"This is Master Luo Hao Luo of Tianluo Palace! This is Yang Zhenzong of Yin Yang Sect! This is Master Chang Yuliang of Chang Yu Family!"

Luo Hao was dressed in Tsing Yi with a slender figure, and there were a little red mole between his brows. Yang Zhenzong is full of beard and beard, and has a bold appearance, but his eyes are shining with deceit. The appearance of Changyuliang is somewhat similar to that of Changyuming. He is somewhat old-fashioned and unpleasant, but he likes to observe a pair of glasses.

"Have seen three Xiongtai!" Zhao Yuande slammed his hands.

"Brother Helian, does it really have such a magical effect?" Luo Hao of Tianluo Palace looked up and down at Zhao Yuande, and there was still a trace of disbelief in his eyes. He felt that the other party was just a little monk in the realm of blood and sea gods. high.

"If you don't try it, you will know!" Yang Zhenzong of Yin Yang Sect smiled, "Since Brother Helian said, I naturally believe! As long as the effect is true after the incident, I am willing to cooperate with Brother Zhao for a long time!"

"I really have a piece of material left here, and everyone will comment after trying it!" Zhao Yuande took out the last part of the Zijin Fengmei soup and began to cook it.

"But our favors are ours, and our trading is ours." If after a while the trial really works, I want to collect money!

"This is natural, as long as the effect is correct, Lingyu is no problem!" Yang Zhenzong patted his chest to ensure that his face was even more interested.

"Several people will wait and see!" Li Tian invited several people to the front hall for tea, leaving Zhao Yuande with his place.

Just when Zhao Yuande ascended for Yijie and the Black Bear, Li Tian also dipped in light, but he was still far away from the yin and yang unity, so there was no leap in ascension.

In his spare time, he found someone to reorganize the storefront, and this is the current situation.

After a few people left, Zhao Yuande quickly boiled the soup, and each was filled with three jade bowls and delivered out in person.

"This is a bowl of Zijin Fengmei Soup, which has the same effect as Xuan-level Spirit Pill "Buxue Yuan Pill", and it is safer to take, and the price is half of a pill. Several people try it!"

"Oh! It's time to try!" Yang Zhenzong took the jade bowl first and drank it without taboo.

When the soup was put in his stomach, his glasses suddenly lit up! Immediately sat down cross-legged and began to guide the body's strength.

After the tea time, Yang Zhenzong's eyes opened, and Zhao Yuande's eyes were full of excitement.

"How is it?" Luo Hao asked anxiously.

Even Chang Yuliang, who had always disliked words, was eager in her eyes.

"Sure enough, as Brother Zhao said, the effect is generally the same as that of nourishing blood Yuandan, and it is very easy to absorb!" Yang Zhenzong nodded.

Luo Hao and Chang Yuliang opened their mouth to drink the soup in the mouth, they immediately felt an indescribable delicious taste reverberating in their mouths, and a refreshing fragrance along with their breath made them most delighted What is the kind of power that bursts from the soup into the abdomen...

Soon both of them opened their eyes in surprise.

"Brother Zhao is really magical!" Luo Hao looked at Zhao Yuande without any further contempt.

"This is fifty thousand middle-grade spirit jade. Please ask Brother Zhao to order it!" Yang Zhenzong is the most direct, throwing a small storage ring over.

Luo Hao and Chang Yuliang also took out Lingyu very simply, they were convinced to take it by mouth!

"I don't know if Brother Zhao will do it for us again?" Chang Yuliang said for the first time. His voice was hoarse and vicissitudes.

"Sorry Brother Changyu, I have limited materials here. I can only do this once today! If you are interested, you can come back tomorrow. I will buy some elixir materials here." Zhao Yuande took Lingyu and couldn't hide his eyes. Happy color.

"Haha! Then we will come again tomorrow! I hope Brother Zhao can prepare more materials." Yang Zhenzong laughed and waved away. When he turned around, the fanaticism in his eyes could not be suppressed.